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  1. Its been a while between visits. Have had the last couple of days off and thought i would share a couple of tracks my brain coughed up. I hope you enjoy.
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    Youtube vids

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    Define God

    For me the first hurdle with the question is the word itself. God suggests definition of something that in my mind is indefinable and the attempt is an insult. It also has this sour taste with its relation to religion, which for me is the furthest thing from god. The closest thing I can relate the feeling of god to is the trip you have that you then try to describe to someone, its just never going to translate. Maybe god is a feeling?
  4. I hope you enjoy https://soundcloud.com/a-sound-escapes Thanks Dan
  5. Hello, Thought I would share an ethnic tribal inspired track i made a while back. Hope some of you enjoy it. Feedback is welcome Thanks Dan https://soundcloud.com/a-sound-escapes/hands-in-the-dirt
  6. Hi all, After hearing the original recording from the comet, I decided it would be fun to make a soudscape imagining what the comet may be going through or thinking. I only used the original track and just played around with it a little. Hope you enjoy https://soundcloud.com/a-sound-escapes/rosetta-mind-purely-comet-sounds the original track is super cool, the recording was not in a spectrum that we can hear so they just shifted it all into the audible range. https://soundcloud.com/esaops/a-singing-comet Thanks
  7. If you are after a Govt job in Hort, go the Certificate.
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    Norma logs for sale (Perth) Photo's now up *

    You have my interest. Now to investigate what it is
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    Australian terror raids

    Why do you assume there must have been some shred of evidence? Considering you said yourself that presumption of innocence is now gone, wouldn't it also be fair to assume that other adjustments to a persons rights or representations have occurred? Just sayin
  10. Firstly. I think giving to good causes is great and should be encouraged, however.. has this whole ice bucket challenge business turned being charitable into a sneaky way of taking selfies/giving yourself a so called "five seconds of fame" I dunno, something just doesn't seem right about it all. What do you all think? Probably just turning into a grumpy bastard.
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    Ice bucket challenges

    perspective dionysus, you have it.. a dislike for the ego driven clouded me from the positives this campaign may bring. but my focus on the negative revives the thought that this style of informing will become a side show competition for other illness. Maybe that's not a bad thing?! Maybe instead of x-factor being about becoming famous its turns to promoting a cause of your choosing if you win? Stuffed if i know any more.
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    Tasmania- right to protest under threat

    is it just me or do others feel like things are getting out of hand, seem to hear about freedoms being attacked on a regular basis of late. Is it ramping up?
  13. So would a true reality be without perspective? Would it be the experience of everything all at once? Sounds like you would have to be part of everything to truly experience reality. I hope in death this is something I get to experience.
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    My collection

    After all this time drooling over others forum collections, i thought i should show mine. Some grow from seed but most from cuttings.
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    How do you feel about advertising?

    I'm a veteran lurker but feel very strongly about this community, so here goes. Warning....i will sound like an asshole, but the fecal matter comes from a good place Its clear that the site is loved and from the response everyone just wants to protect it. That is a pretty strong feeling to have towards an online community. Has anyone thought about how they would define the site? What they love most about it? What creates the value in this community, is it the community itself? So does this mean a forum for like minded people is created by Torsten \o/, the forum fills with ideas and knowledge etc and all of a sudden we have an amazing place that others can then open the pages to and extract what they need. The value is created by the members itself? How would it be possible to reward the community that is generating the value while still drawing operating costs for the space? I only ask the question as I think it is relevant to how funds are drawn from it while protecting what is loved most. Considering how driven, intelligent and imaginative forum members are, surely an option can be implemented that only makes the site stronger, as I only see advertising as a poke in the eye to the community generating the forums value.. So far its advertising and membership fees...is it possible to remove ads for logged in members and would this alone give enough cash flow? Could a donation/goodwill system be put in place as a percentage amount of all sales? From the current options I would opt for the lifetime fee, with a bumper sticker..
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    Nothing is fun anymore :(

    Hey BT, I empathise with you and hope you don't mind me referring my own situation which by the sounds of it is very similar. I have found the usual of changing my diet, exercising and periodically staying away from my biggest abuses/desires/habits has really helped ( much like riggers example). The key word that's helping most though, is balance, and I am not referring purely to substance use. Everything! Instead of meditation ( which is great but I find little time for) I have moved to breathe holding and controlled breathing which is easy to use most of the time......I know this sounds strange but it has really helped and Is like meditation in many ways. Found the idea from watching a few of this guys you tube interviews. http://www.breatheology.com/ Fun! I hope you make it happen again soon.
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    Post your track of the day

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    Giveaway: scop x pach seeds

    Arrived today. Cheers
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    Hey singult, sorry to kiybosh your thread but i am selfish Does anyone have experience growing Drosera? Doing a grow trial at work and I know there are some Sages on this forum. The only ones to sprout so far are some indica. Cheers
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    Acacia nilotica seed

    This is a long shot, but fingers crossed I went to the Graham Hancock lecture the other day and he mentioned the Acacia nilotica as being the possible tree of life depicted in egyptian hieroglyphs and i think from memory the flaming tree that Moses had a bit of a yoddle with https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vachellia_nilotica Has anyone come across seed for it as I would love to add it to the collection. Cheers
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    Giveaway: scop x pach seeds

    Sounds great, i would love a pack :D Thanks
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    Trichocereus seed giveaway

    Hey interbeing, would love some :D