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Found 14 results

  1. TheMooseZeus

    Bunnings finds

    Hey! So there's a thread for Ebay finds i thought we should have one for Bunnings finds
  2. Preferably noble varieties but am still interested in other types
  3. Welcome. I greet you in the Love and Light. I currently have for sale some Sceletium tortuosum (Kanna) plants in A+ condition. PRICES - 1 x plant for $20 - 3 x plants for $40 - 5 x plants for $60 - 10x plants for $100 Plus a flat fee of $10 for parcel postage with tracking number anywhere in Australia. Payments can be made via PayPal or in cash. Free pick up is also available from Brisbane. Interesting cash free trades and swaps also considered. GENERAL NOTES - Sceletium tortuosum is a member of the Aizoaceae family and is native to South Africa. - The genus contains 8 species. - Sceletium tortuosum was one of the species used to prepare ‘Kanna’, which was utilised by the Khoi tribes and San tribes of Africa as a stimulant, hypnotic and as a sedative. - Kanna was highly valued by tribesman and they believed it aided them to travel long distances with neither food nor water. - The traditional method of preparation was to use the whole plant and crushed it between two flat rocks before fermenting it for 8 days in animal skins. - It was then removed and dried in the sun for use. - Kanna can be chewed, smoked, Insufflated, made into a tincture or used in a tea. - Contains mesembrine, mesembrenone, mesembrenol, tortuosamine and others alkaloids. - It has been reported that the stems and roots contain up to 30% more active ingredients than the leaves. - Concentrations range from 0.05 - 2.3% in the dry product, with mesembrine being the major alkaloid. CARE & CULTIVATION - Sceletium tortuosum likes a well drained mix in full sun to part shade. - Makes an excellent ground cover. - Actively grows in colder and wetter winter times - Becomes dormant with increasing heat, at which time watering should be slowed down and stopped in the hottest part of the year. - Fertilise well when actively growing with SeaSol, worm tea or similar organic products. MODERN PREPARATION METHOD Step 1: Gather whole plant material including leaves, stems and root. Wash thoroughly. Step 2: Using a large granite mortar and pestle, crush the material thoroughly. Step 3: Place the crushed material into a sterilised glass Mason jar. Step 4: Place in direct full sun for 8 days until fermentation is complete. Be sure to shake the jar daily then open the jar to release any gas build up. Step 5: Lay the material into a flat glass baking tray and allow it to completely dry in the sun for between 3-5 days. Alternatively you can finish this process in the oven at 100°C for approx 3-4 hours. Step 6: Grind the Kanna in a coffee grinder. For smoking, a rough grind is best. For making a snuff, a super fine grind will be required. For chewing or use in tea, leave it unpowdered. Any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me.  Love & Light  ∞
  4. TheMooseZeus

    Indoor Ethnobotanical Plants

    Hey all! I was wonder what ethnobotanical plants people are growing indoors? In their bedrooms, bathrooms and kitchens. I would love to get a list going of potential indoor plants - Thanks again
  5. Hello all, A friend recently expressed concern about their relationship with alcohol (Not frequent but self medicated) Their issue stems from mental health problems mainly their inability to reach certain emotions and feelings that they once could (Feelings they feel while intoxicated) ANYWAY I told her about natural MAOIs and she was interested, first with Syrian Rue and thought maybe Passiflora Incarnata would be a milder (Easier to grow and ingest) approach. How would alcohol react with the MAOIs in P. Incarnata if she were to drink with the medicine in her system? I would love to hear stories of people using incarnata to help remedy mental health issues Thank you all so much for your time - it means a lot
  6. So many plant medicines have an agenda and lessons to teach about itself or the outside world. There is a guiding presence that is quite obvious! I just don't get it with Hawaiian baby woodrose. There is no ancient voice or guidance of the plant. No real agenda on openness and compassion for our planet and each other. For a plant medicine it seems very unguided. I want to help myself and hopefully others to understand the force behind this flower.
  7. Hi all! I'm looking for a few Wollemi pine plants as gifts for some mentors. I've been in touch with one nursery who said they should have them around this time next month and told me Flower Power garden centre had them in stock. Was wondering if anyone had seen them around preferably NSW area - Thanks so much
  8. TheMooseZeus

    Trade to expand my collection

    Hey All! I'm looking to expand my seed collection by trading with people. Here's a list of everything I have to trade, PM me if you're interested and with what you can offer Nicotiana Rustica Acacia Acuminata Blue Morning glory Pink morning glory Galphimia glauca Heimia Salicifolia Purple Cauliflower Syrian Rue Psychotria Viridis/ cath Datura Stramonium Space Chillies Helix Nebula Ghost Pepper
  9. TheMooseZeus

    Conflicting opinions on ayahuasca

    I have been researching a lot into Ayahuasca; set/ setting and intention and how it is taken either in ritual or just alone at home or in nature. From what i have read into it seems very much like the rituals involving a shaman are very agitated and uncomfortable (for lack of a better word) The individual experience seems to be reported as much more centred, being able to meditate or lay still (Without screaming or shaking uncontrollably) A question to anyone who is (Or might know someone) experienced. Is this the case? Another question that has risen is intention. Majority of the people traveling to the amazon to drink with a shaman are looking to better themselves and their lives. I hear of very few people who use the medicine to communicate with the universe and develop insights into its inner workings. If anyone has anything to say about this, i would love to hear it
  10. ibogasales

    cycad seeds

    Collection of plants for sale, cheap prices and deals all must go by june.i have been collecting a variety of plants.The sale is on from may to start of june. also have other plants for salecall or text if interestedbishop crown chillie, in 100L bin had hundreds of chillies this yearacmeniavoilet betonicifolia (native)cycads and from seedsugar canefrangipanismall ivytoad lillywild strawberryliriope X 30giant bird of paradisesmall tree fernsmall elk hornblue fern (phlebodium)natal plum, carissa (native)broms and baby imperial bromsblue fern (phlebodium)red crepe myrtlepennisetum red (from SEED!!!)african violetblood lilly (white flower) (Haemanthus)kalanchoe beharensislogan berryagava small and largeindian basilmother in law toungegeraniums
  11. irabionist

    LF Dorstenia lavrani

    Hey everyone, Looking to get a Dorstenia lavrani plant prefereably or if anyone knows of some seed that'd be alright too. Any help even a general direction to finding would be much appreciated
  12. 3rdI

    Mimosa hostilis

    Hey guys just a quick question. Why is it at the end of the day in my grow closet, I find my 6 month old mimosa babies all droopy? Is this a sign of a hard days growing? They are watered every few days, as soon as the first few inches are dry. They have been growing steadily since germination so I was just wondering if anybody knows what this is about. Sorry for poor photo quality, my camera cant keep up with the strobe of my HIDs
  13. Anybody have any idea how to do a cactus symbol for a technical landscape design drawing? Like one with plan view symbols of columnar cacti with and without arms and maybe a more complex cactus like Trich. Peru. Crest in symbol form?
  14. Alienteaparty

    Moving cacti across state boarders.

    Howdy Folks. I have done a thorough forum search and could not find anything regarding the circumstances i will be faced with, so i have decided to ask you lot for any advice or legal know how when it comes to moving plants across state boarders by car. In late January 2014 i will be moving from Perth W.A to Mullumbimby in Northern New South Wales, This will be the biggest move of my life so i hope it all goes to plan. I will be driving with a friend through the Nullabor Desert, crossing into South Australia and then from south Australia into New South Wales. I will be taking my friends and my own possessions along on the journey, this includes my cacti collection and various other plants ( Banisteriopsis Caapi, Psychotria ssp, Catha Edulis, Calea Zacatachichi) as well as an assortment of pereskiopsis cacti grafts and my seed collection in a trailer. These are my most prized possessions, and i could not imagine starting my collection of 3 years all over again. the cacti will all be well established rooted specimens in pots. To my understanding there are no laws against any of the genus or species i will be carrying in my trailer in the state of New South Wales, although they are all scheduled in South Australia . From what i have read it seems as though customs aren't as strict on live plant materials coming out of W.A as they are on plant materials coming into W.A. Id love to know whether anybody has done this before and what problems i might run into going through the boarder crossings. Remember i will have a large trailer filled to the brim with plants and cacti, the largest of which measures up at just under two meters with multiple branches. These are my Queries...... Should i contact customs before hand? Do i need to fill out any papers or documentation before i cross? Are there any alternative methods of transferring these plants into another state safely? Most of my cacti were sent over from the Eastern states. Is there a possibility of introducing pests or an invasive species into other states from W.A? and most of all, Is this even possible without and legal repercussions? I have one other option to get my cacti into NSW, but I'm not too keen on it. The friend who is accompanying me on this journey Has a large sound system (8, 18" folded horn subwoofers and an assortment of Funktion-One mids and tops) and assortment of bulky audio gear that he is putting into a hired shipping container and getting sent over to Mullumbimby through a courier company. Even though its a large system, there will still be plenty of room in the shipping container to fit my cacti and other plants. This leaves my babies in the hands of the authorities and customs agents, but the courier company may have a better chance at getting these plants across the boarders than a bunch of dirty hippies driving a 4x4 with a trailer full of cacti. Any information, ideas or comments are most welcome, so please let loose on the comments people! Thanks a bunch friends! Much love