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  1. Euphorian

    Spore Prints New Zealand

    Hi I would like some spore prints from New Zealand gold tops. The wood chip variety. Looking into truffles rather than mushrooms. Will pay. But only if I can verify rep. Otherwise I have lots of Kanna seeds to trade Bit old. 2 from 6 will germinate. thanks *moderator edit, these spores are for microscopic study only*
  2. Euphorian

    heimia salicifolia preparation

    Does your tech remove the muscle aches. I've never had it. I planted some seeds last week. I have great hopes of using the plant as a companion smokeable. Is it just boiling the dried leaves that makes people ache. Thanks
  3. Euphorian

    Sceletium and mesemb thoughts

    Thanks for the info on fast prep. I had given up on kanna. To many hit and misses in fermentation. Be chance I read this the other day. Now I have a nice baggy of active kanna. Just like it was bought in a store. I had given up. But I've still had heaps of plants and seeds. Atleast that part of the mission was successful. I had only fermented kanna previous with mixed results. Now I crush it and bake it at 80 degrees then roast it at 160 degrees. It's so dry it totally turns to dust in the coffee grinder. With fermentation I couldn't grind the stalks. Now it looks and feels like bought Kanna. Thanks Mission totally successful.
  4. Euphorian

    Kanna's tight matrix of tiny roots

    Speaking of environmental conditions. I was reading an article about scientists wanting to increase the alkaloid content of Madagascar Periwinkle. Because it's full of valuable anti cancer compounds. Through the use of trace amounts of heavy metals they were able to increase the alkaloid content of the stems 4 fold and the alkaloid content of the roots 5 fold. Moral of the story for me. Better make sure I include all the minerals and elements in the potting mix.
  5. Euphorian

    Kanna's tight matrix of tiny roots

    Dud hybrids sounds like the reason extracts in New Zealand been dud. Someones grown a whole paddock of dud kanna. Their still selling it dispite complaints. The plants I'm growing are active of the trimmings. I just have to eat it. Up untill that point my relationship with kanna was smoking. Some of the plants I got are suspect. One hasn't flowered. I definitely have sceletium Tortuosum as the cuttings came with a developing seed pod. I'm still for big roots at the very least it increases the volume of the harvest. Carbon Being that's a great difference in form for the same plant. I wonder if that's an increase in potency. Since the latter looks like it grows like it does in Africa.
  6. Euphorian

    Kanna's tight matrix of tiny roots

    I'm not talking about my plants. Of those I'm yet to know. Atleast in a whole plant. I've sampled the roots in a bruised but unfermented way. It had all the power. In a Cannabiniod way. I don't know about a full plant ferment yet. My hunch is the order of potency is roots stems leaves. I still go with internet consensus. Kanna made from trimmings is weak. Kanna made from whole plant is strong. If your right. I'll get Sceletium Emarcidum. I'll know in a few months. Hopefully successfully.
  7. Euphorian

    Kanna's tight matrix of tiny roots

    Thanks interesting report. Yet disheartening. Makes kanna mysterious again. In the world there is potent kanna and weak kanna. I've had both. Far too much of the later. I hope I err on the side of potent kanna. Preferably on the first attempt. On the otherhand 18 months. That's really good root growth. I was prepared to let them grow 3 years. If need be. I assume you fermented ok. Because washing in a bucket is a good idea. I was worried about bacteria been washed off. Kanna is easy to grow. Getting it to a state that makes me say yippee might be more complex. Particularly if I use the internet as a guide.
  8. Euphorian

    Kanna's tight matrix of tiny roots

    Nice Roots Psylo Dread. Any tips. That's the roots I'm after. How old are they? Did they make awesome kanna? That's great. You can get lot of kanna out of a pot. Must be the most efficient entheogen you could grow in a small space. If you aim for roots like that. Thanks very much for the inspiration.
  9. Euphorian

    Kanna's tight matrix of tiny roots

    Just Kanna. I was really driven for awhile. I ordered some seeds from overseas which got confiscated. It started a defiant obsession to get kanna and defeat authority. Which I have. Successfully. I have so much material now. I can afford to experiment. Just sand I can spare a cutting just to see. I have some with rootblast and some without. I have several different plants and that means seeds. I can understand the process of its activity much more. The bruising and blending of the whole plant and fermentation. I'm going to invest in a blender. And experiment. Couple of years I'll figure out perfect kanna. My hunch is more roots. My best fluke buy was a 14watt led panel. Honestly for most plants in the plant kingdom it would be a useless piece of crap. For rooting kanna it's perfect. The gateway to big healthy root systems. Plus I only have to water them once a month. So they becoming compact.
  10. Euphorian

    Kanna's tight matrix of tiny roots

    Do think I could I could just use sand? If I feed them myself. Does cactus mix need to have 20% organic material. The stuff I'm using has bark. I will try pumice. Glad I tried the roots. Strongest effect so far off my kanna. Less euphoric and more synergistic. As the roots dried out I couldn't squash the roots so it became less active. Bogfrog I like your garden. Your living my fantasy. I don't have the space. Have to make it count. Hopefully I can grow a years worth of kanna indoors. So far seems to be working. New Zealand is having a kanna crisis. I can't get a decent extract.
  11. Today I repotted two kanna plants I planted as cuttings last year. The pot was heavily rootbound mostly by a huge matrix of very tiny roots. It makes up the bulk of the mass of the root system. I seperated the cuttings and repotted them. In the leftover potting mix was all these tiny roots. I picked alot out. Squashed them, chopped it up. Let it dry and smoked it. It was well worth it. That's where the power is that's for sure. Those little roots are worth collecting. But how? They make the mass of the root system. The potting mix had the consistency of cork. Pulled apart like a loaf of bread. I need some sort of frictionless potting mix. I just buy it. Know nothing about it. I was reading a post about someone wanting river sand for potting kanna. So he could eat the roots. Can't find the post again. I don't think it answered my question. What potting mix is best for harvesting the entire root system. Outside of hydroponics. It's terrible to have to discard such alot of the most potent part of the plant. Kanna has a descent root ball.If only I could have all of it.
  12. Euphorian

    (NZ) Kanna, Heimia, Dagga FS/T

    Here's your cuttings a year on. Acting as mother plants. Two cuttings per pot. I plan to seperate them into seperate pots. When I get some rootblast in a few days. They are seperate from their progeny and other plants which is an entangled thicket on another windowsill.
  13. Euphorian

    (NZ) Kanna, Heimia, Dagga FS/T

    Thanks for the welcome. I think I bought some kanna cuttings off you last year. Out of all the plants I bought your cuttings were the best quality. The fastest growing. The densest less prone to elongation and sceletising. I've figured out a fast way to.grow kanna. Plus a fast way to grow cuttings. I have cuttings of the cuttings you sold me last year that are flowering. I over wintered the plants under a led light. It grew hundreds of sprouts in miniature. So when I put it out in the spring it thinkened with such growth. I had to trim it right back because the weight of growth would have pulled out the roots. Also it's the most active. I've only had the trimmings. I yet to do a full plant ferment with the roots. After seed harvest I will. Because I've got a thicket of kanna. I amazed at how much you can multiply a single plant. And how fast it grows. So thanks very much
  14. Euphorian

    (NZ) Kanna, Heimia, Dagga FS/T

    Hope I'm not to late to reply to this post. I've been growing sceletium Tortuosum for a year. I'm happy with my success at growing them. I'm after Sceletium Emarcidum. I possibly have it. I don't know. Just want to make sure I have it. 2 or 3 cuttings from different plants would be nice. The sceletium I have is flowering and am attempting pollenation. Hope I get seeds.