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  1. ZombieMode

    Nexus Ritual Spirit

    Hi There All, I was recommended by a spiritual book about "Nexus Ritual Spirit", a natural drug Sounds to me like DMT.. And I've done some research online about it - didn't find anything. Post suggestions about where I can find more information on this topic I Hear It Is Big In U.S.A.
  2. Hi Sally, haven't had much luck with my research on how to attenuate effects of abilify - could you please share your findings? Happy to answer any questions about myself or the situation that led up to my hospitalization, just not feeling as happy or spiritual as I once was. Have cut down on the mucuna pruiens & st johns wort, and with this reduced dose am feeling much better - aim is to be off meds in March next year at the latest if the CTO is renewed. At present experiencing no symptoms of schizophrenia - my diagnosis was dependant on them thinking I heard voices, I never actually told anyone besides close friends, as they were special to me. I did something silly though. Ingested 5 tabs of LSD ended up with neuroleptic malignment syndrome which was quite scary, feel I've recovered OKAY from that experience. Wasn't prepared for it at all, 3 tabs a month prior was an overall positive experience, couldn't even notice the abilify in my system.
  3. appreciate all the kind posts and helpful information, have certainly learnt a lot - thanks!! I feel as though I'm more shaman than schizophrenic. The voices were always positive and like Sally mentioned, I always had the choice on whether or not to act on them. They would simply recommend foods and activities I'd enjoy, as well as give me insight into different situations. I also experienced unity of consciousness which was the most beautiful thing I've ever experienced in my life (felt connected with everything and everyone in some way). reason for the CTO was getting into a fight with my younger brother, I don't believe I need these "medicines' to keep me stable & "normal" like they say, I meditate frequently and am an all round calm person. Doing my best to get off the CTO ASAP, the drugs have certainly interfered with my spiritual progression. Am currently taking St Johns Wort, Macuna Pruiens & smoking ciggarettes frequently to help with dopamine boosts/reduce levels of drug in my blood - happy to hear of any other recommendations. None of this was due to use of any entheogen/psychedelic, though I have smoked weed (twice a week maybe) over the last 2 years. The medication certainly blocks me from tripping, feels quite plaguey inside. Thanks again to all of you, has to be home to some of the best quality people on the internet haha
  4. Hey all, I was diagnosed with schizophrenia in April 2015 for hearing voices (which were a good all-loving thing for me), and am now stuck on a 300mg injection of Abilify every 3 weeks under a community treatment order - till hopefully the new year. Feel more disconnected from the spiritual realm/my own body and emotions since starting on the drug. Am still going about my day as best as I can, just not feeling as happy as I once was. Was just wondering if anyone here has had any experience with anti-psychotic medication? Does this numb and lifeless feeling eventually subside? Any tips on detoxing and cleansing from this crap/supplements to take? Do you think my psychosis (voices) will return - looking for some peace of mind that it will, they acted as a positive compass in my life. Any response is appreciated, thanks for reading. Peace