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    Our beautiful rescue, Yindi: - attempting to herd the world's slowest sheep
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    Fun with filters, peeps! Check out the great honkin’ beak on this nugget-leaving ginger muggins Whenst thou sees it, thou shalt shytte brykks
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    The last one makes me laugh ! thats her when we were going out one day, looking sooo sad.
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    I'll raise you a couple of snags Otto and Beans
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    Its ironic when a 'exotic' plant you have devoted passion into growing, turns out to occur near where you live. but at the end its all really funny and lucky...Well while 3 species, foeminea, distachya and nebrodensis (2 ssp) are reported from greece, I really thought distachya distibution was limited to the few undisturbed costal regions in north greece while it hit me! I feel really lucky.. because while I was chatting with a new botanist friend, and talking about valencian distachya and central asia distachya, wanting to show him north greece distachya pics I knew I could find from greek fb groups, I found a set of pictures that def seemed distachya from 2018 I didnt remember next to an asphalt road (a new one at that) .. and it was a guy from my region.. so I sent him a message - was he really in my region?? and the kind dude gave me enough hints for me to get to the spot... ! Long story short, this is again, like all ephedra habitats in my region and propably all greece and maybe even all the ephedra euro zone of greece-italy-spain , a remanant , relic population. So this particular remnant population seems to come from when this use to be a real delta .. delta in the rivers sense.. lots of river material and river round stones... Which is one of the typical habitats of distachya in greece.... At once this population in my opinion is of immediate danger.. but thats another story... the dude that gave me the locations also told me the place had been burnt in recent fire and that he doubt the plants wouls survive, but he told me there are several ephedras in the area.. I was still sceptical then .. so yeah, I went and (lucky first??) I parked and found the first plants , baked from summer 2021 fire, but when I checked the biggest ones more, I saw they were resprouting. I was immediately happy the plants seemed to have survided the fire, and went on to walk more.. I found pieces of plot that hadnt burn thus I saw several patches of the plant unharmed... there are some really fucking old plants there, and I am sure some of them burnt... but because distachya is a sucker plant, I seems like a pretty firer resistant plant to me .. and thus , not only I now have a real distachya habitat to explore, but I have the opportunity to do a case study about how it recovers from a fire too! cheers to everyone!!!!
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    Some photos wot I took. Only 2, 3, and 4 were edited.
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    Hi Everyone, I'm opening my garden in the ACT up for sales - the usual $1 a cm kinda deal. By appointment only. Best to contact me at the SAB facebook page or PM here.
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    These are my 2 babies relaxing on the couch. It's a hard life
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    Good luck n take care to all affected. I know there are a few of us in those low lying areas like Nth NSW and below Wivenhoe dam etc. Let us know how you're coping and I'm sure we can help out in our own little ways when the time comes.
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    this one's for you @Change
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    TL:DR I always thought the tyramine/ aged cheese/ dieta thing was shaky til now, having read both sides and never experienced any issues prior since forever. Now I'm a believer Posting here so I don't spam the shit out of my mates. It's still happening, albeit at a lower level, and I'm super relaxed and everything seems like a good idea. After this I'll step away from all the keyboards before I start posting love letters on 4chan or something else godawful Been slaving over a hot spreadsheet for over a week ( queue tiny violins ). While I'm completely absorbed in computer stuff, my go to food is cheaparse Aldi Stilton, leafy greens and whatever fruit's in the garden. For days. In this case a week. A tiny stinky block of Aldi Stilton can last for days and there''s no washing up and it's brain food for spreadsheets Pressed Send on the spreadsheet. Wandered about feeling residually wired for a coupla hours and it was pissing me off, because Job Done, validated, tick, right? Had some 5HTP. Didn't measure it. Prolly a bit more than I should have, and would normally have- but not *that* much more. But when I've done that in the past all that happens is I get a bit anxious then it wears off and I'm all relaxed like it says on the box At +1 hour in things get weird. I think it was an hour, but it was getting weird so we'll call it +1 hour. I can't remember what the initial symptoms were because I'm not back yet. Mostly classic hiatus hernia I think, I looked it up. Old people thing. Burping, dizziness, feeling of fullness. Yeah, so I put it down to that. I'm old, bits of me recovering from whatever the fuck I had last year. That. 5HTPs never been an issue ever before At +1.5 hours I'm lying down wondering if someone has messed with my 5HTP container. And even I am not that stupid. And all my guests are awesome. It's looking incredibly serotonergic in here, but it's not your classic serotonergic. Temperature is constant. No change in heart rate. There are waves of...serotoninishness tho. Flickery visual disturbances are making me want to close my eyes. Scrolling Facebook on the laptop is even more of a physical nightmare than usual because visual disturbances. Is less worse if I stop scrolling down webpages or switching between tabs. But the effect isn't quite...drukgs. It's just not that sparkly for the level of physical discomfort either. The only thing I can think of is 5HTP. Must be a novel reaction now I'm old Ride it out. Feel like total shit, dog is getting worried etc. Doesn't feel life threatening, so no hospital. Mostly cos I do not want to go to hospital and tell them I took something that wasn't drugs but feel like it's a serotonergic response to 5HTP. That shit never ends well. And not quiiiite bad enough for the ambos yet. But no fun and getting slowly worse At +2 hrs approx it dawns on me that activated charcoal might help. Sop it up maybe. Swill a spoonful down in H2O and feel better At 2.5 hours I don't feel better enough, so I mung another spoonful in water and lay back down At +3 hours I had to stand up suddenly. I will never get the Stilton out of the curtains and the bathroom looks like it's been vandalised by a psychopathic goth teenager. Wall to wall charcoal But once I recognised the Stilton it all made sense- tyramine. Fuck I've heard of the MAOI response, but this is ridiculous. It was 4 hrs since my last Stilton hit before I took the 5HTP. What am I, made of fucking glass or something? Needed a couple more AC solutions between then and now, but the worst of it is gone The moral of the story is: Sometimes internetty things are true, for some people. And always keep human grade activated charcoal in your kitchen pantry. I don't have a kitchen pantry, but if I did that's where I'd keep it. Listen to your Elders. Not me tho, I'm still a little shaky. Often there is a reason for The Things. Like not eating the tops of Kava plants, and being careful about your food when anticipating ceremony. Those people know their shit, much respect I had to open the fridge ten minutes ago and the fucking Stilton is still in there and I was like a vampire at sunrise. This is gunna go on for a while I think. Even the smell... Feel heaps better tho.
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    Howdy yall... Will be holding a plant swap and trade day... community meet up. 27th Feb. Kincumber Mountain. From 12 onwards. https://fb.me/e/26a90p6mI Blessings.
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    The monstrose (sedum?) at the front came from a member on here, the haworthia bunnings, the crassula some other d00d, the thing on the left from some neighbours garden and the weird cactus in the middle, my sister of all people.
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    I feel like I've had the good fortune of coming across some pretty remarkable flowers around the world, so I'll go with something interesting, rather than generically beautiful. I was going to dig up a photo of a cool Amorphophallus I found in Thailand years ago (I'm guessing A. paeoniifolius), but this one will do. These are flowers of Monotropa hypopitys, an epiparasitic plant which does not contain chlorophyll, instead deriving its nutrients from fungi which in turn derive their nutrients from living plants. Because it does not photosynthesise, it has no need for any above-ground structure other than flowers, so all we ever get to see of the plant are these flowers. While this species is currently still in the genus Monotropa, recent genetic evidence suggests it should be moved into its own genus Hypopitys. This photo was taken in the Dolomites in Italy in 2019.
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    Otto and beans are the clear winner thanks all who posted and voted
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    I am all for Elon and Jeff to get in a rocket and go to Mars. Coming back? Not so much!
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    so, we have posted a lot about this years ago, and i might add to hd,s reply. 1, at my location good flowers and seeds are produced only after heavy rain. 2, for hand pollination, and this is how ph was created, i put a plastic bag around the unopend flower. than when it opend, removed the pollen stalks, by cutting them off with scissors. note this was done with premature pollen stalks. than apply pollen from your cross breed to the stigma, note the stigma is mature if it "looks" wet. than quicly put the plastic bag over the flower to avoid other pollen from fertilizing. 3, but my newer methode, is much easier and requires, no steady hands anymore. let the flowers x pollinating by chance (or even help by hand pollinating) and than just grow all the seedlings and pick them by trait. 4, often this plant produces in fertile seeds, which look flat or not filled out, only try to germinate "fat" seeds. note in fertile seeds are produced by lack of moisture. plants need to be planted in the ground to produce a good set of seeds... 5, to collect the seeds, you take the whole branch off, just when the seed capsuls are starting to split open. than you put the branch in a cardboard box. maybe the long cut branch will still provide enough nutrients to the seeds over the next few days... than you whip the branch against the card board, to get the subborn seeds out. 6, than like panning for gold you shake the box, this will make the seeds collect at the bottom and corner (keep box tilted). than remove all the debris which collects at the top, and the seeds will be collected right at the bottom.
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    Can't help myself, a couple of others. Couroupita guianensis, the cannonball tree. Photo taken in a botanic gardens in Sri Lanka.