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Found 6 results

  1. TheMooseZeus

    Pine Plantation Problems

    Hey all! Its my first sub season as a hunter. Has anyone had any issues with strolling along pine plantations whist hunting? There's not a lot your average person can do to a acre of pine trees, unlike a field of cows. Does this change farmers attitudes towards the act? -Thanks all
  2. irabionist

    Modafinil queries

    Heyo, So back at the end of last year, had some police over at the ol' household and they saw a packet with 50x Modafinil pills that I had in my room. They couldn't determine whether it was naughty or not but confiscated it until they could figure out what to do. I believed at the time that it was alright to have Modafinil, you needed a prescription to buy it within Australia, however you could purchase up to 3 months worth of it from overseas without needing a prescription. Now at the time I wasn't 100% sure but I did mention it to them. Now, a friend recently received a letter from TGA stating pretty much what I thought was true, that if you purchase from overseas you don't need a prescription. So, my question is, how should I go about it? Should I call up and ask for it back? Would I need proof? Kind of just don't really know how to start, so any advice will be appreciated. Cheers Letter my friend received attached below
  3. Hi, I've have recently gotten into collecting cacti. Looking to collect and grow a few more so I took a peak online to see what I could get. I love the idea of growing a San Pedro, just knowing the power it possesses is enough for me to feed off it's energy. I no longer take any mind altering substances and I no longer want to be doing anything I shouldn't so..... With the new laws that came in regarding the analogs of mescaline and the new RCs that are floating around, I wanted to make sure that if I order some San Pedro cuttings from WA and they are shipped to NSW that I won't get in trouble. I've been trying to stay on top of the law but it's somewhat confusing to me who doesn't understand all the terms! Any help is grately appreciated. EDIT: I wanted to edit the title as I spelt it wrong but I can't find out how!
  4. Alienteaparty

    Moving cacti across state boarders.

    Howdy Folks. I have done a thorough forum search and could not find anything regarding the circumstances i will be faced with, so i have decided to ask you lot for any advice or legal know how when it comes to moving plants across state boarders by car. In late January 2014 i will be moving from Perth W.A to Mullumbimby in Northern New South Wales, This will be the biggest move of my life so i hope it all goes to plan. I will be driving with a friend through the Nullabor Desert, crossing into South Australia and then from south Australia into New South Wales. I will be taking my friends and my own possessions along on the journey, this includes my cacti collection and various other plants ( Banisteriopsis Caapi, Psychotria ssp, Catha Edulis, Calea Zacatachichi) as well as an assortment of pereskiopsis cacti grafts and my seed collection in a trailer. These are my most prized possessions, and i could not imagine starting my collection of 3 years all over again. the cacti will all be well established rooted specimens in pots. To my understanding there are no laws against any of the genus or species i will be carrying in my trailer in the state of New South Wales, although they are all scheduled in South Australia . From what i have read it seems as though customs aren't as strict on live plant materials coming out of W.A as they are on plant materials coming into W.A. Id love to know whether anybody has done this before and what problems i might run into going through the boarder crossings. Remember i will have a large trailer filled to the brim with plants and cacti, the largest of which measures up at just under two meters with multiple branches. These are my Queries...... Should i contact customs before hand? Do i need to fill out any papers or documentation before i cross? Are there any alternative methods of transferring these plants into another state safely? Most of my cacti were sent over from the Eastern states. Is there a possibility of introducing pests or an invasive species into other states from W.A? and most of all, Is this even possible without and legal repercussions? I have one other option to get my cacti into NSW, but I'm not too keen on it. The friend who is accompanying me on this journey Has a large sound system (8, 18" folded horn subwoofers and an assortment of Funktion-One mids and tops) and assortment of bulky audio gear that he is putting into a hired shipping container and getting sent over to Mullumbimby through a courier company. Even though its a large system, there will still be plenty of room in the shipping container to fit my cacti and other plants. This leaves my babies in the hands of the authorities and customs agents, but the courier company may have a better chance at getting these plants across the boarders than a bunch of dirty hippies driving a 4x4 with a trailer full of cacti. Any information, ideas or comments are most welcome, so please let loose on the comments people! Thanks a bunch friends! Much love
  5. closet hippie

    Legal or Not?

    I'm unclear of the law around Spore Prints cubensis types. Now I would love to see these under a microscope but I can't figure out where to start, I hoped I hit the jackpot when I found some type of look-a-little-alikes but it was not the case. I have searched a little and found a lot of yes no, legal illegal, I would I wouldn't etc. in a lot of older posts but none give a definite yes or no answer to my question I don't have the time to go hunting and I don't wasn’t to be caught snooping around a farmers property for an illegal type mushroom (people are not very open to that type of window) and If I get caught by the police with a handful of them and I say I am collecting them to take home for spore prints he will not be as understanding and caring like my wife LOL. and I have nothing to trade and this is my second post here I am in no place to ask and I figure the reason there is no Australian psilocybin spore shops is that you have to get the print from somewhere and that would be a banned substance so .... Can I legally buy psilocybin type spore prints for microscopy purpose only from an online overseas dealer or is that a no no due to customs import laws or are spores illegal full stop or where do I stand? Or any other information that can help me to this path of enlightenment.
  6. Don't forget Phalaris, Pomegranate, Phragmites etc. Also, look for sp of economic significance. Write to MP, Senators (esp Green). Create/adopt tweet #tag Facebook page?