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  1. Regener8ion

    Germinating Newbie

    hey dekeius im happy to wait play the long game :0
  2. Regener8ion

    Germinating Newbie

    @Halcyon Daze thanks for ur comment. As it turns out, I ignored the TEKS after posting until 2 days ago. I went to collect them to take to a mates, and lo and behold.... 3 tubs have emerged! Success: Cactialicious Truman OP SAB Peru Roseii 2 x Scop Cactualicious PB Macro OP Not yet emerged: SAB Cordobensis Lance x Scop “Hulk” LoPhs SAB TRICH scop ABQ Golden Barrell SAB Super Pedro x Bridg, Ben
  3. Regener8ion

    Germinating Newbie

    Hey! Oh it’s been a couple of months now. i didn’t use heating pads or lights ... Just sat them in a warm spot out of direct sunlight. still no love .... thank you for your imput. i shall await the warmer weather to perhaps attempt round two!
  4. Regener8ion

    Wanted Cuttings

    Anyone wish to part with cuttings for cash pleassse?
  5. Regener8ion

    Trichocereus cuts and some rooted clones

    I’d love to see if you have any cactai still available please
  6. Regener8ion

    Wanted Cuttings

    Hey! Im after some min 30cm trich cuts to root for stock. Helon, super Pedro Let me know what you have and prices. Cheers.
  7. Regener8ion

    Germinating Newbie

    Hi all! Im a pup in the world of cactai and am totally addicted. Ive been growing my collection, and recently put out all my seed in tek containers. However, i mixed sand with vermiculite on the reccomendation of another. There is no action in tek land. my suspicion is that perhaps the vermiculite was possibly a grave mistake, and all that wonderful seed has gone to waste! I wonder if i can fish them out and put on straight sand? The idea of letting it all go is a tear jerker ... however i do have more seed arrived, though now late in the season. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!