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Found 12 results

  1. Regener8ion

    Wanted Cuttings

    Hey! Im after some min 30cm trich cuts to root for stock. Helon, super Pedro Let me know what you have and prices. Cheers.
  2. It's mu! again, this time with lots of Yowie cuttings, both mid and tip cuttings (there's an especially large doubly-tipped cutting up for auction). Check out the links on eBay: Trichocereus (peruvianoid) "Yowie" San Pedro cactus - 30cm midcut, two pups Trichocereus (peruvianoid) "Yowie" San Pedro cactus - 92cm double tip cutting <-- auction Trichocereus (peruvianoid) "Yowie" San Pedro - 90cm tip cutting Trichocereus (peruvianoid) "Yowie" San Pedro cactus - 58cm midcut, three pups Trichocereus (peruvianoid) Yowie - 84cm midcut, three pups And here are just a handful of images from the item listings:
  3. Hi everyone, I'm new to the Corroboree. Fairly regular lurker though. I'm based in southern Tassie, and I've been wanting to start an ethnobotanical collection for a while, but due to Tassie's bio-security rules I can't really get cuttings or seeds shipped in easily. I'm interested in getting some nice cacti growing. Are there are Tassie locals out there who would be interested in either selling me or trading me some ethnobotanical cacti? I can trade some prickly pear pads (I'm pretty sure it's opuntia ficus-indica), which I've heard is pretty good for grafting, though I've never tried it myself. I also have a few Acacia Floribunda seeds. I don't have much else to trade, but I might be able to find something else if need be. I'd also be really interested in getting some pereskiopsis cuttings, or selenecereus grandiflorus (Queen of the night) seeds or cuttings. I'm also a bit of a fan of microscopy, if anyone has any unique spore prints they could swap/show me. Or if anyone has any experience ordering cacti seeds online from interstate to Tassie, I'd really appreciate some advice. Cheers!
  4. Inyan

    Big is as big does

    Alright, now that I've got your attention. I thought I would share some information on how large a cacti cutting needs to be before it can be successfully rooted or grafted. For some of you paying attention... this is just an update. Cuttings first. And now for some grafts 45 days+ and this is how we do it
  5. Hey folks. Not sure where to start... I'd cut a piece of caapi accidentally (only a small stem) when trying to prune back an intrusive vine. I didn't think much of it and stuck it in a pot on my back verandah. I only noticed a week ago how damn healthy it looked given I'd forgotten putting it in soil or looking after it to be honest. It's flourishing and so healthy - I'll try to upload photos in the daytime. I'm interested to know if any SABers would like a cutting with roots - I just have the one at the moment as it was a spur of the moment thing to put it in a pot. Ideally I'd like to send these out (ready to go in the ground or a pot depending on your climate.) If you would like some caapi then all I would ask in return is that you send me a pre-addressed express envelope. WHY? It's so easy for me to do and I'd love to contribute to the SAB community whom I've been a part of for eighteen years (yikes!) and I've learned so much from. I honestly can't recall when I put that first small caapi stem in a pot - definitely no longer then the beginning of the year. So I don't know exactly how long it would take from taking a cutting and putting in soil before it forms roots and is flourishing. I'll do my upmost to not be such a freakin slacker in terms of visiting the forums. I'll take some photos of the rooted caapi stem tomorrow in daylight and post here.
  6. Hey guys, I'm having a huge spring sale all day Saturday the 7th of October in the western suburbs of Melbourne, 3029. This is an invitation to anyone I've MEET BEFORE to come and grab some awesome Trichocereus clones and hybrids, I have hundreds of plants and cuttings of all sizes to sell so bring your Ute or Trailer Most plants will be .50c to $1 per cm. Please message me for more details. Cheers
  7. ∂an

    Taking salvia cuttings

    Hello plant friends! I have a salvia plant that a member was kind enough to gift me a few years back. I have been meaning to take cuttings for some time now, as the plant appeared to not be doing as good as it could, and I don't want to miss my chance to propagate this relatively difficult to come by plant. So now in spring with a bit of humidity and cloud cover seems like a reasonable time (correct me if wrong please!). Here is the plant with some labels: And a photo taken at ~ point 1 looking back towards the pot: There is a coleus growing next to it so I labelled its branch to avoid confusion. Over the past few summers the salvia has grown one big branch that can be seen growing outwards to left of the pot in the photo. This branch is a bit woody now, so not really ideal for cuttings I guess? I have put numbered lines where I was thinking I could take cuttings on this main branch. My goal is take make the cuttings a few inches long and cut just below a node. Is this a good idea to try and make cuttings from an older branch? Or should I wait until some fresh growth comes out a few inches and use that for cuttings? I feel this plant would do better if I cut off that big branch so it could focus its energy on new grown down near the base, but it would be good to use this cut branch for propagation too. All comments, help and ridicule welcome! Cheers, Dan
  8. The Dude

    Eileen cuttings for sale

    I have 9 x 30.5cm (1ft) Eileen cuttings for sale. 3 tips and 6 mid sections. Very fat. I'm selling them at $40 each + postage.
  9. Hey everyone, first time posting here, been lurking for quite a while though I'll admit Anyway, hoping somebody here can help me out. I'm looking for some cuttings of Pereskiopsis spathulata or similar species for some grafting projects I wish to embark on. I'm in Western Australia so I'm pretty limited for postage, but if anyone is local I'm willing to buy or trade, I have some trichocereus species, seeds, and some other plants and seeds. Thanks!
  10. ive got 8 wild dagga cuttings ive just potted into 75mm pots that are ready for a new home, each plant is $5 plus postage trades are also welcome plants are all healthy and are in an organic soil with coco coir mixed in i do have photos but cant upload them just yet, working on getting some smaller photos edit; please pm me if youre interested
  11. Hi All, ***** (1) Pavilions at Melbourne's Royal Botanic Gardens being burnt down: So it's true? The Tecoma Pavilion wasn't burnt? Anyone been there to have a look-see since mid May? Even so, I'm thinking that the officially scheduled demand for Tecoma will shoot way up (for weddings, anniversaries, etc.) because the others were destroyed. Meaning (especially in winter) we'll probably be sitting around in the rain, looking at others who are under cover. ***** (2) A new (better) venue from now on: An alternative venue may be called for. Someplace cheap, not too far from the "centre" of Melbourne, with ample parking and weather cover. Glen Iris has been the "centre of population" for Melbourne since the 1990s (q.v. Wikipedia). The Monash Freeway, Metro stations, and bus lines are all close, and I'm sure the parking would be better. It seems the fairest and most democratic place to shoot for, and may result in an increased turnout. Anyone live in that local government area, and want to check out cheap meeting hall rentals? I'm happy to pay $2 to $5 for a warm dry place with a kettle. It's not like we get together all that often. (3) Next actual meeting: When ARE we gonna meet again? I really miss you guys. My propagation successes are still overwhelming the capacity of my garden, so I've got lots of established plants to give away. (4) A name: Maybe change our name from "the melbourne botanical garden ethnobotanical appreciation group" to something a bit less "botanical garden", and maybe with the word "growers" added? (We are uniquely interested in the practial aspects of cultivating and propagating very challenging species from all over the world.) Cheers, Old Man Carl
  12. shonman

    Stopping fun guys

    Can anyone recommend a tech for stopping cuttings in a sealed warm humid environment From contracting fungi? I usually don't have a problem with this, but recently had to set up indoors and there is carpeting. I have come to view carpeting as a disgusting dishrag that just hold fungus and germs for years on end..