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  1. Spiky Mc Cactus Face

    eBay/Gumtree finds

    https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.com.au%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F264230897291 Dont miss out on this tricho"cereus" it looks like a rare one lol bet its good
  2. Spiky Mc Cactus Face

    Loph multi heads up for trade (CLOSED)

    Something bumprd into my big loph multi head last night and broke a bunch of heads off. Im offering a few hear for trade and i have some others on ebay if anyone is interested They dont have any roots tho but would be good for grafting, more than happy to do a bulk swap Looking for tirchocereus cuts or anything that sparks an intrest like b. Caapie, mimosa ect if you think you got something cool and interesting let me know what you got Thanks for your time
  3. Spiky Mc Cactus Face

    Youtube vids

    No worries it gets better as it goes. He points out the bullshit on boths sides basically calling it as it is, explains what it actually means to be "woke"
  4. Spiky Mc Cactus Face

    Youtube vids

    Very enlightening, lots of truth
  5. Spiky Mc Cactus Face

    Post your track of the day

    Theres over a century of musical experience going on hear, the dual drummers are off tapp, almost mirror image perfectly in time.
  6. Spiky Mc Cactus Face

    unknown smelly

    I use to hear people call it croften or crofft weed when i was kid on the north coast. Dont let live stock eat it cause im pretty sure it fucks up cattles respiratory systems and kills them easily and it makes horses go pisss poor in condition. Im not 100% but it definitely looks close
  7. Spiky Mc Cactus Face

    bird watching stories nature observations

    I gets lots of birds out were i am...think i even got scub turkeys the furtherest inland. The red taild black cockatoos are my favorites but you get some species of birds out hear that are either a long way from the tropical rain forests of the coast or an unknown inland sub species A couple of months back i had visit from a cat bird (never seen one before an they normally live on tbe coast) anyways i was sitting there minding my own business and herd a couple of cat meows (i dont have a cat an very much dislike the murderous hypoallergenic sods) so i thought i better have a look. Im looking hear and there and under things whilst hearing more meows close by (sounded like it was in a 10m radius of me) i couldnt see a cat anywhere i could hear it there was nowhere it coukd of been hiding...i was starting to think i lost my marbles, after another hour of searching and still hearing meows i was CONVINCED i had lost the plot and SERIOUSLY thinking about getting in touch with mental health to come get me when this fucking funny little green bird lands on the fence in front of me looks me dead in the eye and lets out a loud MEOW which didn't help the situation much
  8. Spiky Mc Cactus Face

    Just out of curiosity, would you rather?

    Definitely sad he isnt taken very seriously, his studies definitely help me out a fair bit, just in understanding my personality (INFJ). Turns out i fall into the rarest trates to have. I belong to small group of like minded people. Spent years of my life trying to work out if i was slightly nuts or if the world is entirely fucking bonkers ....turns out the world is just fucking bonkers lol.
  9. Spiky Mc Cactus Face

    Post a random picture thread

  10. Spiky Mc Cactus Face

    Just out of curiosity, would you rather?

    Lol yeah no worries Nice to see others familiar with some of carls work, i didnt know about his work on anxitety disorders tho but must say he hit the personality groups right on the head. Its a pretty full on movie. Seen it a couple of times
  11. Spiky Mc Cactus Face

    Just out of curiosity, would you rather?

    Im sorry to hear about marriage. I hope things improve for you both..i doubt it was either of your faults, it more so reflects on a insecure society if you look at the bigger picture. ..not happing to just you. I feel things like anxiety, depression ext are primitive survival functions if you get me. Back in cave man days if you were feeling depressed it was probably due to poor conditions no food ect it was motivation to change the situation,same with anxiety back in neanderthal days it probably due to a dangerous unstable environment it was motivation to get the fuck out of there. Now days we get locked into life situations the fears that trigger these feelings have change were now in a position were you cant escape The reason behind my original question was to try understand what gose on in proples minds, ill try to explain it better. Sometimes i cross paths with people, seems like they got there shit together job house car kids ect but they dont know why they feel miserable. I explain to them the bigger picture on whats going on how essentialy there slaves to system there not free, there basically caught up in the lie that this road to happyness. Then i get hit with with irrational anger. Wich in turn makes me feel why bother trying to explain it to them, to me knowing sad truths opens choices on if you wanna play that game or walk that path or go naaa fuck that i dont want any part of that an then walk your direction. Im not out to ruin people's lifes but fuck if they ask me my thoughts im gonna tell them. Im wanna give them choices not piss em off But i guess its part of the parcel
  12. Spiky Mc Cactus Face

    Advice, b cappi, hot dry summers/cold winters, growing in pots

    Thank you thats exactly what i wanted to see ....feeling good on my thoughts now By the way thants some nice green thumbing you got going there, hope it all works out and survives for next year. Definitely keep up the impressive work. Between i what iv just seen and the suggestion of possible dwarf varietys im gonna end up with a kick arse indoor shed plant
  13. Spiky Mc Cactus Face

    Advice, b cappi, hot dry summers/cold winters, growing in pots

    Cheers man. Ill keep an eye out for dwarf varietys. Im hoping it the hot summers wont bother em to much Big ups
  14. Spiky Mc Cactus Face


    Arte 7....it took me back somewhere to some point...remeniscing hazy long forgotten memories of unconnected random past rolling events that are lost in time...memorial ramblings .......on another note that bloke still owes me $30 lol
  15. Spiky Mc Cactus Face

    Advice, b cappi, hot dry summers/cold winters, growing in pots

    Thanks man much appreciated Ill ahh give that new spelling ago lol...admittedly i gotta pick up my spelling and grammar game. I blame the auto correct/predictive text function on phones. Its made me sloppy Think i got the perfect spot for it in my humble tin shack lol, morning sun a decent space to spred a couple meters either side. Figured i could stretch out a peice of mesh to train it back an forth then cut it back when its to big and let it grow back again...options for water is dam water when they fill again(if it ever decides to rain again, seriously those in flood affected QLD could line up with buckets and start shifting it into inland NSW would be great) or rain water, but currently been having to cart water from town... Size limitation cause of pot size is good in this case It worth a try i guess if it fails then hopefully i better success with growing yopo