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  1. Banisteriopsis muricata now in stock at SAB https://www.shaman-australis.com.au/shop/banisteriopsis_muricata_red_ayahuasca_plant_pr_2347.php
  2. Price drop on Alicia's... turns out we are just too good at propping them here at SAB Nursery
  3. Hopefully, but unfortunately I can't give any ETA on that at the moment...
  4. We also get a near 100% strike rate from Narrow Khat cutting ;)
  5. Hi Withdraw Clinic You will need to address this to the boss Torsten, I am no expert! I just handle the admin side of things. Our Red's are a lot redder, these pinks are not red strains, that's all I know
  6. We are finally back on track with Catha strains after a few hiccups (no comment) .... they sell quick but a few Pinks AKA Vienna White are available at the moment. Most exciting news is the Nursery is OPEN to visitors next week - 2nd to 5th May https://www.facebook.com/groups/232618545864/permalink/10159640031095865 I am also trying to put together a database of Trichocereus clone's ie origin, traits, who named and why etc. Please contact me if you have any valid CORRECT information that may be useful. Can email me at [email protected] Cheers. Linda