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  1. Siggor

    PC Pach + Bridgesii 'Eileen'

    Ill grab the xtra large pach
  2. Siggor


    Wow so purty. What is it?
  3. Siggor

    predict the next PM and win a loph!

    It doesnt matter who is the next PM its one circus show of a sham.
  4. Siggor

    Being rear ended

    Just an update it looks like i will be trying to get her to cover the cost now, there has been some leyway, but still not great she is very slow at engaging. I did the rounds at the local smash repairs nobody is willing to give an exact quote as the damage is quite extensive, could be classed as a write off. Luckily i have somebody that works for a solicitors office that deals with these types of situations which has been a great help. She did give a lowball offer to get this done and dusted unfortunately it wont pay for half of the vehicle of the same make and model, hoping that it stays out of court so i dont have to get nasty and stray from my passive self. Thanks again all for the confidence i wasnt in the wrong
  5. Siggor

    Being rear ended

    I think CTP is different to 3rd party fire and damage. CTP allows only for death and injury. Thanks for the replies guys, might give up on the pursuit could be less stressful than dealing with police, solicitors and small claims.
  6. Siggor

    Being rear ended

    Yeah she is trying to weasle her way out of it. I dont think she was paying attention, how it happened was that i was coming off a round about and there is a crossing no more than 10 metres away after the round about, at the last moment a kid decided to walk out and jumped on his skater and decide to skate across, i hit the brakes my friend had time to wave and say sorry, about 2 second delay bam. On moment she has insurance the next she doesnt, been getting mixed stories from her all day, i personally think she only had roadside assist and not 3rd party. Still sorting out the route to take, if i leave it i will be out of pocket but not much as i know people in smash repairs. I dont even know if its worth the stress to pursue it, but feels like she is trying to have it over me. Good to see you around etherealdrifter
  7. Siggor

    Being rear ended

    Just been rear ended yesterday i have gist of the laws surrounding such an accident as the person behind is at fault for any damage to the car in front, making sure proper distance is kept. Any clarifications on this? Currently she is trying to get out of it possibly due to other accidents that were her fault. Shock and adrenaline were pumping (first accident i've been in), didnt grab all the proper details except licence and insurance number. Any input would be welcomed.
  8. Siggor

    Bhut Jolokia (chilli) seed giveaway

    Awesome thanks mate recieved them today.
  9. Siggor

    Want to learn to shoot and hunt?

    Gimli do you butcher the carcass yourself? Envious of the lifestyle mate.
  10. Siggor

    Bhut Jolokia (chilli) seed giveaway

    Would love some too if here is any available.
  11. Siggor

    New cactus seed webshop

    How are they posted to Australia? Will they get caught up, quarantined or destroyed?
  12. Siggor

    addiction struggles still

    Hahaha Halycon are you trying to turn him into a neckbeard? Kindness the way I overcame it was being abstinent, make up your mind to not take your poison of choice and stick to it there is no other option, if it rears it's ugly head up to say hi 1. Tell it to fuck off. 2. Go throw some heavy metal objects around the room. 3. Move your body run, walk, get out into nature. 4. Go eat healthy fulfilling foods. 5. Be active keep your mind busy do whatever it takes. I used to think that I could take subsititutes for the addiction but your are still reinforcing the wiring to seek out substances, it didnt work, not until I made up my mind to not use ever again. Even years later through some low periods the craving still pops up to say hi, but is easily manageable and goes as quickly as it came on. This is the exact advice that I've recieved for 10 years and rejected it for that whole time, but it actually works.
  13. Siggor


    I found them ok alot quicker to deposit money into your account than some other sites, but their transfer fees are ridiculous, and their buy prices are set higher than other markets.
  14. Siggor

    The Storm

    So skeptical of this dude he has jumped on the trend bandwagon to promote his books website and show. If he is really exposing mass government corruption he would already have suicided with 2 shots to the back of the head. I doubt he is even in the know, it has been that long since being in the CIA, just another shill adding to the discord in that country. I wish there was some relevant people that are in the know that would come to light instead of all these old hacks and has-beens.
  15. Siggor

    New cactus seed webshop

    When is somebody going to match viglasky's collection and prices? The layout on mobile isnt that great, the names are spread out over 5 to 7 lines on the page though the collection of pics make up for it, some of the prices are pretty decent. Have to edit this the collection is pretty decent to what is out there currently, it is probably the biggest collection out there that is available in Australia. Some of those seeds are well priced compared to eBay ect which are valued 3 times the value. I will be sure to make a few purchases in the near future