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    I don't post enough pics here, but here's a few shots around the garden from this morning. It's mid winter but lots of them are waking up already and putting on new growth. Nicsplash's macro Skywarrior pushing 20' tall soon, well beyond ladder range for pollination this year! Pachanoi MH1 Schwartz, MH2 and BAP One of Spooge's LS chilo OPs Cromag brain Incog's KK339 Fields garden validus Secret garden validus
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    Something that seems to be commonly missed is these vaccines did not somehow magically appear within a few months as is commonly presented and believed. We were really fortunate that quite a few years of work on creating a vaccine for SARS and MERS (other corona viruses) had already been done and those are what allowed this to come to fruition so quickly. If it had not been for that we would almost certainly be looking at something that would still be a decade or more off in the future. Both China and the US had been working with corona viruses for a long time with this in mind. Not just the lab in Wuhan but at Ft. Dietrich. People should do what they feel comfortable with and not do anything they are not comfortable with but it is worth adding that a good bit of the antivaxxer claims I have heard are not on solid footing. Objections are good to raise but they should be based on facts rather than fear and innuendo. I have no argument with the wisdom of distrusting our leadership in general of course. That said, I sure do know a lot of vaccinated people and know no one who had problems from them beyond what we were told to expect. I had two rounds of Moderna myself. At least here in the USA, this set of vaccines CAN'T be approved until after a requisite study (which lasts two years) is completed for each of them but due to the emergency authorization many millions of people have already had them and have been for a few months now so we are not looking at something about which nothing is known. An estimated 3.1 billion doses have been given worldwide so this has actually moved a bit past being at the "experimental" level. 329 million doses have been given in the USA compared to something more like 6 or 7 million in Oz. The FDA would have already approved this in the USA due to that but they can't do so legally until the above testing is completed. It is however already clear, based on the results coming in after those millions of doses, that it will be approved just as soon as the regulations permit it. Censorship is wrong but the propagating of misinformation is in fact a real problem that needs to be addressed so finding some sort of balance is needed that permits debate and discussion yet identifies misinformation for being what it is (whether the bad information is painting a happy spin or dire warnings). When dangerous misinformation is propagated in a way that harms other people. If there is no regard for fact checking and disproven claims continue to be promoted, censorship sadly can become necessary. COVID is actually something that can and should be controlled. I am just old enough to remember the end of polio and still know people who were not fortunate enough to have been included in the vaccine programs in time. I don't agree with the aggressive pro-vaccine stance wanting to blast children with 22 different ones before age two but vaccines can in fact have good outcomes and this appears to be one of those instances.
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    Bowls no longer available. Cheers for the kinds words. Hey Folks, My wife is a potter and has started creating ceremonial bowls for all things botanical and medicinal. She has created 3 sizes in her first batch and we thought we would offer them here first. Every piece is hand thrown on the wheel and glazed with up to four glazes she has created in her own studio. They are then high fired in the kiln which makes them extremely durable and dishwasher safe. The combination of multiple glazes allows them to bleed and bubble through each other in the kiln creating stunning patterns that are truly one of a kind. The photos do not do them justice. Ceremony Bowls Set 1 The bowls in this set are all 550mls in volume and are $55 each or $350 for the set of 7 (plus postage) Ceremony Bowls Set 2 The bowls in this set are all 150mls in volume and are $35 each or $350 for the set of 11 (plus postage) Ceremony Bowls Set 3 The bowls in this set are all 120mls in volume and are $32 each or $300 for the set of 10 (plus postage) Hit me up here if you need any further info. Cheers Sillysyban.
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    Morning Cubisum, Im confused about what the point of things are too…Is the point of the vaccines to prevent transmission via herd immunity or is the point of the vaccine to prevent serious illness requiring hospitalization. My confusion about these vaccines is mostly sparked via the WHO recommendations don’t seem to be lining up with Australian health authorities. I agree that we want to be reducing the burden upon the health care system, and from what I’m reading about Ivermectin, it seems to be effective as both a preventative and a treatment, therefore dosing people in high risk areas would reduce the strain on the healthcare system by preventing infections from occurring at rates similar to what is required to achieve herd immunity. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC8248252/ And i totally agree with the investing in hospitials comment, its extremely disapointing that rather then investing in Australian healthcare and medical research we just keep outsourcing the funding to multinational pharmaceutical companies. This is likely due our leadships being more concerned about funding big bussiness than about supporting Australian scientist and their research. idunno why they cant seem to get their head around funding Australia science would allow for a science Boom in australia, sorta like the mining Boom. I probably boils down having dinasaurs controling most of societies investment, if you got wealthy with a concept as simple as digging coal out of the ground, its unlikely your going to see the value of science research.
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    Actually that's meant to be "Imperfect Vaccination Can Enhance the Transmission" etc. And Rogan's cherry-picked a single line from a non-covid paper about chickens from 2015. Which is totally fine, he has the right to express his take/ opinion to another anti-vaxxer, but it's hardly case closed or anything. So here's my take on the paper... For a start, that paper wasn't trying to establish whether or not variants occur in the vaccinated (it's a no-brainer, afterall) but it aims to start exploring the realm of what might be possible. Indeed, it says "There is (already) a theoretical expectation that this happens" , and "The future challenge is to identify whether there are other types of vaccines used in animals and humans that might also generate these evolutionary risks". It's a shame Rogan didn't highlight these stipulations, but instead spin the paper as proof of his opinion, (or the opinion of whoever said it to him to begin with), because it doesn't seem like he read the paper himself. Just out of curiosity, did you, because playing 'chinese wispers' is not exactly a great source of scientific data. There's no dispute over variants appearing in people, whether they are vaccinated or not. But there *would* still be a lower rate of variants coming out of vaccinated people, based on the lower rate of infection to begin with, which seems to be the general consensus anyway (from what I've picked up). Covid will probably end up being like the flu IMO, regardless of vaccinations. It's just a matter of how many people want to be sacrificed unnecessarily for the same eventual outcome as it develops over the years or decades. The paper itself says that natural selection helps to stop potent variants from spreading, but it fails to take environmental factors into account. Natural selection worked well in a diverse, partitioned world, but we are a monoculture now, with very different dynamics and severe consequences of just letting a pathogen run rampant. Is that how we would really want to solve this issue? To randomly kill off millions of people as our way of 'living' with the virus. Remember, it's no longer just the elderly at risk, and Delta didn't emerge from the vaccinated, but the **unvaccinated**. There's a big debate over reducing global over-population, but there's better ways of doing it than dying a wretched painful disease-ridden death. Besides, if someone is such a champion for reducing over-population then they should put their money where their mouth is and get a vasectomy before having any kids, but I'm sure these proponents are happy for someone else's family to die of covid, who cares if it doesn't happen to them etc.. ...and then it DOES happen to them anyway SMH. It seems to me like anti-vaxxers are often arriving at their final solution of just letting a certain percentage of people die, and hope everything goes back to normal. But that won't happen, that's merely an untested hypothetical. Variants will still appear, new cohorts will die, people and the economy will suffer severely. And half-assed vaccination campaigns won't do much either, just look at Israel, they went in hard and fast, with incredible results, and threw it all away by opening up too early. The best way to reduce variants (AND keep people and the economy safe) still appears to be strong vaccination programs. But that doesn't seem possible now that the fear/misinformation genie is out of the bottle. Our only hope now IMO is to stay one step ahead of the misinformed, and take harder measures to prevent the mindless sheep from killing many millions of happy families, as well as their own. But that's highly unlikely now that many of our most powerful leaders like Scomo and Gladys, Trump-ism, are raising the white flag and kneeling for the slaughter. Prepare for the covid-appocalypse, people! When the shyt hits the fan, you'll be waiting a loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong time for a jab in a queue full of sick, coughing, zombies. Just look at pretty every other country who threw in the towel too early, that's only just around the corner. Don't be afraid, but also don't be a total fool during a serious pandemic. For the love of all that's good, use your f** brain. Time is close now.
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    If know ones interested in an intelligent discussion about which vaccines are more effective based on evidence and clinical data, then I’ll move the discussion back to the most logical and pertinent point, we need a treatment that saves lives, if saving lives and preventing the healthcare system from being overloaded is your major concern, then we have the same goals and should be able to debate this issue in a constructive manner rather than wishing death upon those who oppose your point of view. People really keep forgetting we are all on the same Team, the division this pandemic is causing is extremely concerning, considering we should all want the best outcome for humanity and therefore, be able to put aside our differences to work constructively together towards the common goal of preventing pain and suffering for fellow humans. Perhaps if we could work together as a species, 9 million people wouldn’t die from starvation per year. Perhaps if we stopped debating politics, and seeing other humans as enemies, our hearts might open to the fact that every death is a tragedy no matter which political team they were from. Politics has turned some people, into heartless, unsympathetic cold humans, and it hasn’t done much good for anyone, so what’s the point of continuing this nonsense. Debating this issue through a political lens, is about as constructive and intelligent as denying the existence of the virus because you can’t see it with your eyes. It’s time to transcend the stupidity of the current status quo and stop living in a world where its ok that 9 million people are dying from a lack of food while we are living in a wealthy wasteful society that’s doing very little about it. https://www.jpost.com/health-science/covid-90-percent-of-patients-treated-with-new-israeli-drug-discharged-in-5-days-675961?fbclid=IwAR3TYL-ektsjSC3X2nQuREOvP9ZZ4eYo7kIiich9BCyrYXBu_PiPdio9OmQ https://forbetterscience.com/2021/02/08/operation-cytokine-storm/
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    Vaxx gang represent. Disapointed im not magnetic or a 5G signal amplifier. Mental health epidemic is concerning me more but....
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    Don't even know who that is, but I'm assuming he is a TV person? Dude I don't own a TV, and haven't for almost 20 years for a reason. It would be great if peeps could just put their 5 cents in here without triggering others to 'defend' their position on it all. No-one here is wishing any ill will to anyone else, and I really value getting as many perspectives as I can on any given topic, let alone one that has led to massive increases in our goverment's desire to take away what used to be quite basic rights, regardless of their supposed or professed motives. Share on I say, but don't crack the shits when someone expresses a view opposed to yours. Please.
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    I can't wait to get a jab. Any of them. Personally I consider myself a logical person and read everything I can in the subject at hand. I compare the hazard x likelihood of occurrence of taking the vaccine vs the same in remaining unvaccinated. It really is a no-brainer. I'm not pro-big-pharma. I don't like their immunity to consequences. I don't think they act in the best interest of public health. I do believe their motivations are purely monetary. I do think these vaccines were rushed and I do think there's propaganda on pro-vaccine as well as anti-vac sides of the argument. But the maths still checks out and that's the bottom line.
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    hi! i thought of this for many years, but only post now, about it... i am getting old, and would like to pass on knowledge, at my home. with this post, i invite sab mebers to vistit me at my home, and we can have a good time and exchange knowledge! reply to this post, if you interrested, but use the pm to contact me or work out details. WHEN: time will tell. WHERE: close to rocky. HOW: maybe best to be in a smallish group, you could camp in my big garden. maybe even roll a swag, in my house. if you fly in, i can pick you up at the airport in rocky. LET'S HAVE A GOOD TIME!
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    Aw crew... Jess and I just watched this for the first time, which neither of us would normally ever do, but it was a lab day here and we wanted to see how it all went from the viewer's perspective It was super fun and not a bit nerve wrenching to be a part of it, we had so much ground to cover, and the EGA crew is always great to work with, so professional and inclusive and bloody thorough as well But even from the other side of the screen I was proud to be a part of that webcast. It was a pleasure meeting the panellists I hadn't met before the event, hell there are some seriously talented and experienced people in the scene these days, the panel are just a representative group put together for the evening. I reckon the vid showed Australian mushroom science, and Psilocybe science in particular, as a complex topic worthy of real consideration from multiple perspectives- social, cultural, environmental, clinical, academic and legal I cant thank you guys enough, EGA are really showcasing the maturity of the Australian psychedelic scene in a balanced way that's accessible for everyone- whether they're trippers or not. Whether they're rich or not. Whether they're listed on the stock exchange or not... oh fuck sorry I just went off on a tangent lol Thanks to Nick and Lee and Liam who really went above and beyond behind the scenes and who also make scientific contributions in their own right ( which I'd love to hear more about ) And thanks to Torsten for frantic last minute tarzanning around at his place so the NNSW interwebs would behave after the satellite connection shat itself about 30 min before we started. That was some serious Chuck Norris work right there and fuck it was cold outside Also the comments were brilliant. I too would snort Freud's ashes, but only if I could confirm by sequencing that they were, in fact, Freud's ashes and we had decent chain of custody documentation for them so no ash substitution was possible before they reached my nasal cavities. If you're thinking of taking part in an EGA presentation or submitting some work for distribution via EntheoTV, yeah, I would definitely do that. Go for it. The EGA team is gold
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    @Halcyon Daze Well said mate! @Mycot viruses aren't intelligent, so vaccines can't increase variants, more potent or otherwise. Variants arise from mutations which are entirely random events. If there were only ten cases of covid in the world a more contagious or virulent mutation could occur, same as if there are millions of cases a more contagious or virulent variant could occur. Obviously the more cases there are, the higher the probability, purely by more numbers mean opportunity for a mutation to occur. Viruses don't react to counter the effect of vaccines, it's all a random occurance. And additionally, many mutations can have no effect on contagiousness or virulence, and can also reduce it. Every single day there are thousands of mutations occuring in the cells of your body, but the vast majority are silent and have no effect at all. That's just the nature of life, but fortunately there is a lot of redundancy in genetics, and many mutations often result in identical proteins being produced despite the mutation. There's 64 codons (eg TTA, CGC, CAC etc) coding for 20 amino acids. Some amino acids have 4 different codons all resulting in the same thing. So a mutation in one of those letters can still result in the same amino acid, and hence the same protein. And even if it does result in a different protein, they are often ineffective and result in no change to normal function. It's one of the beautiful things about life. There are so many redundancies in all organisms that all sorts of things can go wrong but still have absolutely no effect. If anything, if vaccines even slightly reduce transmission, then purely by lower case numbers alone the statistical chance of mutations occuring is reduced. Mutations are probablistic, so hypothetically if there's a 1% mutation rate and 100 cases then you might get 1 mutation that may well be less or more infectious, but if you have 1 million cases, you might have 10 000 mutations, most of which might be insignificant, but by probability alone, there's a much greater chance that at least one of those might be a worse strain. So it's all probabilities, viruses aren't intelligent and don't mutate due to someone getting vaccinated, taking some form of treatment or anything else along those lines. BTW l must admit I can't handle watching even 30 seconds of Joe Rogan, let alone the whole video, so I've no idea what he was saying, I'm just going on your sentence above the YouTube link and HDs reply. So I hope I didn't just type a whole lot of irrelevant and incoherent ramblings haha Anyway, all the best Mycot, were all allowed to have opinions and it makes for a good conversation to have differing ones expressed here
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    Yeah, nothing to do with 'open for people to connect' -- https won't impede that. It's legit 3 lines to add in to the virtual hosts file. (Assuming apache webserver) or 3 lines in a .htaccess file in the root dir. TBH as well , not sure why the yearly server costs are so extraordinarily high ~$3k!? I'm certain there's ways to achieve what's currently being hosted much cheaper. ) Happy to offer for free my time and knowledge to assist in getting this all set up more efficiently and securely if you'd take me up on it @Torsten?
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    Sorry to hear you're struggling bro, My one and only local ethno-bro just left town recently and that's been a major bummer. I love going to meets though, even if it's a bit of a drive to get to them. I do have a few local gardening friends that make life a lot more enjoyable. As for covid, I genuinely felt a lot better once I was fully vaccinated, like I was part of the solution rather than the problem etc. so I would encourage anyone to get vaccinated. It's funny how previously people believed in vaccinations enough to literally wipe some things off the face of the planet, but now with all this social media power in the hands of the reclessly mis-informed, we're seeing (for the first time) vaccination rates dropping so low in some areas that a virus is wreaking havoc. My only humble but genuine advice is to steer clear of the anti-vax hysteria going around and just stick with the science. Our medical science is the best it's ever been in the history of humanity and there is no grand conspiracy to inject us all with microchips or take away our liberties, or whatever the latest BS is. Murdoch's business model is literally to divide and conquer. He's not interested in journalism, he's a power-broker and that's it. So yeah I agree we need to unite and look out for eachother. My personal approach has been to take a stand against misinformation and advocate for the science as much as possible, and I do get a sense of satisfaction in seeing my friends and family staying safe and all of us getting safely through all this.
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    I have some very chunky cuts of Tricho. Cordobensis 'Lance' that I recently pruned (what a tricky procedure that was). All about 30cm (and nearly half as wide ). $30 each plus postage. Cuts are a good 3 to 4kg so be warned. Shipment is via post or express post and calculated separately at cost. Please PM me if interested.
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    With all due respect, opinion pieces like “Anti-vaxxer nurse dies of covid” hold relatively equal value to opinion pieces titled “Women dies from blood clot shortly after being vaccinated”. Its cherry-picking specific data points that support your team. The Left and the Right have wasted enough of our time, its time to bring forth a new political paradigm, the scientific revolution. When we decided to elect officials with science backgrounds rather than commerce backgrounds things will change. Until then we are stuck in a cycle of repetition where the wealthy elites continue to reap the benefits of having commerce leaders controlling policy development in their favour. Time for Change
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    I'm not clued up at on all this, other than booking in for my first Pfizer next week, but isn't one of the main reasonings behind vaccines to also reduce the number of infected people needing any form of clinical treatment, so as not to overload the health system? So assuming I'm reading changes post right, using ivermectin to treat severe disease, in lieu of vaccines which would, all going well, reduce the number of severe cases, be still putting a lot of unnecessary pressure on the health system simply by having more severe cases in hospital??? With our public health system so overwhelmed already in the pre pandemic world, anything that limits extra patient numbers, like hopefully vaccines will, surely has to be a good thing right? There's a shitload more severe diseases to manage than just extra respiratory ones. Does that make any sense? I don't know. But I will finish with its nice to see how civil these recent covid threads have been rather than the previous shit shows. Everyone has a right to choose and it's nice to see that being largely respected this time
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    Hi good SAB folks We’re seeking donations of bulk (500+), identified seed to distribute amongst the EGA and ethnobotanical community as part of an upcoming project. We will happily accept new and older seeds, provided germination rates are 50% or better. No seed will be resold, it will be passed on to the community via an up and coming gifting project. Please send donations to: Entheogenesis Australis PO Box 2046 Belgrave, Victoria, Australia 3160 If you’d like to receive a thank you and be listed as a donor for the project, please provide these details in the mail along with your donation. This is the same address as the EGA raffle, so if you were thinking of donating to both please feel free to post the donations together. If you have some special seed in a smaller quantity that you would like to donate, or if you would like to donate but would first like some more information, please send me a private message or get in touch via [email protected] While we are happy to give donors more information, this project is not yet public knowledge and giving away the secret will ruin the surprise. Contact us to know more! We can take donations for this project up till around mid-November, please consider supporting this fun seed project. Kind regards Ronny and the EGA team www.entheogenesis.org www.gardenstates.org
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    These are the seeds I sell and post out. The ziplock bags are small "snack" size, but you can use any size really. Open a bag, spray water in 1 or 2 times. Mostly seal the bag but leave a small opening in the middle. Pinch either side of the 10mm opening and push together slightly to make an opening. Blow the bag up using your mouth then seal it. Give it a good shake to spread the seeds and water around. If the bag deflates just blow it up again, it usually lasts the 2 weeks though. Then put in a dark place at room temp. I did this on 20 August 2021. The rest of the pics were taken 2 September 2021. As you can see germination rate is still good, around 80%. These were harvested December 2020 and kept in a cool, dry, dark place. If you want to buy any seed it's 23 bucks for 150x seeds, all in one bag from tree number 4 which is Vienna White/Pink (running low on others), including tracked postage. Message me here or [email protected]
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    Systematic literature review of the therapeutic value, benefits and risks of MDMA and psilocybin for the treatment of mental health conditions 5 August 2021 The Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) Scheduling Delegate (decision maker) has deferred the final decision on applications to down-schedule MDMA and psilocybin from schedule 9 (prohibited drug) to schedule 8 (controlled drug) pending a review into the therapeutic value, risks and benefits to public health outcomes for these substances. The Independent Expert Panel to undertake this review has now been established. Terms of Reference The Independent Expert Panel has been established to undertake a systematic literature review of the roles of MDMA and psilocybin for the treatment of mental health conditions. The Review will report findings on the current state of the evidence of therapeutic value, benefits and risks of MDMA and psilocybin for the treatment of mental health conditions, including the size of effect, the quality of evidence and the applicability of the evidence to real-world use in Australia, currently and into the future. The Review excludes pre-clinical trials (i.e. experimental pharmacology studies in test tube or animal models). The Panel is not a decision making or approval body, and their role is to provide a publicly available report which will be considered by the delegate and the Advisory Committee for Medicines Scheduling. Panel Members Professor Mark Connor Professor Mark Connor is a molecular pharmacologist with expertise in analgesics and psychoactive drugs, particularly cannabinoids and opioids, with extensive research experience in the USA, UK, and Australia. Currently, his work focuses on the pharmacology of synthetic cannabinoids and the molecular effects of phytocannabinoids. Professor Connor holds a Bachelor of Science (Hons) and PhD in Pharmacology. He is currently the Associate Dean, Higher Degree Research, Department of Biomedical Sciences, Macquarie University. Professor Steve Kisely Professor Steve Kisely is a psychiatrist and public health physician with health services research experience in the UK, Australia, and Canada. He obtained fellowship of the relevant Colleges in the UK, Australasia and Canada, as well as of the Australasian Chapter of Addiction Medicine. He is also an accredited member of the faculties of adult psychiatry, addiction (FAP) and consultation psychiatry (FCLP) of the Royal Australian & New Zealand College of Psychiatrists. Professor Kisely holds a Doctor of Medicine (Research Doctor of Philosophy and Doctor of Medicine. Professor Kisely is currently Professor of Psychiatry, School of Medicine, The University of Queensland. Professor Andrew Somogyi Professor Andrew Somogyi Professor Somogyi is Professor in Clinical and Experimental Pharmacology. He is a practicing pharmacist and has a research program centred on elucidating the mechanisms and factors contributing to altered human drug response in pain therapeutics, infectious diseases, depression, and transplantation through pharmacokinetic, metabolism, pharmacodynamic and pharmacogenomic studies. He is a member of the Editorial Advisory Committee and Company Director of the Australian Medicines Handbook. Professor Somogyi holds a Certificate of Pharmacy, Diploma of Hospital Pharmacy, Master of Science, and a PhD (Clinical Pharmacology). Professor Somogyi is currently a Professor of Pharmacology, Adelaide Medical School, Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences, The University of Adelaide. Timing The Panel's Report will be published on the TGA website on 30 September 2021 ahead of consideration by the Advisory Committee on Medicines Scheduling. Contact details For enquiries regarding the Review or to contact the Panel please email [email protected] https://www.tga.gov.au/independent-expert-panel-mdma-and-psilocybin
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    Nice attempt at Trojan Horsing your anti vaxx bullshit into a completely unrelated thread. Contribute something worthwhile and vaguely on-topic or do us all a favour and just don't post anything at all.
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    Hey Change - you know how much I love you mate but I think you might be oversimplifying things a bit here. I don't think HD and I are so much discussing the politics of the situation. Rather, we are against the blatant misinformation being bandied about - it's downright dangerous. There are still way too many people thinking the vaccines are injecting Bill Gates' microchips - I shit you not - old(er) people that should know better. They have totally discarded logical thought (like why do we need two shots? was the microchips missing components in the first shot? doh) and jump on any human mistake (like mask wearing or slips of the tongue) as proof that its all a scam. Others think its 5G. FFS. HD and I just want to dispel these myths and encourage vaccination - it will save lives and get us back to (the new) normal quicker. And Zedo - it's super tough out there at the moment. You are not alone - my single mates are all suffering big time - I do what I can to help but its not enough. Try and hang in there and, when its possible, get along to one of the SAB meets in your area. The people on this forum are uniquely special. Post more here - pics and random thoughts. Try and stay busy. It is a shitty time there is no doubt but I have seen this pandemic bring out the best in people (and sadly, the worst as well).
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    Morning Gentlemen https://www.nature.com/articles/d41586-021-02039-y https://www.nature.com/articles/d41586-021-01827-w A computer simulation of the structure of the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2.Credit: Janet Iwasa, University of Utah Source: Structural image from Lorenzo Casalino, Univ. California, San Diego (Ref. 1); Graphic: Nik Spencer/Nature An animation of the way SARS-CoV-2 fuses with cells.Credit: Janet Iwasa, University of Utah Fused cell structures (syncytia) seen in cells expressing the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein (green). Nuclei are in blue and the cell skeleton is in red.Credit: Mauro Giacca
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    fellow sab astronomer's! a nice total lunar eclipse will take place tonight, from most parts of eastern oz! don't miss it. some people lunar light can heal cancer, well tonight, it will be earth light illuminating our moon, and reflecting it back to us on earth. Eclipses visible in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia - 26 May 2021 Lunar Eclipse (timeanddate.com)