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  1. PhoenixSon

    Cactus seeds for sale tricho's and lophs

    Lophs are all gone!
  2. Poor student in need of some books next semester Have a heap of seed here and now that Im in a small unit I cant germ them. I have these for sale 1000 T. Pasacana seeds x 2 1000 T. Bridgessi seeds x 2 1000 T. Macrogonus seeds 1000 T. Boliviensis seeds x 2 1000 T. chilensis seeds x 2 1000 T. escayachenesis seeds x2 1000 T. peruvianus kohres seeds x2 1000 T. las coimas chile seeds x2 1000 T. Werdermannianus seeds x2 100X L. Diffusa x 3 SOLD PM with what you want and i can give you a price roughly around $100 for the trichs and $10 for the lophs added in the other seed. postage is free if you buy at least two of the tricho seed bags will also add in free loph seed unless someone buys them first for the first 3 purchases of tricho seeds. cheers PM me please
  3. PhoenixSon

    Classic move from gov

    government says amphetamines are bad mmmkay, then continues to dose children on obscene amounts of amphetamines at a stage where the brain and body are growing. drugs are bad mkay when they arent taxing it
  4. PhoenixSon

    Is this the age of the "canaries"

    they are getting devils resistant to it now! forget how they were doing it, but i think they gave them little amounts of infected cells to build immunity?
  5. PhoenixSon

    GIVeAWaY thai white flesh DRAGON FRUIT cuts

    If you have any spare down the track hit us up, should have something for trade or $'s
  6. go australia thats awesome news!! hopefully it will be used ASAP, didnt read the whole journal but the trials must of been pretty good, must have a read thanks for sharing!
  7. PhoenixSon

    New and exciting T. Peru crest auction

    ta mate! sorry about that, will get it around as quick as possible, hope others are doing the same aswell!! I have a TBMC and loph fricci crest on the way i can feel it in ma bones! hope this is going by QLD time
  8. PhoenixSon

    New and exciting T. Peru crest auction

    dont be cheap and bid now, Cmon! dont be a sniper!!
  9. PhoenixSon

    New and exciting T. Peru crest auction

    7 members 20 guests!!
  10. PhoenixSon

    New and exciting T. Peru crest auction

    $101 to make a more honest three digits also want to say this graft will be purely for propagation, when the size is larger, pieces will be sent to folk that can graft and have a track record of spreading rare plants around. I will be selling pieces of this graft for no more then $50 plus postage to people that will propagate it!
  11. PhoenixSon

    New and exciting T. Peru crest auction

    if etherals is more then mine! i put down $100
  12. PhoenixSon

    New and exciting T. Peru crest auction

    whats that etherealdrifter is that $60 + $3.50 for post or $35 or $350?
  13. PhoenixSon

    Eileen tips cuttings 4 sale

    Have some smallish well calloused 20-30cm's Eileen tip cuts 4 sale at decent prices! also have a mid cut of eileen around the 40cm mark with roots and two pups emerging from the top could be sold all together for heaps of eileen plants, @ a bit of a discount! or one @ a time! Pm if your keen Will update with some pictures tomorrow Will be selling @ under 1$ per cm! Also have other cactus going cheap All orders will have a freebie might be berries may be seeds perhaps more cactus cheers!
  14. PhoenixSon

    Super pedro X J3 crest!! For another Crest!

    graft may have a small segment removed, so will have a minor scar.