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  1. Haha, no. I always knew they would be a money pit. 12 Years ago I decided to collect all miniature animals. Mini pigs, donkeys, sheep, goats, and alpacas (which is technically a mini llama). The failed business was a shopfront in Byron Bay. Killer rent, long lease, etc. And it wasn't even a business I wanted (I was supposed to be a silent partner). I got stuck with it when our business partner bailed a year into it and then my partner also left me hanging with it for another 5 years. Lessons learnt
  2. sorry guys. I kinda lost the plot about a year ago and it took me about 9 months to get my sanity back. The previous couple of years had been tough: my house burnt down, my 23 year relationship ended, one of my businesses failed in a protracted way, andyamine suicided under complicated circumstances, and then just as that wrapped up with the memorial camp my dad died ... I knew I was close to not coping, but I had no inkling of just how badly I was going to crash. It was spectacular, LOL. I've been careful about declaring I am all stable again because I had a few relapses, but it's been 5 months since the last one so i think I'm all good now. Sadly this meant i kept putting this year's camp off by a month here and there which got us to august. Just as I decided october long weekend might be good the sydney crew announced a camp towards the end of the year and infinity announced a camp in Nimbin on the same weekend. I am actually glad, because I really don't want to take on any stress at the moment and this situation kinda made it pointless to organise anything this side of 2020. I do prefer august to november for camps because of our climate. More chance of the paddock being dry ;) So I think I will let it go for this year and point everyone at the camp event in Nimbin in a couple of weeks. Ask infinity for details or find the event post he made. The whole point of the NNSW camps that andyamine organised was for new and old members to meet, regardless of who organises the event. Inifinity was at the last one so knows what it's all about. Please let him know of any interest asap. I will focus on setting a date for the 2020 memorial camp early in the year (for august to november sometime) so everyone has maximum time to plan. It will give me a bit more time to relax. Mind you, I am having a little gathering / camp-out on the 26th of october at my place for a totally different purpose, but lots of plant heads are coming to it anyway. So if this interests you please get in touch (preferably on facebook as that's where I am organising it). Anyone interested in tasting what alpaca meat tastes like please feel free to join us. We'll be cooking it in every way imaginable. There'll be drinks and beats. RSVP absolutely required.
  3. Torsten

    Donating for SAB costs

    absolutely! Sorry, I didn't notice and didn't see this post but Amz just reminded me so have now updated.
  4. Torsten

    SAB Courtii Rage

    there'll be more in a couple of weeks. Plenty more.
  5. Torsten

    No Longer Thelema

    I am sure he'll be back when he's back on the meds. Seriously, if you could see the PMs he's sent me you'd be concerned for his mental health rather than for international relations. Here is an example: " I'm currently with royal affairs in the UK online and have it on good authority that Salvia Divinorum will be revised by the NDPSC soon and be made restrictively legal and LSD-25 will be made schedule 8. A lot of this happens to be about the supression of the real princess Anne, who will be the next queen of england. She disappeared in the late 80's and was replaced by an imposter and pretender called Anne Tindell, who married a soccer player with a daughter zara. " And yes, that was the whole message, not just some side track.
  6. Torsten

    Offers, Sales portal pro

    Spooge, it is soooooo unintuitive, but all the functions are there. The developer is really keen to improve it so hopefully I can guide some of the language choices. Biggest problem i have so far is that when I enable paypal as payment option it wants to use the forum's paypal address. That's exactly what I don't want, LOL. The other issue (and the reason why it is not live yet) is that when using bank transfer option the item is not removed from the available list. That's obviously not workable and shouldn't be difficult to fix for the developer. I want to get it right rather than rushed.
  7. Torsten

    gallery creation mobile

    is this still ongoing? anyone else have this issue?
  8. Torsten

    Deleting albums

    so it looks like lost galleries can't be recovered. I am trying to find a way to find all the images that are no longer showing in the gallery and then posting these in a separate gallery so that users can retrieve them if they like. Not sure if it will be possible, but just chatting to tech support about it the last few days.
  9. Torsten

    Offers, Sales portal pro

    sorry, setting it up turned out to be more complicated than it should be. Hopefully fixed soon and will introduce the features then.
  10. did you sneak in #9 after publishing? I am sure it wasn't there when I did my replies and about 5 others missed out too.
  11. Torsten

    "Shamanic Science" subforum drafts.

    Rather than 'science', how about 'practices' or 'studies'? I don't even like the fact the word pseudoscience has the word science in it ;) Other than that I think it is a good idea. It was originally part of the spirituality subforum. Why do you think it needs a separate one?
  12. Torsten

    Has anyone heard from Nabraxas?

    did you leave or did you get a suspension? That might be the difference since you revived this ancient thread.... did nabraxas ever resurface?
  13. For those who might have missed it in the other thread, here is a link to the pics of the camp.
  14. I only just connected your forum ID to who you are shruman . Sorry, too many names and faces for my brain to cope with. Was good catching up anyway, even if i was clueless ;)