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  1. manic

    Sorted thanks

    All good thanks.
  2. manic

    Wanted: Obtusifolia tubes

    After a few tube stock of a. obtusifolia Cheers.
  3. Why not give a little update eh, I ended up doing a few different things but the real winner was my tomato's 1,000 bush roma plants and ended up with about 5 ton and I managed to get rid of them all at a good price. I feel like im always a bit biased when it comes to my homegrown produce but dam that shit is tasty! Also did several hundred jalapeno plants and other peppers, I have been making some pretty killer hot sauce. And several hundred pumpkins.....dont think ill bother with that one again. Just found a few pics of my tomato's Fuck, it was a bit of hard work now that I think about it. Peace.
  4. manic

    How do I delete my account please?

    I'm sure I'm not the only one who has a read on here every couple of days while not necessarily piping up. I love this forum and the people on it, it strangely seems to have more to do with my daily life then a lot of things To much politics, no one should leave at all!
  5. manic

    EGA Ticket for sale $350

    Ohhh I soo wana go! But I think im a little bit too poor for the moment I hope there is another one next year.
  6. manic

    Lion's Mane

    Your not wrong there! Im keen as also
  7. manic

    Lophophora seeds

    ditto on that one, if available..?
  8. manic


    Gee illd give ya a hand taking it to the tip if ya lived a bit closer to me! Some good looking acuminata there!
  9. Beer money Beer money is what I am really after I guess, to begin with anyway, but hey I seem to be developing expensive taste lately; top shelf spirits all the way; absinthe is my jam lately. I hear ya about the plastic shit but the only reason I am thinking is it would be hella good for weed control, and you can actually get biodegradable stuff; still though it would have to work well and degrade just as well to justify the cost. Nothing wrong with ya quick bi weekly hoe, im in on that. Oh man did I laugh
  10. @Sallubrious Now that's not a bad idea either, I know plenty of chefs and pretty much the entire wholesale market anyway so distribution is not a problem. How hard would it be in setting up a decent size shitake grow? And time wise? Ill do some googling on that one. Ive had a lot of foraging and some experience in the past with the old shotgun chamber but that's about it when it comes to my mycology skills.
  11. Thanks for the replies y'all @qwertyuiop I have about 10 acres but I do not have the resources to do all of it nor do I have the want. Thinking much more small scale but still maybe an acre or so. The chili sounds like an awesome idea but to tell you the truth I have never had much luck with chili, not here anyway. I think it may be a tad bit too cool; if you know where Mount Lofty is I am not too far, so its quite cold at times, much cooler than Adelaide at least. Frost along with an absolute wet as hell bog during winter would also prevent any chance of keeping them as a perennial unfortunately. But to tell you the truth, I absolutely love the idea of chili's though and hot sauce, hell yeah!! I spend enough money on the stuff to justify an attempt just for personal consumption. @waterboy 2.0 I have thought about herbs but to tell you the truth everyone I would be selling to would be the market of someone I used to work for and is a friend so I just don't want to cut his lunch so to say. I mean he does it as a living, I am only doing it as a hobby (for now). You are right though, quality is where its all at, no point of small scale farming if you are only producing the same mass scale kinda shit. @87_botanist Garlic is a go to for sure, I have plans in place for this one. I was given shitloads to plant for this season but I was only given them as the person hadn't had time to plant themselves and well, they were all moldy and rotten so didn't bother. I wonder if they are something that can be done with that plastic mulch stuff? to help with weed control and all. Weeds are the biggest issue when its a one man project. With the blueberries, oh sweet sweet blues. I have some growing and this is the perfect place to grow them! Low pH, good quality water etc. But, it would involve a rather large outlay cost in plants and in general its not a quick turn around crop, not so much as tomatoes, chills etc, and to be honest I don't know where ill be in a few years. Thanks for the replies
  12. Thanks for the reply Skellum, - So first point, Trichocereus, maybe not 20% but a fuck load of space is already dedicated to them got that one sorted. - The tomatoes, your right about getting proper wog seeds, already have. - Yeah corn, I say fuck it too I have 15 years of background behind me in every aspect of the produce industry from growing to wholesale to retail I have recently left it all behind as it truly is an industry that uses and abuses. And from that point my farming venture is only out of being a hobby of mine, I will not be investing huge amounts of money just huge amounts of hard work, I don't call a hobby work though. In that sense going bankrupt isn't really an issue; or even a possibility, I dont think I have enough money to go bankrupt lol. Come next year I have one semester left on my enviro science degree so this is literally only a hobby, but I mean if I did well who knows where it could lead right? Thanks again.
  13. Hey yo, So I live in them Hills and I am planning on growing quite a lot of produce this year. I will certainly be as organic as possible as I have too much knowledge about land management and quality not to be but essentially in terms of being 100% organic I couldn't care less. I have just about the best soil you could ask for with unlimited spring water to irrigate with. In previous years I have done a lot of giant sun flowers that I can sell easily and a few other bits and pieces. Anyway anyone got any ideas on good commercial sized crops I could grow, I am going to do about 1,000 roma tomatoes (determinate, less work) to sell as sauce tomatoes; should be enough to keep me busy and again ill do my sunflowers, there awesome (ill try find pics when I can) but the other options I was considering was bush beans and maybe sweetcorn, only thing with sweetcorn is when its in season its so cheap I am just not sure I could justify my time for 3/4 months on it. Just comes down to what I can handle as I will largely be a one man team with hopefully the odd bit of help from my wife.. Any ideas would be great, I have quite a lot of land to play with and while I do not have a tractor I have someone that will slash/rip/hoe for me to at least get the ground prepared. Peace.
  14. manic

    e species 3 pack

    Oh man I wish I had some spare coin atm. Very nice.
  15. manic

    Possible bad batch of Kronic

    I dont get why people would even want to smoke synthetic weed, just smoke weed, its good shit Havnt even tried synthetic stuff, been around it but no thanks illd rather smoke the real shit.....