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Found 60 results

  1. Good afternoon everyone! Firstly i would just like to thank the kind human for accepting me to this great community! So i was wondering if i could get a possible id on some acacias growing around my area, I have been searching up a lot about acacias and trying to id these variants myself, i even have the book "Acacias of Australia" but i cant succesfully id any. Guess i dont have knack for it yet. all of these plants were found in a paddock with a riverline close by in brisbane, qld about 64m altitude above sea level. I have uploaded all the photos through an external source so I'm not burning precious bandwidth! thanks Acacia 1 - taken on 20 JUL 17 Acacia 2 (Acacia Phlebophylla?) - taken on 20 JUL 17 Acacia 3 (Acacia Maidenii?) - taken on 20 JUL 17 Acacia 4 - taken on 20 JUL 17 Acacia 5 - taken on 20 JUL 17
  2. communacacian

    Finished. Please Remove

    Happy new year all! To welcome in 2017 I have a tube-stock package (40mm tubes) on offer: "Acacia Overflow" Package (no longer Available) 1 x Acacia Phlebophylla 1 x Acacia Courtii 1 x Acacia Obtusifolia 1 x Acacia Acuminata Narrow 1 x Acacia Acuminata Standard 1 x Acacia Mucronata 1 x Acacia Floribunda 1 x Acacia Confusa 1 x Acacia Neurocarpa 1 x Acacia Maidenii $75 + $25 Express Post for the hotter months Individual pricing and for custom orders is as follows: Acacia Phlebophylla $35 Acacia Courtii $15 Acacia Obtusifolia $10 Acacia Acuminata Narrow $10 Acacia Acuminata Standard $10 Acacia Mucronata $10 Acacia Floribunda $10 Acacia Confusa $10 Acacia Neurocarpa $15 Acacia Maidenii $10 + Postage Australia Only and cannot send to W.A, N.T or Taz unfortunately Post on Mondays. All plants have been under a light shade cloth. PM for Enquiry, Communacacian Acacia Phlebophylla Acacia Courtii Acacia Obtusifolia Acacia Acuminata (narrow) Acacia Acuminata Standard Acacia Mucronata Acacia Floribunda Acacia Confusa Acacia Neurocarpa Acacia Maidenii
  3. I have read about this a few times. (Only have access to my phone so am unable to locate the search bar on the mobile site.) Anyway l was wondering how some other members inoculate with rhizobia? I have tried looking for specific products l might be able to buy. Some members have said grab some soil from other acacia, would this be acceptable for A Courtii? And if you did inoculate what were your processes for applying? When they are seeds (during soaking)? Or after a soak and mix it in with germination medium? I have loads acacia l can pull dirt from. How much of this dirt is used to treat the soil in question? Also when l search google the only things that come up are studies. I rather cut to the chase and get members processes and methods that have worked for them. Please and thank you!
  4. Hi all, newbie here, looking to trade some seeds within NZ if possible. Wanting; P. viridis leaves D. cabrerana (long shot i know) Phyllodium Pulchellum To trade with some of the folllowing; Acuminata, Floribunda, Decurrens, Longilolia, Wolfberry, Silene Capensis, Prickly Poppy, Datura, Mugwort, Wormwood, Celastrus Paniculata, Tobacco, Voacanga, Empress tree, Bridgesii, Salvia (cuttings), Morning Glory, Echinacea, Coleus Blumei, Kowhai, 6-BAP, Gibberellic acid. Also have small amounts of; Delosperma Bosseranum, Mapacho, Schizandra Chinesis, Hostilis (thornless I think), Wood Betony. Or can buy. Peace, Acu.
  5. Gday guys, I've got loads of acuminata narrow phyllode seed for trade, Im interested in cacti + heaps of other plants + seeds. Please PM with things you have to offer and Ill cut you a deal
  6. jahliveforever


    yo fellas looking for acuminata or phlebophylla seeds or plants, got floribunda plants to trade or mucronata or other goodiies
  7. Hello, Just wondering if any knowledgeable person could give an id for these two Acacia's. I am interested purely from a knowledge perspective. Thanks for any help in advance. Greg
  8. Inspired by theuserformallyknownasd00d's generosity and initiative towards keeping this site that we love running and healthy, I have decided to follow suit in offering up a package of tubestock and seeds. The package includes: Plants (from left to right) 1 x Acacia Phlebophylla tube 1 x Acacia Courtii tube 1 x Acacia Obtusifolia tube 1 x Acacia Maidenii tube 2 x Acacia Confusa tubes 1 x Acacia Acuminata tube (narrow phyllode variety) 1 x Acacia Acuminata tube (Broad or standard phyllode variety) 1 x Acacia Aphylla tube (Leafless wattle, this plant is amazing!) 1 x Acacia Simplex tube Seeds 10 x Acacia Phlebophylla + Inoculant soil 10 x Acacia Courtii + Inoculant soil (not necessary for germination but good!) 30 x Acacia Obtusifolia 25 x Acacia Maidenii 25 x Acacia Confusa 100 x Acacia Acuminata (narrow phyllode variety) 100 x Acacia Acuminata tube (Broad or standard phyllode variety) 100 x Acacia Acuminata (small seed variety) 25 x Acacia Mucronata 25 x Acacia Simplex 25 x Acacia Floribunda 25 x Acacia Neurocarpa (hard to find) This is a fairly complete package at a very low price for anyone wanting to get into growing acacia, or just wanting to take the garden to the next level. Price: $100 Once sale is finalised, buyer will post screenshot of donation to SAB. Then I will send out package express! Important: Aus only and unfortunately I cannot post to W.A, TAZ or NT PM for Enquiry Communacacian
  9. It was planted everywhere here by the previous owner. No clue as to what kind it is. I'm in SA and they seem to be pretty happy.
  10. Hi All, I have a friend who is excitied about his young yopo seedling and posted a vid of it closing leaves rapidly in response to his misting spray... I told him this means it must be actually Mimosa pudica, as that is the only species I know that does that. All (most?) mimosa, acacia, desmanthus etc... close at night, but I was fairly certain that only PUDICA will rapidly fold it's leaves in response to touch. He reckons that the seed was legit, supplied by "Herbs of the Gods" in Amsterdam, and has googled and compared the seed of each. I never saw his seed so I don't know. It's a very young seedling, so looks like any of 400 similar species right now.. I've grown m. pudica many times, and other acacias, but never yopo. Wiki's "Rapid Plant Movement" page lists M. pudica, but not A. peregrina as able to fold rapidly... Can someone confirm yopo does or doesn't rapidly fold it's leaves in response to touch?
  11. Hi all, I have some special seeds to get to the right members. 10 seed and soil packs to giveaway. Each pack includes: 10 x Acacia Courtii seed + Rhizobia 10 x Acacia Phlebophylla seed + Rhizobia Due to the scarcity and relative difficulty of germination with these species, I am looking to get these seeds to members who have already developed some propagation skills with this genus (Acacia). Post some pictures here of acacias you have grown from seed (honesty required), doesn't matter what species. If you got the goods (skills) you get the seeds, I will pm you to forward the pack. Terms and conditions: To keep the gifting going and to get these trees out there, members who apply agree to giveaway at least one seedling of each species (if you successfully grow multiples) to a fellow SAB member by posting it on this thread! Open Worldwide
  12. communacacian

    Acacia Seed - All Species

    Hi all! I have acacia seeds for sale. all species! Confusa, Obtusifolia, Simplex, Acuminata Varieties etc.etc.etc. Rhizobia also available for species that require specifics! If you have questions regarding germination techniques I would be happy to help out so please ask PM for enquiry
  13. communacacian

    Acacia Tubestock Sale (sold)

    Hi all, I have some Acacia Acuminata tubestock for sale. The raspberry jam wider phyllode variety and the narrow phyllode variant. These are well established and ready to plant out! $8 each or $6 each for 10 or more. Sorry but I wont post these to W.A or Tas Buyer pays postage, thankyou!
  14. communacacian

    Acacia Seed Giveaway!

    Hi all! I'm new to the Corroboree, very pleased to be a part of this great community and I would like to introduce myself with a little give away! One pack of 10 seeds for each of these prominent species of interest is up for grabs. To make it a bit fun, the botanic and a common name must be identified for that species in the image. eg. image J = Acacia Confusa , Formosa Acacia or Rainbow Tree The first person to guess a species correctly wins 10 seeds of that species. Appropriate Rhyzbia will be included with the two granite mountain loving species hint hint. Please only one pack per member who guesses correctly. Further hints may be included if some of the photos prove difficult to ID. Good Luck! Aus only. sorry no post to WA or TAZ
  15. Hi, I have a couple of plants I suspect may be acacias that I'm interested in getting an ID for. They are in southern suburbs of Adelaide and would have been planted on purpose. Photos were taken with no flash on an overcast day. The coin in the pictures is an Australian $2 for size scale. plant #1 - has narrower and shorter phyllodes than plant #2 Plant #2 Help IDing these would be appreciated. If they are species of interest I am more than happy to collect seeds from them to give to interested parties.
  16. Hello All Im fairly sure when I planted this acacia 15 years ago I was told it was sydney wattle. Located in northern tas. Photos taken today. What do you all recon?
  17. cactuscarl

    ids please

    Anyone know what these are Or these
  18. a few others in the same location less then a k away in town.
  19. p1 senery 2 from a distence 5 the long pod is 2 seperate ones its nere a machienry yard, wherehouses, mangrove an a road.
  20. Hey guys I just got a fair quantity of these guys in the mail and realised that no matter how lofty my ambitions, it's more than I can possibly use myself. So I'm selling packs of 100x A. confusa seeds for $20 each + $5 postage. 5 packets (total 500 seeds) available. Post here and PM for payment info if you're interested. Multiple packs are OK, combine postage, first in best dressed. Not really interested in trade unless you have something truly exceptional, in which case I doubt you'd waste it on me anyway. ;) cheers -ef EDIT: 100 seeds/pack sounds more fair than 50. EDIT: 2 of 5 taken pending payment.
  21. Hi all Just been through my box of seeds and have some that will only go to waste if I hang on to them. Some come from the hugely generous Obtuse's 1000 post giveaway (thanks mate!!!), and the rest are just excess seeds from previous trades and purchases both here and elsewhere. Trades are preferred but not necessarily required. Im open to consider anything interesting, so send me a PM if your keen. The list - 5 x Acacia floribunda - 2 grams (100+ seeds?) 2 x Brugmansia arborea (10 seeds) 1 x Brugmansia suaveolens (10 seeds) 1 x Datura stromomiun (10 seeds) 1 x Nicotiana rustica (100+ seeds) 1 x Papaver somniferum "Giganteum" (100+ seeds)
  22. Hi guys! I am very new to Australian plants.. I have come across 2 sp of this plant today. Both Northern beaches Sydney. I have no idea how to identify them if they not blooming. Maybe someone is willing to help me with the instructions and intro to Acacia world? In exchange I can offer some chemicals and lab equipment Picked today in Northern beaches same three: Same three Another sp found Central cost area
  23. Hey all, I came across this acacia today. I think it could be an acuminata narrow phylode variety. The width, length and colour of phylodes, rods instead of balls, bark,, I didn't cut anything, so wasn't able to obtain the jam smell. I have experienced that aroma and it is sooo good! Delicious ;) it should give seeds in a few months, that'll help i.d. better. If it is what I think then that is great news! As this is a fair way out of its recorded habitat! Cheers
  24. On the podium are five sterile culture containers of Acacia acuminata. Tubes to be auctioned separately. These are aseptically germinated seed, and are suitable for further sterile work, or for deflasking into a suitable environment for garden growth. Once you receive them they are yours to do with as you wish Funds from this auction will be donated to the Seed Saver's Network, to continue their work teaching and mentoring communities in Australia and overseas, encouraging groups to maintain their local, biodiverse and sustainable food resources. Jude and Michel do some of the best outreach work I have ever seen and they have inspired me for several decades now http://www.seedsavers.net/ Auction notes: if you are a successful bidder you accept the terms and recommendations below Plants are approx 2-4cm tall with two explants per jar. They will have another few weeks of growth in them under fresh coolwhite fluro tubes, or indirect light about 200-250 µmol photons/m2/second ( ie about 10-20% of daylight strength- more could cook them ). If plantlets get taller than 7-8cm it can become difficult to remove and handle them aseptically. Auction open to addresses within Australia only, with the exception of WA. I will not ship to WA for quarantine reasons. Cultures are functionally sterile at the time of shipping, but media contains PPM Culture tubes are 150ml, with 50ml culture media containing 10g/L gelcarin. The high gelling agent amount will help, but not entirely prevent root and stem damage during shipping I won't be held accountable for their success in further culture as that relies on factors outside my control. Simple aseptic teks have previously worked for minimal replication of this species. If you post your tek and pics to SAB myself or someone else may be able to help, but that depends on time available to me and clarity of your requests Auction bid includes shipping cost Auction bids open at $20 per jar, and auction closes at midnight on Sunday 28th April 2013 Tube #1 Starting bid $20 Tube #2 Starting bid $20 Tube #3 Starting bid $20 Tube #4 Starting bid $20 Tube #5 Starting bid $20
  25. another id request, pic's taken in situ. habitat, always close to the creek, sometimes in the creek, central qld, ~100km inland. appearance, silver/glaucacious phyllodes, quite large phyllodes with young specimens. cylindrical flowers (no pic) slightly coiled seedpods.