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  1. I know im a bit late to the chat but i cant scroll past this. I am very interested to know which plants you are talking about.
  2. Hi all could anyone share their experiences or knowledge of traditional uses of Dodonaea Viscosa? I have found next to no info on this native. Cheers Dan
  3. EthnoDan

    Organic certified potting mix

    some really good info in this thread. When i was saying organic i meant without the use of chemical fertilisers in mixes and such. Thanks everyone for your inputs
  4. EthnoDan

    Organic certified potting mix

    any thoughts??
  5. EthnoDan

    Organic certified potting mix

    Hi all, What are your views on commercial potting mixes that arent certified organic? Ive had success with the oscmocote premium plus mix, adding coir, perlite etc to suit the specific needs for the plant. However i want to know if the chemical fertilisers and such added to these mixes will leech into or negatively effect the plant. What are your thoughts on this? Cheers Dan
  6. EthnoDan

    High Thujone Absinthe

    thanks guys
  7. EthnoDan

    Loph seeds

    Hi all, Im looking for loph williamsii seeds, anyone willing to sell or trade? Cheers Dan
  8. EthnoDan

    High Thujone Absinthe

    yeh its found in wormwood and mugwort and a few other plants as well
  9. EthnoDan

    High Thujone Absinthe

    Hi all, does anyone have any recipes they would like to share on how to make a high thujone absinthe as i am looking to make my own after i harvest. Highest thujone content possible is the goal, taste is the second priority. Thanks Dan
  10. Hi all, does anyone have any experiences with these tobaccos? Could one smoke them like mapacho tobacco? Please post some experiences. Thanks Dan
  11. EthnoDan

    Datura use as an admixture

    would you say it reduces nausea?
  12. EthnoDan

    Datura use as an admixture

    what effects did u notice when taking it with cimora?
  13. EthnoDan

    Datura use as an admixture

    Found this interesting post regarding Datura stramonium's influence on a trip when used as an admixture with other psychedelics. I have also read that Datura inoxia has very different effects when used as an admixture (can brings on nausea and extreme sedation*), would be interesting to know the effects of datura metel when used as an admixture, shame no one has really looked into it online. Does anyone have experience using datura metel as an admixture? Datura stramonium: a valuable admixture plant - https://www.dmt-nexus.me/forum/default.aspx?g=posts&t=4671 *Datura Inoxia vs Stramonium - https://www.dmt-nexus.me/forum/default.aspx?g=posts&t=4467&p=2
  14. Hi does anyone have any Datura stramonium v. tatula seeds theyd be willing to sell or trade. Looking to add to my nightshade collection. Thanks
  15. Sounds true, im pretty sure most if not all poppy seeds bought at the supermarkets are Papaver Somnifarum, couldnt imagine the heat treating process to work 100% of the time