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  1. Ritalin

    New front garden

    you are a legend, thats an impressive back garden
  2. Ritalin

    Help with grow lights

    Thanks mate. yeah I'm not going to lie the whole caged light fitting meant for cars was a bit of a wank, i'm going to head on down to the hydroponics store on the north shore and just get some basic fittings and attach them to a little pole. anyway yeah thanks for the reply, bunnings does have a fair bit but all the straight cfl's i saw were either really large (too large for my desk) or were something like a peasant 8 watt.
  3. Ritalin

    Help with grow lights

    Stillman where did you find the 60 watt cfls because I searched pretty thoroughly and found nothing that high.. highest cfl was like 44 watts or something. I ended up buying two 24 watt cfl's for a total of 3000 lumens which i've been told would be enough for one plant. I really didn't want to spend that much money.. ended up screwing them into those lamps you use for cars you know when your repairing them haha it all looks a bit sketchy, but thats what you get when you spend $40. Im growing chamomile at the moment, will probably grow some other fairly tame things to brew tea with.. I mean any ideas for some entheogens thatll grow nicely in a cupboard basically haha. thanks fellas
  4. Ritalin

    Help with grow lights

    Hahaha the hordes come at me with suspicion.. no thanks for the prompt answers, I'm just keen to try it to be honest so yeah they're not going to pay for themselves, and I don't plan on growing anything illegal, just some ethnobotanicals, play around with it.. you know just always had that space is my desk haha oh the space is pretty small like think of it as a big PC grow.. Probably 70cm by 70cm by 40cm. Tipz I'd prefer just to keep it simple and just buy one bulb you know to start off with.. I guess I was hoping to be spoonfed basically, a bulb I could get at bunnings that would work for the whole cycle (yeah its not going to be as good as one with blue and another with red light, but I'm povo what are you going to do) and holy fuck applesnail those are some gnarled limbs.. so HPS sounds like the go, I'm just hoping my wallet won't be raunted. thanks guys
  5. Ritalin

    Help with grow lights

    I am very keen to get a hydroponic set-up and it seems pretty justified with the weather in Sydney lately anyway. Could anyone tell me which bulbs would be the best for a small space, use for the whole grow cycle.. I'm thinking a CFL? can you just purchase the bulbs at bunnings? any help would be appreciate thanks, Nick
  6. Ritalin

    Ethno Theifs!!!

    I've been lurking here a while and I'd say asides from the threads maybe posted here everyone in this forum seems pretty happy and nice, and the seed trading thing is a great thing. Chill out boys.. but Chef your a legend haha and I would say that lets be honest I've never met a white person that knows what khat is, I mean really if a plant isn't weed they don't bat an eye lid. so uh any chance for a khat cutting.. held a brother out?
  7. Ritalin

    Stop stealing my seeds!!!

    mate I definitely feel you on this one jesus they are tight, I mean is there anything that you can bring in.. SWIM had research chems confiscated yet apparently others got through, seems pretty hit and miss, although I'd say your seeds should get in over research chemicals but i reckon thats the whole point of this website, and the seed trade, so you can get things domestically.
  8. Hello everyone, Sorry if this is a bit of a tall order but I would be willing to trade or atleast pay for postage, although don't have any seeds to trade yet as I'm trying to get my garden started. Currently living in NSW. Interested in: -N. Rustica (seeds), -Trichocereus or any cactii seeds really these would just be preferable -any seeds really, beggars can't be choosers hey Anyway this is my first real post, and I hope to kind of put back what I take haha or atleast barter for. Thanks
  9. Ritalin

    Pedro Seeds Anyone

    Hey so I s'pose anyone wouldn't happen to have a few spair seeds they'd like to send to Sydney way, looking on getting my own little garden set up and love the pictures. Yeah first post anyway hope to post a fair bit and get into it