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  1. Hey 3rdl, I hope you don't mind me posting here to say I'm also after a P. Cubensis, or Pan. Cyanescens, for microscopy purposes. I was about to make my own thread but I saw yours was right up the top and it seemed silly to make another. I have some cacti seeds to trade for a print, and/or a few other random seeds, or I can pay.
  2. LovelyShaun

    Tasmanian looking to start a garden

    Ah that's good to hear. I suppose I'll go ahead and just order in some of the cacti seeds I want then. It would still be great to get my hands on some pereskiopsis cuttings though, to really help some of those seeds get started. I can't imagine too many people in Tas would have any though. At least I haven't come across it. Do you happen to know anything about getting spore prints into Tassie?
  3. Hi everyone, I'm new to the Corroboree. Fairly regular lurker though. I'm based in southern Tassie, and I've been wanting to start an ethnobotanical collection for a while, but due to Tassie's bio-security rules I can't really get cuttings or seeds shipped in easily. I'm interested in getting some nice cacti growing. Are there are Tassie locals out there who would be interested in either selling me or trading me some ethnobotanical cacti? I can trade some prickly pear pads (I'm pretty sure it's opuntia ficus-indica), which I've heard is pretty good for grafting, though I've never tried it myself. I also have a few Acacia Floribunda seeds. I don't have much else to trade, but I might be able to find something else if need be. I'd also be really interested in getting some pereskiopsis cuttings, or selenecereus grandiflorus (Queen of the night) seeds or cuttings. I'm also a bit of a fan of microscopy, if anyone has any unique spore prints they could swap/show me. Or if anyone has any experience ordering cacti seeds online from interstate to Tassie, I'd really appreciate some advice. Cheers!