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Found 13 results

  1. TheMooseZeus

    growing on old VS new coco coir

    Hey all, My block of coco coir has been sitting out the front of my house for sometime (months), still dry. Is pasteurisation going to cut it or are contaminants going to run wild and should I just buy another block. Has anyone had success with an older block of coir or is it important that it's clean. Cheers all!
  2. TheMooseZeus

    Coordinated flushes

    Hey all! Through all my fungal projects i have never noticed "flushes". Growth seems to be uncoordinated - if i were to harvest as soon as the mature fruit was ready i would be harvesting some under developed fruit with them. I was hoping someone could tell me what conditions should be met to coordinate flushes. Thanks again guys!
  3. TheMooseZeus

    Is something wrong or am i impatient?

    Hey all! I on the 25th i inoculated some agar dishes with a summer fruiting mushroom. After 8 days i have seen no growth (mycelial or other) on the plates. The spore prints were dated 2019 and i followed pastywires tek. They are being incubated at ~24oc Any knowledge and wisdom would be greatly appreciated!
  4. TheMooseZeus

    Indoor Ethnobotanical Plants

    Hey all! I was wonder what ethnobotanical plants people are growing indoors? In their bedrooms, bathrooms and kitchens. I would love to get a list going of potential indoor plants - Thanks again
  5. TheMooseZeus


    Hey! I'm looking into Tyndallisation to fill the space between getting a PC. I was wondering what kind of successes and failures (Learning experiences ) People have had. I know it's a pain in the arse but is it worth it for small scale projects before committing to a good pc? - Cheers all!
  6. Hey all! Collected a pine cone the other day and was wondering how to extract the seeds? Be it boiling, leaving in the oven or just time? I'm dreaming of my own pine forest
  7. Strontium Dawg

    Brugmansia sanguinea, help!

    Hey gang, I've got a few different types of brugmansias and mostly they love my climate and location. Aureas and crosses thrive here in Sydney. Brugmansia sanguinea seems to be the exception. I have a red flowering type and a yellow. Both are in the ground in different spots with different aspects. They just aren't doing well. I'll post up some photos later, it's too dark now. Essentially, their growth rate is poor, caterpillars eat them exclusively at the expense of much juicier plants, and I'm wondering if anyone in my climate (sydney, oz) has grown them successfully. If so, I could use some assistance. During summer they seem to really suffer. Do they do better in full shade? Mine get morning to midday sun, then shade in the afternoon. They are in beds with good soil and get plenty of water. Do they respond well to pruning like other brugs? In two years of growing them none of them have flowered for me.
  8. (PLEASE NOTE THE SPECIES USED WAS STROPHARIA PLEASE DO NOT ATTEMPT THIS WITH ANY KIND OF ILLEGAL MUSHROOMS PICTURES ARE FOR ILLISTRATIVE PURPOSES ONLY) This is my guide to growing woodloving mushrooms outdoors i hope this will be of help to anyone new to the subject and also serve as inspiration for others wanting to try and create thier own outdoor patches in a lovely garden setting this has proved very successful for me in the past and i wanted to share with you all the way i make this happen. this will serve as a complete guide to growing your own woodloving mushrooms outdoors i hope you all find this informative and as i said earlier inspiring...... enjoy throughout this guide i will be showing you some different techniques i have used in the past so this is how it all starts you can begin with either 1: freshly picked specimens or 2: pieces of wood that you know for sure already contain mycelium of the mushrooms you intend on growing so we will begin with number 1: freshly picked specimens for this method i like to take my fresh specimens and rather than using just the stem but i cut the mushroom into 3 pieces so that i end up with the stem but, the stem and the cap get yourself some cardboard and tear the outer layers away so that you are left with just the corigated middle part you can soak this in some boiling water to try and get rid of some of the excess glue however this is not at all necessary place your mushroom pieces inbetween your wet cardboard i like to start small with some small plastic containers allow the mycelium to take over the cardboard as you see in the picture below (the black parts you see are just old rotting pieces of mushroom this has no effect on mycelium growth and has never caused any kind of mould growth for me i have done this numerous times without a problem) the mycelium pictured below is from an unidentified species i discovered last season after this i then take the step to a larger tub (pictured below) firstly i will add more larger pieces of cardboard into the tub and spread my smaller cardboard pieces throughout the layers once these larger cardboard layers are colonised i then get wood chips and basically make a lasagne by pulling the large sheets of cardboard out and placing woodchips between the cardboard layers and again leave this to colonise once this is colonised i make my outdoor beds i do this by simply placing as many layers of cardboard on the ground as possible (this also acts to stop the weeds growing in your garden) take your colonised chips and cardboard and spread it out over the cardboard you placed on the ground your new garden bed is on its way i now take some fresh woodchips and layer them over the top about 1-2 inches is good it should look something like this now if we go back to the start this time we will begin with option number 2: pieces of wood that you know for sure already contain mycelium of the mushrooms you intend on growing pictured below is wood containing mycelium in this case you can simply take your colonised wood and place chunks of it around in your outdoor woodchip patch just like this then ofcourse simply bury it in your woodchip bed and allow the mycelium to spread throughout the bed now this next method is something i devised using the idea of the spawn plug tek this method has worked extremely well for me get yourself some logs drill some holes throughout the logs and place either colonised cardboard, woodchips or even stem buts inside the holes i like to then plug the holes up with some pieces of fresh uncolonised cardboard this should last long enough to allow the mycelium to take over the log from the inside out you can see in the picture below where i have drilled holes in this particular log then take your colonised log and simply bury it in your woodchip beds i like to just bury it halfway like this i then take this log and move it around my garden every year or so within a few months the mycelium from the log will spread like crazy into your woodchip bed this log has been in this particular spot for around 7-8 months as you can see from the pictures below the mycelium has spread outwards from the log quite dramatically so thats basically it a very simple way to create not just outdoor beds for woodlovers but to make a beautiful garden that grows your favorite woodloving mushrooms thankyou all for reading i hope you found this informative and inspiring (AGAIN PLEASE NOTE THE SPECIES USED WAS STROPHARIA PLEASE DO NOT ATTEMPT THIS WITH ANY KIND OF ILLEGAL MUSHROOMS PICTURES ARE FOR ILLISTRATIVE PURPOSES ONLY)
  9. Bert&Ernie

    giant sunflower competition

    Well I just saw the giveaway of some giant sunflowers and thought why not have a competition Rules are pretty much the same as the pumpkin one.... start time is the same and you can use any crazy concoctions that you want. The winner will be the one who has the biggest flower pretty simple hey?
  10. I do not know much about growing cacti, but i am going to start growing soon. Ive bought a bridgessi and am looking for tips on treating it well. Some questions i have are.. How should i make the soil? I have perlite and am going to get shapagnum moss and good soil aswell as coir. Should i use a fertilizer, if so what should i use? Should i use something like osmocote? And any general tips would be greatly appreciated.
  11. Meditator

    Good vs shit store potting mixes?

    Hello people, im sick of buying woodchips and just plain shitty mixes. Doe anyone know of any good potting mix i can buy? Specific brands you guys with years of gardening experience can reccomend? Also is there any particular type of sand (i know sand is basically just silicon dioxide but im thinking differant types may have differant micronutrients and whatnot?) that is good? I want to repot some cactus and plants and I AM NOT planting my plants in this cruddy mix.. No. Thankyou in advance.
  12. I'm new to gardening. I bought a seed packet of narrow phyllode Acuminata from Shaman Australis and would like advice on how too proceed? Best way to germinate? When should I plant them? How should I prepare the soil? And anything else I need to know? I live in Hay on flood plain in southwest NSW. Years ago the previous owner had been quite a gardener but the property had been abandoned for twenty years when I bought it last year. It gets pretty cold at night this time of year but even now some days are quite hot and summer is amazing, up to 50 degrees celsius for days on end with very little rain even when there is heavy cloud.
  13. Hi Melbourne-area Growers, Let's have the next meet on Sunday the 5th of May. 12 Noon. At the Tecoma Pavillion, Melbourne Royal Botanical Gardens. It's near RBG's Gate C, and at D1 on map 2L of the Melways. Doesn't seem to be any holiday. It will be a good time for the collection of local therapeutic fungi. Maybe a discussion on the identification of popular local plants found in the wild? Hopefully it won't be raining on the 5th (but will be on the days surrounding that date.) Cheers, Carl