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  1. Siggor

    Free cacti

    They weren't bare they were left in dead soil roots were still groeing through to the ground ect. It shouldn't the tops of the cristata were growing but very slowly.
  2. Siggor

    Free cacti

    Haha Sorry to burst your bubble there is only one cristata the other 2 had been doused with BAP so maybe not in the true form of a cristata. As I said they have been neglected for some time hope you get to revive and enjoy them bud. All the best.
  3. Siggor

    Free cacti

    Sure thing, I havent packaged or weighed yet, but I estimate it to be around the $20-$30 mark.
  4. Siggor

    Free cacti

    This is the very last of my cacti collection that I'm is being given away I can't confirm the varieties of Trichs but there is a mix of bridgesii x, peruvian x and pach x and one that was sold as a cristata but not sure it waa so long ago. There are 2 that have weird growth that was induced by BAP. 2 requirements for taking the cacti is you have to pay for postage and be able to rejuvenate them. They will come bare rooted. Cheers all
  5. Siggor

    Myco kit

    Gone Cheers all.
  6. Unused and unopened Viperspectra pro p1000 4" fan, filter and ducting. $200 + postage and handling The only other picture I have is the stack of boxes it is listed on ebay if you need to verify. Please note those prices were at the height of covid if you are wondering why I am asking for a reduced price.
  7. Siggor

    Free Cacti

    Thats it thanks guys, pms have been sent hope they enjoy their new home.
  8. Siggor

    All done

    Anybody spreading the love?
  9. Siggor

    Free Cacti

    Hey guys well its time for me to let go of my collection of cacti they have suffered somewhat over the last couple years. Some have scarring or stunted in growth. I just dont have the time anymore for them. Willing to split it up for those that are willing to pay for postage. They are unidentified as I have lost the name tags over the years. Please post in the thread and i will pm those that are interested by end of the weekend
  10. Siggor

    PC Pach + Bridgesii 'Eileen'

    Ill grab the xtra large pach
  11. Siggor


    Wow so purty. What is it?
  12. Siggor

    predict the next PM and win a loph!

    It doesnt matter who is the next PM its one circus show of a sham.
  13. Siggor

    Being rear ended

    Just an update it looks like i will be trying to get her to cover the cost now, there has been some leyway, but still not great she is very slow at engaging. I did the rounds at the local smash repairs nobody is willing to give an exact quote as the damage is quite extensive, could be classed as a write off. Luckily i have somebody that works for a solicitors office that deals with these types of situations which has been a great help. She did give a lowball offer to get this done and dusted unfortunately it wont pay for half of the vehicle of the same make and model, hoping that it stays out of court so i dont have to get nasty and stray from my passive self. Thanks again all for the confidence i wasnt in the wrong
  14. Siggor

    Being rear ended

    I think CTP is different to 3rd party fire and damage. CTP allows only for death and injury. Thanks for the replies guys, might give up on the pursuit could be less stressful than dealing with police, solicitors and small claims.
  15. Siggor

    Being rear ended

    Yeah she is trying to weasle her way out of it. I dont think she was paying attention, how it happened was that i was coming off a round about and there is a crossing no more than 10 metres away after the round about, at the last moment a kid decided to walk out and jumped on his skater and decide to skate across, i hit the brakes my friend had time to wave and say sorry, about 2 second delay bam. On moment she has insurance the next she doesnt, been getting mixed stories from her all day, i personally think she only had roadside assist and not 3rd party. Still sorting out the route to take, if i leave it i will be out of pocket but not much as i know people in smash repairs. I dont even know if its worth the stress to pursue it, but feels like she is trying to have it over me. Good to see you around etherealdrifter