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  1. Conv3rgence

    Disturbing films: name some and why you list them

    "Enter the Void" Must-see for anyone interested in psychedelics, spirituality and the nature of existence.
  2. Conv3rgence

    painted mountain corn giveaway

    If these are still available, if be definitely keen. Cheers mate
  3. Conv3rgence

    west aussie's trade and sell thread

    Well I just took 3 cuttings today and set them up in a humidity chamber. I haven't done this before so I don't know how long it will take until they are established, or if it will work. I've followed the kada method in perlite so hopefully I have success. I'll let you know when somethings ready for trade.
  4. Conv3rgence

    Lesser known ethnobotanicals?

    I've got a decently sized Sinicuichi plant but I'm still unconvinced of its ethnobotanical value. Each prune I've given has yielded no results. Still a nice looking little tree that is pretty undemanding to care for with loads of yellow flowers.
  5. Conv3rgence

    west aussie's trade and sell thread

    Probably will be able to by next season...
  6. Conv3rgence

    west aussie's trade and sell thread

    Nice 1 Ambient. Do you have a photo of the mother plant or any info on it? These look similar to a Peru that I already have but I'd like to see the tips and new growth for comparison. Cheers
  7. Conv3rgence

    Cacti Sale - This Sunday Seven Hills Syd

    If your lucky enough to live nearby I recommend you jump at this opportunity. Top grower.
  8. Conv3rgence

    Alicia anisopetala working thread and seed giveaway

    Mine are still recovering from this bitterly long winter. The runt has lost all his leaves, I hope he comes back.
  9. Conv3rgence

    Show off ya succies

    Regarding suppliers... Making friends with the old folks from your local cactus and succulent society, and attending their sale events. Usually cheaper than eBay
  10. Conv3rgence

    Show off ya succies

    Some more photos from yesterday Haworthias have grown a lot since the last post. Old Euphorbia Flanaganii with nice caudex euphorbia decaryii euphorbia Lactea crest fenestria Agave CV Kichiokan variegated aloe cultivars, aloes & agaves agaves & a gasteria cultivar pachyphytum & Echeveria more agaves including cv "blue glow" Random colourful succulents landscaping aloes yet to be put in the ground more landscaping aloes
  11. Conv3rgence

    Show off ya succies

    Nice post! Just a few of my succies, I'll take some photos tomorrow morning. haworthia correcta haworthia maughanii haworthia maughanni hybrid titanopsis calcarea Aloinopsis sp. dioscorea elephantipes Tree aloe dichotoma, yet to be planted. Sitting in perlite. Adromischus Herrae
  12. Conv3rgence


    Really interesting plant this one... It's always so bright green compared to everything else and those notches are pretty cool
  13. Just received mine today! Thanks mate!
  14. No arrival here yet mate... Wtf is up with Aus post?
  15. Conv3rgence

    The future of tricho breeding in Australia

    I think unique and/or beautiful looking, well-grown plants will always attract a premium.