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    scutellaria seeds seeked

    looking for skullcap seeds. i have seen plants at times at the nurseries....
  2. i worked a lot with sceletium, and darcy sold kanna powder to snort, for a while after, i introduced him to this. one has to always think of how you admister the substance, and how to prepare it. i am one of those people who doesn't like ssri's, however once i had a very euphoric eperience, after smoking close to pure kanna extract. it's undersupplied on the market so money can be made. the internet is full of stories, of people giving up zoloft for kanna....
  3. withdrawl clinic

    Kiwiberry - Actinidia arguta (?)

    ive seen it growing in a park in brighton uk. i think, to remeber it originates from close to the artic circle... very small fruits, and high chilling requirement. btw, i have grown many kiwi fruts from seed, even many yellow ones. that's cool because they are not yet traded in the nursery trade. bummer they die after a while at my place, because of too much heat.
  4. withdrawl clinic

    Wanted: Kava plants

    i might add what little i know.... the kava plant we grew in oz, was a black awa from hawai, said to be the strongest kava strain arround. there are many posts about this plant and who got it legaly nthrue customs, here at sab. the person who introduced the black awa, is easy to find with a internet search, he is doing brugmansias now somewhere around cairns. try brugmansia australia. hey, kadakuda i struggle to germinate betel nut seeds, i think i need to scarifie them. can you help, with insights? sorry for the side track
  5. withdrawl clinic

    sbs and the nazis eugenics

    i get pissed off by sbs, programing sometimes two shows a day, how the nazis were monsters. most docus regarding the 2 ww are not only biased (winner tells the history) but outright done by people who are in denial (JUST THE SAME AS HOLOCAUST DENIERS). the presenters hold no qualifications, and because of the topic of the subject, no body is likely to stand up and critizise them for making up stories. story1, the most popular untrue story. hitler did'nt shake jesse owens hand because he was black. truth is, hitler did only shake hands with athlets who won gold for the 3 reich. nazis were not racist like the american, they had many black people in the armies, and belived that the australien first nations people are the leader race of the black people. story2, america is portrayed as, having saved many jews, like einstein went to america. america closed it's border to jews and asians and slaws and sint, and and. story3, they killed and experimeted with humans, the nazi the moster, thats all the say, and it's true they were monsters, but those sbs docus, never tell you who educated them, to those crimes. if a person preaches a dogma, which suggests to harm people, those people are as well responsible for the harm that is the result of there teachings. the people who educated the nazi monsters, to kill the feable minded, and people who they thought were not racialy pure, are in fact brits and amarican. they are darwinians, and created the idee of EUGENICS. GALTON, darwins cousin, invented eugenics, and as such holds partly responsibilety for the holocaust and the killing of sinti, roma, wittness of jehova, homosexualls, epileptics, and many gene transmited disease. there is footage of roosevelt, saying he envies germanies laws. now, i am against eugenics, and i was allways against the nazis, but i hate it if, the history gets told wrongly. i will writte more about this, but have run out of time for now. america, has sterilzed black people with out ther knowledge, till quite recent. the methode was the same as done by the nazies, produce some paper work and sterilize.... rape victims, were processed by saying they were promiscuos and feable minded and for the good of the country, need to made sure to not have offspring .
  6. withdrawl clinic

    poppy seeds

    i'm looking for poppy seeds! only well stored seeds, which are viable, thank you very much.
  7. withdrawl clinic

    Wanted: Kava plants

    they are very difficult to grow, they need to "see the sea" and frost free tropical climat...
  8. withdrawl clinic

    sbs and the nazis eugenics

    i respect your view, but strongly disagree. i think there are two problems, with darwins view, "survival of the fittest". 1, i don't think that it is fact. even blind and injuried animals often survive. less aggressive males get a chance as well to pass on there genes, the observers just don't report this, as it doesn't go hand in hand with the mantra, "survival of the fittest". the most aggressive animal is as with humans mostly, not the smartest. being smart and kind and supportive, are as well in the animal kingdom, far more important traits than sure "strengh". 2, and yes, this view alone was an excuse by the 3 reich to kill inocent people. and it's not that one nation contains statisticly more aggressive people than an other. america under rosevelt, wanted to have the same laws as nazi germany, it's just they could not get the law changes done, as they were not totalitarian. the way how sbs and other media portrays the 3 reich, is wrong. they portray the nazi as a monster, and never mention, that the reason for this monsters action was eugenics. darwin was seen in his contampary time, the same as hippies were seen in the 60's, "a lazy no good person that only travels", but his cousin galton was praised, and he is the person that created the ideas that led to the holocaust. anyway darwin plecherised most of his ideas. sorry for my dyslexia...
  9. withdrawl clinic

    sbs and the nazis eugenics

    let's not forget, that this all started with plants, peas which gregor mendel a man of the cloth, cultivated in his church garden. https://www.nature.com/scitable/topicpage/gregor-mendel-and-the-principles-of-inheritance-593/ now, the theory behind eugenics, did lead to a slippery slope, which the 3 reich promoted to extreem proportions. if people are kept in concentration camps and starved of food, and laboured to death, everybody becomes, a sub human, and as such, can be erraticated. i have bred plants, but i think this topic needs to be, revisited as it contains a lot of flawed thinking. i don't like david attenborough any more, as he always promoted darwin, and the view, the most aggressive male get's all the girls. i wonder how many violent man, get encouraged by this view! there is even a big problem with seeds that have been breed to perfection, they don't reproduce true to type. a fact which is a problem in developing nations, and gives all the power and financial gain to the seed companies and not the farmer. i know from the plants that "nurture" is a very big factor, as even hybreeds such a nexus, don't grow well unless fully nurtured. i would say that there is an argument, to say stabilised seeds are, superior because they adjust better to a varied enviroment.
  10. my gp doesn't even know extasy and mdma are the same....
  11. withdrawl clinic

    Psychotria Nexus

    why don't you go to the web store of the person, who created this hybreed. it's called herbalistics, but be warned he, renames many plants, so to create new excitement, and so that the people who sourced those plants originaly, don't get any recognition.
  12. he was very knowledgable, a great trader, and one of the most supportive members for the site. you will be missed greatly.
  13. withdrawl clinic


    a while ago, i replied to a beeziness thread, on the lines, " i don't like bees, they lead to the dying out of many native insects". the pollen and nectar in my garden is for native bees and insects, not for imported! how dare your bees steal my pollen, which is to save rare native insects. the byron bat council, followed this idea and mad european honey bees illegal. a good move, i think, but political suizide, as they had so many complaints, they had to abonde the law afte a short time. which tells you, what would be the "RIGHT THING TO DO" can't be achived, becuse of the ignorance and feable mindedness of the people. thats when a dictator ship would come handy, haha. dyslexia, sorry.
  14. withdrawl clinic

    sbs and the nazis eugenics

    the us and the holocaust, is a start into the right direction, however it is still very biased. most eugenics topics are cencored by the australian state, they don't want you do know the truth. same as footage of rosevelt, endorsing hitlers eugenics. thats when the russian media, becomes the only source of footage and documents. if you think you are free to know, and do research regarding eugenics or the wars, in australia or say america, you are mistaken. they block this information, and as such are on the same level as china or north korea. people with a browser, which pretends to be at an other country, might be able to view some of those (youtube) clips. i guess, nobody could watch, the link i gave in my opening post...... i managed to watch a lot of this "banned by the oz goverment stuff", but don't want anybody of the goverment to know, how one can still watch it.
  15. withdrawl clinic

    Catha Edulis (Khat, Qat) Seed Germination Tips Tutorial

    i was told it can as well, be reduced to a more potent form, the same way as (psuedo)ephedrin.
  16. withdrawl clinic

    sbs and the nazis eugenics

    sbs in general, and the change happend apruptly... years ago, sbs had the 7.30 time slot, reserved for good docus, but than it changed to: instead of high grade docus (docus with real footage of artefacts) - semi sientific docus, produced with a style like aim and shoot pc games (computer animated pyramids and so on) i dislike docus which show 70% of the time, the "presenter" 20% animation, and only 10% the buildings or artefacts. often , if the presenter visits the artefact, it's hardly shown in good focus, but the presenter fills most of the screen, talking for minutes, and than the artefact is only shown for seconds. sbs, promotes with this, hate against germans. they show movies about holocaust deniers, and the next film, is ABOUT THE TOWER OF LONDON, AND HENRY THE 8, and it portrays those in a very good light. the tower of london, was a concentration camp, many innocent people lost ther lives there. victoria was the biggest drug dealer in history, the chinese say'd we don't want your opium, it cause suffering and death, to our people, so the brits went to war with them, with superior weapons, so the could force opium onto them. but sbs glorifies those people who comited those mass murders. let's make a thought experiment, let's kill hitler, maybe somebody else would have followed the ideas of eugenics, even in another country? you would have to go back and kill galton and darwin, but maybe the vacum would have produced a worse case scenario. like killing sadam hussain and gadafi, and you get islamic state instead. even darwinism, is very problamatic how it's portrayed, i hate it when david attenborough say's, THE MOST AGGRESSIVE MALE, GETS ALL THE FEMALES. this statement, all most a line in every nature movie, is wrong and needs to be re addressed. i wonder, how much LESS VIOLENCE WOULD BE ON THE PLANET, if this statement would not be advertised so often. the most agressive wins, this sentence, is for me a leftover from the core of EUGENICS AND DARWINISM. AND PEOPLE WHO LIKE SAYING IT ARE A BIT LIKE NAZIS!!
  17. withdrawl clinic


    not falling asleep after stopping cannabis, is well known, i can take months for your body to re adjust, maybe it will continue to be an issue for life. nice article, learned! most gp think, if you stop a drug, the complications they caused will go away right away, but that is not so, at least not for me. i can't even tell my doc how delusioned he is, as he would get offended.
  18. withdrawl clinic

    Catha Edulis (Khat, Qat) Seed Germination Tips Tutorial

    and did you see the snail, "legging"it with increased speed, after she had the qat chew? but seriously, maybe the stimulant in the qat, is an anti feeding agent, produced by the plant. animal consumes qat> get's stimulated> moves further than usual>inebriated>can't find the spot where qat grew again> plant survives i know very little sience, regarding why plants contain activas which can heal, or have other benefits to animals and humans. my mate told me, he grew a crop of radishes, now over the hot summer. he said, "the seeds germinated much faster" than in spring/winter. the radishes were so hot, he could not eat them. this made me think, and come up with this theorem. cold weather> seed germs slow>doesn't worry about snail attack as seedling(no snails around yet)>radish only a little spicy, as pretador nummers still low. hot weather> fast germination (seed knows warm weather means lots of pretadors around already, beeing fast reduces risks))>radish too "spicy" to eat for humans and cattapillars and co.
  19. withdrawl clinic


    that one, doesn't remember dreams, when smoking cannabis, is well documented, and people suffering from ptsd, like this side effect. when one stops smoking hemp, the dreams are getting very vivid for a while. those very vivid dreams can be a motivation to halter, frequent cannabis usage. my understanding is, that you still experience rem sleep and dreams, but loose the abilety to remember them. tobaco, is a very dream enhancing herb, but i knew heavy smokers, of both and they never remembered there dreams.
  20. withdrawl clinic

    Catha Edulis (Khat, Qat) Seed Germination Tips Tutorial

    thats very interressting, and a new development. about how long this seed (or any seed in general) might stay viable: rule of thumb, the smaller the seed, the faster they loose viabilety. allways store seeds in the fridge, catha seeds in the butter compartment stay viable for 3 years and more.
  21. withdrawl clinic

    Catha Edulis (Khat, Qat) Seed Germination Tips Tutorial

    the ziplock methode, is very good for lots of different seeds. i would only use it though if i doubt the viabilety of the seeds, and or want to have a very low labour input approach. in other words, you only add a bit of water to the coin bag the seeds arrived in and done! if something germinates, you place the small seedling into some potting mix later on. this methode, saves a lot of work, and only seeds that germinated get processed.... but it has disadvantages as well, damping off issues could get worsend, and moving and planting a tiny embryo, is at time risky buisiness. if the seeds are located without polarisation (planting a seed the right way up) and if the bags oriantation is changed, the emerging root will spiral or tangle itselfe up, which is far from ideal. if you know the seed will germinate, than planting out into seed raising mixture (searls) into small individual pots is the best. like this the seedling never gets disturbed, untill it's bigger, when it gets repotted. polarisation: every seed has a spot where the root comes out of the seed coat, if that spot faces upwards the root has to bend itselfe downwards to go deeper into the soil. the root knows where "straight down" is but if you inspect the ziplock bag, and put it down, in a different orientation the seeds root get curled up. as well this happens because if you lay down a zip lock bag, ther is no space for the root to go down into. always place the zip lock bags upright, against some support, and make sure the seeds dont move inside the bag.
  22. withdrawl clinic

    Origins of changa/inhaled xhuasca

    hi, yeti it was not around 99, but the question was when it was invented. changa was probably manufactured in south america, 1000's of years ago, by accident, everytime, a ceramic pots content (when making aya), simmered down to a resin (by forgetting to take it of the heat). and than when, cleaning the vessel, the residue of the latter was chucked onto charcoal.
  23. withdrawl clinic

    Psychotria leaf propagation

    they all probagate, easy. they are all called viridis, apart the nexus, which is a cross between chart and viridis, but it's very weak, compared to viridis. what probably happend, was that your leaf that got brown, was much longer on the plant than, the others you used. even fallen leaves can be producing, healthy clones, but it's not recomanded, use the biggest, thickerst, and most healthy looking leaves for probagation. the ziplock bag medhode, is not recomanded, because of two reasons. 1, it increases the chance of rotting. 2, unless you, polarise the leave, correctly, and lean the ziplock bag upright, onto something (most people don't do so, big mistake) the roots will not be able to go downwards, and grow straight, but curl up. which is not good. 3, you have to handle a very young plant, to place it into a small pot. planting the leaves into individual small pots, avoids replanting small fragile plants. did you sterilise the leaves before, probagation? hormone powder, is not needed, but used by most people. did you cut the leaves, or crinkle them, or leave them as they, were when you picked them? the usefullness of the methode of "wounding a cutting" seems to work well with psychotrias.
  24. withdrawl clinic

    GARDEN STATES - Ethnobotanical Conference - Dec 2-4 2022

    will you upload some videos, so we all can learn and have a great time?