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Found 16 results

  1. Regener8ion

    Wanted Cuttings

    Hey! Im after some min 30cm trich cuts to root for stock. Helon, super Pedro Let me know what you have and prices. Cheers.
  2. absinthium


    From the album: Cactaceae Noob

  3. absinthium


    From the album: Cactaceae Noob

  4. absinthium


    From the album: Cactaceae Noob

  5. absinthium


    From the album: Cactaceae Noob

  6. absinthium


    From the album: Cactaceae Noob

  7. absinthium


    From the album: Cactaceae Noob

  8. Today I sowed my first seeds. I purchased them from SAB as Ech. Lageniformis x Ech. Peruviana 'KK1688' and sowed 12. I used a cactus soil mixed with about 50% perlite. Unfortunately the perlite wasn't as coarse as I would have liked. I then mixed and added some water before sterilising in the oven (100C) for 20 minutes. I purchased a small seed germinating box which should help increase humidity with spraying. I added my soil mixture to each of the 12 sections and then bathed the base in water before putting the potted area into the bottom covering. Next came the most exciting sowing. I sowed the seeds by just placing one in each section and then lightly misting before covering the germination box. I have sat it outside but out of direct sunlight. I may consider changing its position depending on temperature and sun. I still have enough seed to retry if I fail. Any advice welcome. I am very excited.
  9. bogfrog

    Seed swap

    ~~~ SEE POST BELOW FOR CURRENT SEED LIST~~~ (i am reusing this thread instead of creating a new one) Hey folks, got a lil bit excess cacti and misc seed to trade, Looking for trich seed mostly.. Or anything notably awesome that people should just grow because its so amazing.. I have: Bridgesii 'Anna' x Roseii #1 Roseii #1 x pach Pach x Bridgesii 'Anna' Peru OP (Rather old) Peru x 'Yowie' ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Lobelia inflata Heimia salicifolia 'sinicuichi' Aralia cordata Ceratonia siliqua - carob Silene capensis Rustica Pm me if interested. Thanks!
  10. Got some trich seedlings which are nearly 3 weeks old. They were doing fine with just the plastic lid and were receiving sun protection from the soil mix and edges of germ box. However they are now a little red. So I have put a tshirt over them but fear this cuts out too much light. At the moment they get no direct sunlight but are outside. Unfortunately the image doesn't do the colour justice but they are red near the top especially. I was wondering about attaching a shade cloth directly to the top of the lid. Maybe starting with it doubled up. There is a lot of conflicting information on here about sunburnt trichs. Peace, Dekeius.
  11. This is a very nice plant i bought recently. i'm going to chop some bits off it tomoz, and graft them to pere mostly, some to trichs. So the crest is very nice and the plant has a few double heads as well, i must graft these to a stock thats suitable- -what would people suggest this crest be grafted to? should it be Trichocereus...... and if so, which type? Or should it be Pereskiopsis or Hylocereus........or something else? or don't it matter? what do you think would be a good stock? any suggestions or advice is greatly appreciated
  12. New pics and prices in the post below.
  13. Hi I have had this cactus cutting for about two months and have been keeping it in my room until I can be bothered planting it anyway I pulled it out Saturday only to my great surprise that it had pupped and grown but is lacking chlorophyll So I was hoping someone here can give me some advise as how i would go about planing it now? because I do not want it to get burned or worse die.... Thanks, Jwerta
  14. wagonwheel

    trich ID help

    Hi guys, in a parallel universe my imaginary friend has inherited a cacti that he thinks is a trich but isn't sure exactly what type. Can anyone help me ID this cacti? It's in need of a little tlc, but he would like to know the best way to get the most out of it. Any advice as the best way to go about doing this? Should he cut off all the arms and pups and grow these separately to maximise the amount of plant growth or would it be best to keep it as is? Thanks in advance
  15. Today I noticed two Knuthianus cuttings had scale. I've had them for nearly five months & both came from the same seller, could they have had scale all along; or is it more likely they've been attacked recently? (the cuttings were moved to a more sunny location in the last month, I'm pretty sure stress triggered the attack; just not sure if the scale was there all along). So far I've quarantined the cuttings & given them a good ol scrub down. They appear scale free for the moment, but I don't think I'm out of the woods yet. Looks like I'll be paying close attention to my collection for the next few weeks & hopefully with enough repeated toothbrush action I won't need to resort to spraying...
  16. Hello everyone, Sorry if this is a bit of a tall order but I would be willing to trade or atleast pay for postage, although don't have any seeds to trade yet as I'm trying to get my garden started. Currently living in NSW. Interested in: -N. Rustica (seeds), -Trichocereus or any cactii seeds really these would just be preferable -any seeds really, beggars can't be choosers hey Anyway this is my first real post, and I hope to kind of put back what I take haha or atleast barter for. Thanks