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  1. Looks so good! Will be following your blog good luck with everything niggles.
  2. Nibbana

    Wim Hof Method

    Found a torrent for it if anyones interested. https://thepiratebay.org/torrent/13502852/Wim_Hof_Method Missing week 5 video though?
  3. Nibbana

    WTB syrian rue seeds & caapi cuttings.

    Don't know where those rue sellers have gone. I remember there being heaps as well. Can only find little 10g packets nowadays for expensive prices.
  4. Hey guys just after some syrian rue seeds and caapi cuttings if anyone has some to spare. Willing to pay $$$ for it, don't have much to trade at the moment. Cheers.
  5. Nibbana

    Post your word of the moment

  6. Nibbana

    SAB personality test... dare!

    INFP Introvert(3%) iNtuitive(34%) Feeling(19%) Perceiving(47%) You have marginal or no preference of Introversion over Extraversion (3%) You have moderate preference of Intuition over Sensing (34%) You have slight preference of Feeling over Thinking (19%) You have moderate preference of Perceiving over Judging (47%) Interesting stuff thanks for the link wert. On https://www.16personalities.com/ I got ENFP-T.
  7. Nibbana

    Meet up: Sydney, Central Coast, Newcastle

    Had a really great day today meeting you guys. Thank you all for being so welcoming to a fellow newbie Definitely looking forward to the meets in the future.
  8. Nibbana

    Post your word of the moment

  9. Nibbana

    Meet up: Sydney, Central Coast, Newcastle

    This sounds cool, are newbies welcome? I'm a bit shy but it'll be good to talk to and meet you folk.
  10. Nibbana

    Quotes of the day.

    "Take it easy dude, but take it!" - Terence Mckenna :D
  11. Nibbana

    Post your word of the moment

  12. Nice pup bedofspines, my two TBM have pupped in the last few weeks too. The first pic was taken on 25/11 and the second pic just yesterday. So it's about 3 weeks old... the pups seem to grow pretty quick. Noticed last week that the other TBM had also pupped. Not sure how long this one has been growing but looking good! :D These were the first two cacti given to me which started off my collection so I'm very happy to see the sudden new growth
  13. Thought I'd share a few random photos... A blue tongue that has been living under our pool deck for several years. Love seeing it out Also a pic of your typical garden skink, found this guy in the house. and... a photo of some flies we found banging on the leaf of some salad greens. Nothing too special, hope you guys like the photos though. Cheers
  14. Hey wert, Like d00d said, soundcloud is the go for music sharing apps nowadays, don't have to pay for an account I don't think. Seems like heaps of apps require those same sort of permissions, even the simplest apps such as ones for note taking -_- No idea why they would need access to such things but yeah it's a pretty normal thing now for apps. Cheers
  15. Nibbana

    Define God

    Just a couple thoughts on the topic... Talking about "God" is hard because everyone defines the word God differently. When I talk about "God" I mean the creator, some sort of supreme supernatural that rules the universe generally etc. Anyhow do I think God exists? Honestly I'm not sure. No evidence that there is one so far but a God could still be out there ya know? I'm okay with the uncertainty, just keen to learn more about the universe. Though as I learn, more and more I realize that I don't know shit! Socrates said something similar to that. I do feel like there is an underlying oneness under all this. We're not interconnected, we're literally one. A universal consciousness per se.. but it's hard to put into words. Some people might call it the Brahman, the Tao, or even God etc. It's just a hypothesis happy to be wrong on it. Even if I feel like I "know" some things. Is it the truth? I mean the human mind is pretty fallible. Idk if we're capable of comprehending such things. Keen to see though! A fascinating universe indeed. Keep an open mind about things guys! Keep asking questions and even questioning yourself. Even question your skepticism hahahaha.