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  1. PsillyBean

    Soime tunes I created

    I love distortion, so yes , very intentional Ive used the Izotope plugin but it can overdo things sometimes. What gear do you use? I have an Tube Engl amp but rarely fire it up these days. What where you upto in the studio, you a muso?
  2. PsillyBean

    Soime tunes I created

    Thanks, I used a free program called GIMP to create the art work, you have possibly heard of it, it's like Photoshop. I use an Apollo twin with an sm7b into Flstudio with some Mackie monitors.
  3. PsillyBean

    Soime tunes I created

    Now with a link that may work https://youtu.be/JOgY3SXKmmI
  4. Hey, long time lurker here, wanting to share some tunes. Would love to create for film or games but I have zero training so pls be kind : ) Generally a relaxed feel with some moodyness and energy near the end. Thanks https://open.spotify.com/artist/3EK18ibUoZw5Wd4zK5EFFk?si=g-bFfpdZQfmUm4bS5Kx7wQ
  5. Its been a while between visits. Have had the last couple of days off and thought i would share a couple of tracks my brain coughed up. I hope you enjoy.
  6. PsillyBean

    Youtube vids

  7. PsillyBean

    Define God

    For me the first hurdle with the question is the word itself. God suggests definition of something that in my mind is indefinable and the attempt is an insult. It also has this sour taste with its relation to religion, which for me is the furthest thing from god. The closest thing I can relate the feeling of god to is the trip you have that you then try to describe to someone, its just never going to translate. Maybe god is a feeling?
  8. I hope you enjoy https://soundcloud.com/a-sound-escapes Thanks Dan
  9. Hello, Thought I would share an ethnic tribal inspired track i made a while back. Hope some of you enjoy it. Feedback is welcome Thanks Dan https://soundcloud.com/a-sound-escapes/hands-in-the-dirt
  10. Hi all, After hearing the original recording from the comet, I decided it would be fun to make a soudscape imagining what the comet may be going through or thinking. I only used the original track and just played around with it a little. Hope you enjoy https://soundcloud.com/a-sound-escapes/rosetta-mind-purely-comet-sounds the original track is super cool, the recording was not in a spectrum that we can hear so they just shifted it all into the audible range. https://soundcloud.com/esaops/a-singing-comet Thanks
  11. If you are after a Govt job in Hort, go the Certificate.
  12. PsillyBean

    Norma logs for sale (Perth) Photo's now up *

    You have my interest. Now to investigate what it is
  13. PsillyBean

    Australian terror raids

    Why do you assume there must have been some shred of evidence? Considering you said yourself that presumption of innocence is now gone, wouldn't it also be fair to assume that other adjustments to a persons rights or representations have occurred? Just sayin