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  1. I hear great research ideas every other day. Followed closely by all the reasons why that person isn't doing them. Most of the time the reasons aren't very good. It is often simply a matter of good planning and taking the first step. We want to help you get your head around the design so that you don't need excuses anymore. Most of the things you've ever wondered about can be turned into an experiment so you can get results and stop wondering... and stop other people from wondering. Having data is so much more fun than just having questions. So we will run you though some essential processes and make sure you are confident in applying them before we let you lose on a fun and rewarding experiment where you get to apply those concepts with instant rewards. You may have noticed that both Darklight and myself focus a lot on fun. That's not to make light of the work, but rather is an indicator of how we approach experiments. We've been doing them for a long time, voluntarily, out of personal interest. If they weren't fun we wouldn't still be doing them 30 years later. And we want to make sure you experience how good experiment design can ensure you ALWAYS get data that is of significance, ie every experiment is a success. Our workshop is NOT suitable for joining more than a few minutes into it, so make sure to be there from the start. You will need pen & paper, but everything else will be provided.
  2. The only time the server should be laggy is during back up and transfer time. back up is at midnight and goes for about an hour. It doesn't affect performance too much usually. But off site transfer (which starts after the back up) does slow it down a bit. It should not be as bad as described here though and I hope that was just temporary. I have not noticed any lag at all.
  3. Young JD, the second species you ask for is illegal in all states. It would be just like asking for cannabis plants. Please edit asap. Also be aware that Ephedra is also illegal in Qld, but that's your own risk
  4. Not to be a downer, but I know a lot of people who THINK they have D.c., but only two who actually do. Even McKenna's vine is the wrong species. And so are the two species sent out by everyone's favourite seed/plant source in Peru. And the shipment of rooted cuttings that made it into the USA a few years ago and should be on the market by now. One good botanist I know even thinks that the D.c. that the papers were written about isn't D.c. Yeah, LOL. I am not good enough at IDing it, so can't be sure about this one, but will find out. Nonetheless, the many so called D.c.'s I've obtained over the years are all interesting plants. Some possibly even more interesting than D.c. itself. So even if this one is another misID, it will probably be worthwhile growing it anyway.
  5. Ok, so we've got 4 so far. Awesome! Gem trans-diff A.subliminata Andy amine Please make sure you PM RonnySimulacrum asap and he will arrange for the discount. Who is going to grab that last one????
  6. SAB has always supported EGA in some way. This year we will do so again, but a little different to usual as we will be supporting both EGA AND our members. If you do not have an EGA ticket yet and are struggling to scrape up the funds, then here is your chance. SAB will pay 10% of your ticket cost if you are in the first FIVE to put your name down in this thread. How does this help EGA? EGA is a non profit event and in fact usually runs at a loss. That means all the money is spent providing the ticket holders with an awesome experience. To plan for this properly EGA has a lot of costs well before the event. So by getting some extra funds now EGA can book more speakers and provide better services. We all win. Check out the EGA thread for why you don't want to miss this event. The speaker program is now available and it is awesome. Conditions: 1) Maximum 1 per member. 2) You must be ready to purchase your ticket in the next 2 weeks, ie you must have 90% of the cost of the relevant ticket ready by then. 3) The discount is not available to tickets already purchased. 4) If there are already five names, but less than 10, then you can put your name down anyway. Just in case someone falls through - I will then pick next in line. 5) Discount only applies to entry ticket, not to accommodation etc.
  7. Oh wow! Thank you so much to both Master B and Darklight. This went way over what i thought it would and really helped the fund raising along.
  8. I'll be doing an SAB/Koda hamper with plants, seeds, books, herbs, etc.
  9. A flat earther warning us about celestial bodies. It must be true.
  10. I have never used this function. no idea where it is or should be.
  11. with the lower traffic volumes I am hesitant to split the forums any further. if a tek is well structured it will come up in searches easily. or we could put a tek index as a pinned thread.
  12. That's how we used to have it, but then people kept complaining about how they can't find stuff that was listed the week before and also can't sign up for restock notifications. However, there will be a few changes in the next few weeks anyway which will tidy up the big sections (like echinopsis) to make them more manageable.
  13. Hello Brother Cultivator. I've put the SAB off in the past but some friends have led me back and I'm more interested in building my reputation here so that I can update my collection through trading and share what I've learned over the years with people that are interested. I'm having issues starting a new topic so I checked your having problems thread and I believe I've clicked all the links I've been sent so I don't know what I'm doing wrong. Can you help me?


    Also if I need to do anything to get myself going here please let me know and I'll get to it. It's a pleasure to be back and thank you for this community :) 

  14. Many happy returns. Torsten. Thanks so much for keeping this place goin'. Hope you're in great health wrapped in Peace, Love and Happiness. Gus.

  15. OMFG - get out!  I finally log my slack butt into SAB and it's your birthday T?
    Happy Days my friend!
    So much love to you, seriously.  Oh wow.  Sorry should edit this, just... synchronicity?
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY Torsten you gorgeous soul.  Wishing you the best of EVERYTHING for this year and EVERY year.  Miss you.  Aawww. 
    Dang, it's days like these I miss Facebook... damn if only I had the pics of us in Byron on this laptop to upload.  Had the BEST night with you.  Yeah I'm waffling - what else is new?
    I hope you have something fabulous planned today, you so totally deserve it.
    Much love and big hugs!!!!  :wub::wub::wub: