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  1. SoLiLuS

    Cactii Garden

    Cool, i moved them to the sun. Is it a fungus? Ill try the toothbrush idea also.
  2. SoLiLuS

    Cactii Garden

    Just thought i would post a few pics of my cactii garden. Mainly Trichocereus ? and peruvian torch. Not the healthiest, Im not sure what to do about scale, i was reading that people were talking about Phosacid so i might get some of that. Also i think i didnt put enough drainage originally in some pots, i might need to repot.
  3. SoLiLuS

    Meet up: Brisbane

    Is there any takers for tomorrow. 10am might struggle, but ill pm you sharxx101
  4. SoLiLuS

    Meet up: Brisbane

    Yep Im clear for that day.
  5. SoLiLuS

    Meet up: Brisbane

    Im aboard. Ill just have to remember to check here regularly. Starting to get enough stuff to do swapsies.
  6. SoLiLuS

    Meet up: Brisbane

    Yep yep still keen.
  7. SoLiLuS

    Townsville man facing court for growing cacti

    They should have got a botanist to come in and explain how many cacti varieties contain mescaline and how many australian trees contain dmt. Everyone would be going in court. Ludicrous.
  8. SoLiLuS

    Plant sale Brisbane

    Id be keen to pickup some Icaros this week, i PMd last week. PM me.
  9. SoLiLuS

    Meet up: Brisbane

    @sharxx101 Still keen, and my mate whos also on the forum reckons he will come. Im pretty good most afternoons.
  10. SoLiLuS

    Meet up: Brisbane

    Just getting started in the Brisbane community, and am interested in any early 2019 meetups. Keen to meet locals and talk growing tips and trades etc etc. Santé!
  11. Yep, i think i will do that also, as i was planning a round trip through Mullum, and Byron with friends.
  12. Oops no i didnt notice it was the wrong forum. Let me know if i can/should move it? Brain freeze
  13. SoLiLuS

    The Great Global Warming/Cooling Thread Part 2

    Going to ease my way into this convo. I see a lot of media and videos saying that various solutions are just around the corner, but Im left pretty skeptical as its peoples beliefs and attitudes that are the problem. Having definite solutions will not guarantee that they get implemented on the large scale, as a large proportion of the worlds population dont give a shite and are happy to burn it up. Hopefully we can overcome this inertia through pressuring government and educating people.
  14. Would think about buying quite a few. Also interested in other various plants, perhaps of Rubiaceae family, and other interesting plants. Prefer local, can travel from Nth NSW to Sunshine Coast. Otherwise could receive by post. Soli lus