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  1. Welcome. I greet you in the Love and Light. I currently have for sale some Sceletium tortuosum (Kanna) plants in A+ condition. PRICES - 1 x plant for $20 - 3 x plants for $40 - 5 x plants for $60 - 10x plants for $100 Plus a flat fee of $10 for parcel postage with tracking number anywhere in Australia. Payments can be made via PayPal or in cash. Free pick up is also available from Brisbane. Interesting cash free trades and swaps also considered. GENERAL NOTES - Sceletium tortuosum is a member of the Aizoaceae family and is native to South Africa. - The genus contains 8 species. - Sceletium tortuosum was one of the species used to prepare ‘Kanna’, which was utilised by the Khoi tribes and San tribes of Africa as a stimulant, hypnotic and as a sedative. - Kanna was highly valued by tribesman and they believed it aided them to travel long distances with neither food nor water. - The traditional method of preparation was to use the whole plant and crushed it between two flat rocks before fermenting it for 8 days in animal skins. - It was then removed and dried in the sun for use. - Kanna can be chewed, smoked, Insufflated, made into a tincture or used in a tea. - Contains mesembrine, mesembrenone, mesembrenol, tortuosamine and others alkaloids. - It has been reported that the stems and roots contain up to 30% more active ingredients than the leaves. - Concentrations range from 0.05 - 2.3% in the dry product, with mesembrine being the major alkaloid. CARE & CULTIVATION - Sceletium tortuosum likes a well drained mix in full sun to part shade. - Makes an excellent ground cover. - Actively grows in colder and wetter winter times - Becomes dormant with increasing heat, at which time watering should be slowed down and stopped in the hottest part of the year. - Fertilise well when actively growing with SeaSol, worm tea or similar organic products. MODERN PREPARATION METHOD Step 1: Gather whole plant material including leaves, stems and root. Wash thoroughly. Step 2: Using a large granite mortar and pestle, crush the material thoroughly. Step 3: Place the crushed material into a sterilised glass Mason jar. Step 4: Place in direct full sun for 8 days until fermentation is complete. Be sure to shake the jar daily then open the jar to release any gas build up. Step 5: Lay the material into a flat glass baking tray and allow it to completely dry in the sun for between 3-5 days. Alternatively you can finish this process in the oven at 100°C for approx 3-4 hours. Step 6: Grind the Kanna in a coffee grinder. For smoking, a rough grind is best. For making a snuff, a super fine grind will be required. For chewing or use in tea, leave it unpowdered. Any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me.  Love & Light  ∞
  2. Greetings to all members of this wonderful community. I have been lurking for a while, but now is time to contribute. I'm really expanding my ethnobotanical garden this year, so what better place to share and get valuable input than the Corroboree. I started most of my plants from seeds with the exception of some cacti and a few cuttings of plants I was either not able to get to germinate or couldn't get my hands on the seeds. So enough talking, let's see the plants! Disclaimer: I live in Europe, in a country where all the plants I'm about to show you are legal to cultivate. My Rubiaceae - Coffea Arabica ("Coffee") I bought this cutting a couple months ago, it has put out some new leaves and seems to be doing good - Mitragyna Speciosa ("Kratom") Since I can't find cuttings anywhere here in europe, I started my kratom grow from seeds. These are the Rifat strain, from 2 to 3 months old. The germination rate was pretty good, about 75%, certainly a lot more than I expected from reading about mitragyna germination online. The leftmost yellow pots are tiny Red Thai sprouts. - Mitragyna Parvifolia ("Kaim") Nothing to show yet but I started some seeds, will update if and when they sprout. - Psychotria Viridis ("Chacruna") I received these plants about 2 weeks ago and they've already both put out a new set of leaves, and pushing a second one. I'll be taking some leaf cuttings soon. - Psychotria Alba ("Amyruca") Given to me for free by the person I bought the Chacruna plants from, there are 4 or 5 separate plantlets. - Tabernanthe Iboga ("Iboga") I've had these plants for about 3 months, I kept the back 3 in a humid environment, and the front 3 in dry air to acclimatize. The back row have grown one new set of leaves in those 3 months, the others have shed all their leaves and are starting to grow new ones. My Fabaceae - Acacia Acuminata (narrow phyllodes variety) These sprouted about 3 weeks ago - Acacia Confusa ("Formosan Koa") These seedlings are a little over a month old - Anadenanthera Peregrina ("Yopo") About 10 days old seedling and others on day 1 of sprouting - Chamaecrista Fasciculata ("Partridge Pea") Sprouted about a week ago - Desmanthus Illinoiensis ("Bundleflower") Sprouted a couple weeks ago - Mimosa Hostilis ("Jurema") The seedlings in both pots are about a month old - Mimosa Pudica ("Sensitive Plant") About 2 months old seedling My Lamiaceae - Coleus Blumei - Leonotis Leonurus ("Wild Dagga") Nothing to show yet, started the seeds a few days ago - Leonotis Nepetifolia ("Klip Dagga") The plants are about 2 months old - Leonurus Sibiricus ("Marijuanilla") I had a plant (the dry stick) that flowered and set seeds, the sprouts come from that. - Salvia Divinorum ("Diviner's sage") Received the cuttings May 24th My Asteraceae - Artemisia Absinthium ("Wormwood") Got the cutting a couple months ago, it has tripled in size. - Calea Zacatechichi ("Mexican Dream Herb") My 3 Calea plants from which I took a bunch of cuttings today as you can see in the pic - Spilanthes Oleracea ("Toothache Plant") Some of my Spilanthes plants, the biggest purplish one is starting to flower - Stevia Rebaudiana ("Sweet Leaf") Sprouted yesterday, took less than a week - Tagetes Lucida ("Mexican Tarragon") This seedling is about a month and a half, I have a bunch of other ones but this is the best looking so far. My Vines - Argyreia Nervosa ("Hawaiian Baby Woodrose") The bigger one is about 2-3 months old - Banisteriopsis Caapi ("Ayahuasca") I burned the leaves by spraying some epsom salts solution I had in my sprayer for other plants and forgot about. Anyone knows what's up with the very narrow leaved one? It definitely is caapi, I made sure the sprout came from a caapi seed when it sprouted. I have more seeds on the way to me right now. - Ipomoea Tricolor ("Heavenly Blue") The growth rate of these plants is incredible, this is about a month old seedling grown on a windowsill the whole time. I really need to find a place for it to climb. - Ipomoea Violacea ("Morning Glory") This is one of my morning glory seedlings, the other one sprouted in an other ethnobotanical plant's pot and is starting to climb it, pretty cool looking. - Passiflora Incarnata ("Medicinal Passionflower") My 3 cuttings and little unexpected seedling which sprouted over a month after being sown My Active Succulents - Bacopa Monnieri ("Brahmi") - Cissus Quadrangularis ("Pirandai") Got the cuttings from my mother's big plant, will post pictures of it soon - Delosperma Cooperi ("Iceplant") Got this one from my mother who was neglecting it - Sceletium Tortuosum ("Kanna") My bigger plant which was a small cutting a couple months ago, and some seedlings. I'm going to take cuttings of the bigger plant, I'll document the process. My Active Cacti I'll just post a family picture of my lophophora and ariocarpus collection, here are the species I have, just play where's Waldo - Ariocarpus Fissuratus sp. ("Living Rock") - Ariocarpus Fissuratus (var. Hintonii) - Ariocarpus Fissuratus (var. Intermedius) - Lophophora Williamsii ("Peyote") - Variegated Lophophora Williamsii - Lophophora Williamsii var. caespitosa ("Multi-headed Peyote") - Lophophora Williamsii var. Grymii (Dwarf variety) - Matucana Madisoniorum (not active but was once rumored to be) If you really want to play where's Waldo, try to spot the variegated seedling in the last picture, it looks like it might turn out to look just like my bigger variegated loph. hint: it's in the lower right corner, above the 4 that are in a line. Also peep the weird 3-headed seedling. As for my trichocerei: - Trichocereus Bridgesii ("Achuma") The first one is about a meter tall and is the bluest cactus I've ever seen, it just started to root and put out some new growth. The second one is about 30cm tall and same thing, just started rooting and growing again. The third is my couple of monstrose. Finally a bunch of seedlings. There are also some bigger ~8 months old seedlings in the 1st lophophora family picture above. - Trichocereus Pachanoi ("San Pedro") The first one is about 85-90cm, very blue in person. Looks like it might be a cross but it was sold as pachanoi. The second one looks like a Claude clone, it is very thick, about 85-90cm too. The last one is my cool broccoli looking crested pachanoi. The rest are some smaller cuttings and seedlings. And of course check out the dozen pachanoi cuttings in the first loph picture above. - Trichocereus Peruvianus ("Peruvian Torch") On the right & middle of the first picture - Trichocereus Terscheckii In a 7x7cm pot - Opuntia Cylindrica Rumoured to be active, I don't really believe it but erowid says it can contain 0.9% mescaline. My mother collected this one in Portugal. I've seen some crested ones online, they really look funky with the leaves. My Other Ethnobotanicals & Active Plants - Camellia Sinensis ("Tea") - Catha Edulis ("Khat") ~ month old seedlings - Combretum Quadrangulare ("Sakae Naa") Seedling at about a month and a half - Eschscholzia Californica ("Californian Poppy") - Heimia Salicifolia (Sinicuichi) Recently took cuttings from it and it bushed it out nicely - Ilex Paraguaiensis ("Yerba Maté") All the lighter green leaves are new growth from the past 2 or 3 months - Lactuca Virosa ("Wild Lettuce") This stuff grows everywhere but I had to pot one up for completion sake - Nicotinia Rustica ("Mapacho") - Nicotinia Tabacum ("Virginia Gold") - Papaver Somniferum (Persian White, Giant Tasmanian, Hen & Chicks) - Phalaris Arundinacea ("Reed Canary Grass") - Silene Capensis ("African Dream Root") That's it (for the moment), I'll try to update at least once a week or when I have something interesting to show.
  3. So I've had a look at another post in 2010 about kanna having sort of the same problem. Worked out that it may have something to do with the soil as its got wood in it and that's bad? My soil is 50% potting mix with added fertilizer i think its called newfert or something, and other 50% is Cacti and Succulent mix and I haven't had chance to get perlite for it. I watered it yesterday and you can still see it on top of soil. I've had it for 4 days from cutting and I've noticed a little bit of wrinkling and I don't want it to continue. The really intense wrinkling was already there when I got it. But the stuff on the top 3 leaves is new I believe. It's showing signs of healthy new growth but I am not sure if that's gonna last, Is it possible to cut it in half and make a cutting off top so I have 2 or would that not work?
  4. Today I repotted two kanna plants I planted as cuttings last year. The pot was heavily rootbound mostly by a huge matrix of very tiny roots. It makes up the bulk of the mass of the root system. I seperated the cuttings and repotted them. In the leftover potting mix was all these tiny roots. I picked alot out. Squashed them, chopped it up. Let it dry and smoked it. It was well worth it. That's where the power is that's for sure. Those little roots are worth collecting. But how? They make the mass of the root system. The potting mix had the consistency of cork. Pulled apart like a loaf of bread. I need some sort of frictionless potting mix. I just buy it. Know nothing about it. I was reading a post about someone wanting river sand for potting kanna. So he could eat the roots. Can't find the post again. I don't think it answered my question. What potting mix is best for harvesting the entire root system. Outside of hydroponics. It's terrible to have to discard such alot of the most potent part of the plant. Kanna has a descent root ball.If only I could have all of it.
  5. mindperformer

    Cannabinoid action of well known plants

    For a long time no real natural CB1-cannabinoid-agonists were known except of the ones in Cannabis, then came exotic substances like 2-Sciadonoylglycerol from the seeds of Sciadopitys verticillata. This is a analog of the endogene 2-AG but has only a tenth to 1/20 of its action, so its not usable. The Echinacea- and Spilanthes- Alkylamides, noni-juice, pinen-derivatives, Tabernanthine and beta-Caryophyllene only act on the CB2-receptor in the immune system and not on the CB1. In a liverwort from New Zealand there was found Perrottetinene which has a very similar structure to THC, but it is thought to be an inhibitor of the receptor. Also Capsaicin, Falcarinol, Cinnamaldehyde, Voacamine and Voacangin-derivatives are inhibitors, and as such not usable for THC-like effects. Beta-Asarone is a allosteric modulator of the receptor, Thujone and Grenadamide are only very weak agonists. So it was a long way to find natural substances which act on the CB1-cannabinoid-receptor and now there came studies which described the occurence of them in well known plants. But: be aware of deducing psychoactive effects only from neurological findings of a plant with unknown psychological action. The neurological interrelationships are extremely complex and there are always new findings. They can only be used as a hint. In the following cases of plants, their actions are also well known, so there could be seen some coherences: First of all there is a study on Kanna (Sceletium tortuosum), which describes an action on CB1-cannabinoid-receptors of the alkaloid-extract. Its not the Mesembrine but other alkaloids responsible for this action and mainly from the nonfermented material. Additional to the SSRI-action, PDE4-inhibiting now there you can see a CB1-cannabinoid- activating and Acetylcholinesterase- inhibiting effect. It should be half as potent as THC. I wrote books about Kratom and Kanna, so this is of great interest to me. Also others and I could observe a potentiating effect on Cannabis from Kanna. They don't describe the Ki. The study: http://www.ifrj.upm.edu.my/17%20(02)%202010/IFRJ-2010-349-355_Alfi_Netherlands_(S)[1].pdf (you may copy the complete link) Kava (Piper methysticum) was also tested positive for CB1-cannabinoid- action. Yangonin was the main active kavalactone with a K(i)= 0.72 μM on the CB1-receptor. THC is 15-times as strong but if one consumed a great dose of kava there must be some cannabinoid action additional to the others. The studies: http://sciencealerts...ml#.UEnAdbLN_k8 http://members.iif.h...resentation.pdf Then there is green tea (Camellia sinensis), which is also CB1-cannabinoid because of its catechins (3 of them). They found that EGCG (Epigallocatechin gallate) has a Ki of 33,6μM on the CB1-receptor, so it is much weaker than Yangonin, but it is also possible to drink a great amount of greentea... The study: http://www.missclass...a/cannaboid.pdf This one is for science: In a marine sponge Dasychalina fragilis from Papua New Guinea they found Haplosamate A, which was tested positive for cannabinoid action: http://www.ncbi.nlm....pubmed/19175306 The cannabinoid-like action of Lion's tail (Leonotis leonurus) isn't yet explained by action on CB1-receptors but Leonurine could be an Adenosine-reuptake-inhibitor (structurally very similar to Dilazep) or an action on the vanilloid-receptor (structurally similar to Capsaicin). Leonurine could in general produce cannabis-like effects (Auwarter, 2009).
  6. Only available to NZ members or where legal I have some Kanna cuttings for sale out of the two Sceletium tortuosum strains I have this one is the smaller leafed variety, I will offer the large leaf variety soon. Also available: Leonotis leonurus Heimia salicifolia H. myrtifolia All cuttings are $5/ 10cm rooted cutting + postage Discounts on bulk cuttings Always interested in swaps
  7. I have for sale some well rooted cuttings of Sceletium tortuosum. They are all healthy and putting out new growth. All cuttings between 4 and 10cm long, many with more then 1 branch. I am asking $25 for 5 rooted cuttings including postage. Packages will be posted on the 24th of Sept. Please check your local laws regarding import or possession. While i am not aware of any issue's within Aus it is your responsability to check. Care: Kanna grows well in medium light in a free draining soil mix. It is remarkably easy to grow, the only issue ive had is trying to grow in full sun. How to process Kanna. http://herbalistics.com.au/shop/catalog/product_info.php?cPath=25_37&products_id=139
  8. Foo


    This list is always fairly up to date Updated: 23/11/2013 Wanted Cactus Pilosocereus pachycladus (cuts) Astrophytum sp. Harrisia fragrans Echinopsis backebergii (lobivia_backebergii) Cactus suitable for building of things (furniture etc) Cerus Sp. with good fruit Freaks!!! (anything cool) Wanted Plants Mesembryanthemum nodiflorum Laurelia novae-zelandiae (Pukatea) Glaucium flavum (seeds) Althaea officinalis Star Jasmine Mucuna pruriens Wanted Fungi anything Bioluminescent What i have for trade ask me Free stuff peres cuts for newbies in WA