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  1. I got from the SAB nursery because it had intersting components.. But I lost the tag and no idea.. Anyone recognise it? Medicinal.. Interesting..
  2. endotheogen

    Passiflora Incarnata

    Yes please
  3. endotheogen

    Acacia, chacruna, caapi and others trade / swap

    Hey there. I'm after some aya plants. I can trade loph seeds. Texana or huizache. If interested :) also narrow leaf catha. I'm on sunny coast
  4. endotheogen

    Loph multi heads up for trade (CLOSED)

    PM'd you
  5. endotheogen

    Acacia acuminata seed giveaway #2

    hey, my acuminatas seedlings were doing okay, until all this wet hit SEQ, now they are mostly dead :| would be keen to try again !
  6. endotheogen

    Mandrakes for trade :)

    Wo so cool. So they are just roots. Im keen!
  7. endotheogen

    Win a free Loph! Post an original artwork

    The iboga spirit after a journey with it.
  8. endotheogen

    Cacti seedling giveaway

    Sounds great!
  9. endotheogen

    RIP andyamine

    rest in peace christian andyamine. you had a purpose, and a place here with us all. i trust your energy is in a more peaceful place now.
  10. Send me your address.



  11. Hey would love, but do you post to AUS?
  12. endotheogen

    Trichocereus grafts for sale.

    Oh no! so quick. NIL?
  13. endotheogen

    khat plants

    Still available! trades are welcome but you may have still have to cover posts. I am interested in rosei cuttings, unusual aya plants ..
  14. endotheogen

    Voacanga africana (Ghana) seeds giveaway

    pm you now