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Found 7 results

  1. Hey everyone, fairly new hear and just coming up to a year collecting trichos. Just wanting to know if there are many other members here in Tasmania with them? I'd love to buy some seedlings/cuts/rooted plants if possible. I don't really have anything ready for trade yet but have just sown about 1500 seeds and over 40 different hybrids so will have plenty in the near future . Any help would be much appreciated!
  2. Picard

    San Pedro cacti in Tasmania?

    Hi, I'm looking to buy some San Pedro cacti in Tasmania to grow in my garden at home. I can't seem to order it from anywhere because of the tight import restrictions in Tassie. Any help would be greatly appreciated Cheers
  3. withdrawl clinic

    support most suited climat location

    would hoodia gordonii grow better & survive in tas or vic? @my location, I could never keep hoodia super happy. I got seeds which I think have a high chance of germination. so idea is, to support the sab member located at the right climat, and with good skill levels. in other words, I gave up, growing hoodia, and give my seeds for free to, a person who might can provide survival and future seed set (grafting skills an advantage use stapelia as root stock). reply 2 thread or pm me, or both.
  4. Hi everyone, I'm new to the Corroboree. Fairly regular lurker though. I'm based in southern Tassie, and I've been wanting to start an ethnobotanical collection for a while, but due to Tassie's bio-security rules I can't really get cuttings or seeds shipped in easily. I'm interested in getting some nice cacti growing. Are there are Tassie locals out there who would be interested in either selling me or trading me some ethnobotanical cacti? I can trade some prickly pear pads (I'm pretty sure it's opuntia ficus-indica), which I've heard is pretty good for grafting, though I've never tried it myself. I also have a few Acacia Floribunda seeds. I don't have much else to trade, but I might be able to find something else if need be. I'd also be really interested in getting some pereskiopsis cuttings, or selenecereus grandiflorus (Queen of the night) seeds or cuttings. I'm also a bit of a fan of microscopy, if anyone has any unique spore prints they could swap/show me. Or if anyone has any experience ordering cacti seeds online from interstate to Tassie, I'd really appreciate some advice. Cheers!
  5. Humboldt

    Importing to Tas

    Hi, does anyone know if it is legal to import cacti like San Pedro to Tassie? Seed and/or cuttings? Peace
  6. Tasmania- proposed legislative changes. Read 'em and weep http://www.bikeme.tv/index.php/wanna-protest-tasmania-dont/ Great article, expressly directed at motorcycle protests, but applies to everyone. Excerpt from the article: Firstly, the laws apply to any protest action, in which the protester prevents access to, or obstructs, or hinders a business in any way, even if the protest action is on public land, like a footpath or roadway. The definition of ‘business’ is incredibly broad. A protester is anyone who is engaging or participating in protest activity in furtherance of, or raising awareness of, an ‘opinion, or belief, in respect of a political, environmental, social, cultural or economic issue’. Obviously the list of beliefs and opinions of which you can peacefully protest has been severely curtailed. Why should motorcyclists care about this? Most rallies or protest rides organised by and attended by motorcyclists consist of a ride to a location where speeches and other protesty things take place. Under the proposed laws, if a convoy of motorcyclists, on their protest ride, hinder a taxi, delivery driver, truckie or some other such person lawfully going about their business activities, it will be an offence. Now the law requires that the protester must know their actions will prevent access to, hinder or obstruct. However if just fifty motorcyclists form a convoy through a city, it would be hard to argue they did not know their actions may hinder or obstruct other people going about their business activities. Even more so if the action has been labelled a ‘block the bridge’ type event. Understandably the taxi driver, delivery man or truckie might be annoyed and temporarily inconvenienced by your protest ride, but they do not have to suffer any economic loss for the laws to apply. And now comes the reality check. For a first offence, the police can give you an on-the-spot $2000 fine. They can also order that you do not return to the location within four days. If you do, it’s another fine. Or you can be arrested and charged and face court, in which case, the fine is a minimum of $5000. If found guilty, the conviction must be recorded. For a second offence, you will go to jail. There is no other option. The judge must sentence you to a minimum of three months in jail, with a maximum of two years. You may not be overly concerned at this point. You may be willing to cop a fine, even if it is grossly excessive, for the privilege of exercising your democratic right to peaceful protest. But if the taxi driver and truck driver both report you at the same time, that constitutes two offences. And you will go to jail. _________________________________________________ BikeMe is great for staying up to date with legislative changes which potentially effect us *all*- motorcyclists, and people whom for some strange reason don't ride motorcycles at all. The commentaries on the legislative changes are thorough, researched and IMO balanced.
  7. erd0c

    Northern Tasmania

    There was recent rainfall, so I decided to stroll through a cow paddock. The ground was surprisingly still very dry. Popping up on this cow pie were these tiny specimens (photo 1). They're relatively small (see 50 cent piece) and I don't see any staining. The spores that have dropped appear dark (I don't have a microscope to give a more precise color). Thoughts?