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  1. CanOfVBPlease

    Nexus Ritual Spirit

    That's not referring to a "nexus flip,"? Which is 2C-B combined with MDMA, akin to a candy or hippy flip where the classical is replaced with LSD or Psilocybin Mushrooms respectively? That's about all I can think of.
  2. CanOfVBPlease

    PC lookalike

    Older Post but that doesnt look anything like a bridgesii cross, sounds like he's tried to rip you off man damn
  3. CanOfVBPlease

    Chernobyl Survivors

    Oh apologies I didn't actually read the article haha. Yes it's been suprising that the flora and fauna flourish there without any apparent issues. It's definetly somewhat amazing what nature can overcome when it needs to.
  4. CanOfVBPlease

    Chernobyl Survivors

    I'm sure there was a Russian movie on the people there. I remember seeing it on SBS World Movies a few years ago. Seems like peoples sentimental attachment to the land was stronger then the dangers of living there.
  5. I tried to put an emoji on a post, and clearly we can't use them on here. But when I've gone to remove it, I couldn't. Not a huge issue but any input on how that works would be good.
  6. CanOfVBPlease

    Post your track of the day

    Time & Space by Digable Planets, a nice mix of East coast hip hop with a psychedelic touch to it. Edit: just there whole album "reachin' (a new refutation of time and space).
  7. CanOfVBPlease

    Hello Corroboree from North Coast NSW.

    Right now I'm growing a few Trichocereus, most of them are Yowie X Fields from Herbalistics, I'll have to post a photo, and I have another few that are most likely a cross between Pachanoi and Peruvianus, one takeaway box with one singular Scopulicola seedlings out of 20 seeds, HBWR seedling, and two tiny little Lophophoras "Japanese" variety, so right now just mostly growing cacti. There would be Alot of things I'd like to trade or buy definelty. I do have a few Catha Edulis seeds that I've failed to germinate, and plus I don't really have the room or time to grow them, so they are definelty up for a trade.
  8. CanOfVBPlease

    What’s up, mid north coast?

    A bit of an old post but hi there! I've only just got on here recently, I'm located on the North coast as well (Clarence region), so good to know theres plenty of us up here.
  9. CanOfVBPlease

    Hello Corroboree from North Coast NSW.

    Hiya folks, after waiting almost a year I'm finally on here haha. I'm on the Facebook group on occasions, but thought joining here would help expand to a different part of the community. Will try to keep up with participating here as much as I can, and will probably sell/trade the odd plant/seed here too. Looking forward to my future on here.