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Found 6 results

  1. Was surprised to find this seedling with a friend the other morning. Hopefully doesn’t rotate picture this time!

    © Me

  2. Hi everyone, I planted 30 Acacia acuminata seeds in November 2018 and most died off except these two (see pics). They've been this size (2-3cm) for 3 months and don't seem to want to push forward & grow. I live in Sydney and these grow outside in my courtyard with very lightly (10%) filtered morning and a bit of noon sun. My questions are: 1. What soil should I use? [Scotts Osmocote® Professional Native Potting & Planting Mix?] 2. Watering requirements? 3. Sunlight/temperature/humidity requirements? 4. Pot requirements? 5. Something else I should be doing to help these babies push past this stage? Any help is greatly appreciated as I am struggling immensely to get any type of acuminata to grow and am worried about the potential mass deaths of seedlings in the future!
  3. Hi everyone, Hope your new year is going well so far and all your plants are thriving in this warm & humid(ish) summer! My Acacia acuminata (var small seed) seems to be struggling a lot - most of its leaves are drying out, turning orange/yellow and falling off. Just as the last few leaves fall out, it miraculously manages to produce one or two new green ones, before those end up drying out and falling off too. It doesn't seem to be able to retain any of its old leaves while simultaneously producing new ones. Any advice on what could be causing this & what I should do differently? A bit of info on its growing condition: 1. Grown outdoors in full morning & a bit of arvo sun in Sydney, Aus. 2. Its in a laundry basket with lots of holes cut out (air pruning). 3. Soil medium is cactus/succulent mix with perlite. Compost on top. 4. Soil dries out pretty quickly but I replenish it with moisture every one or two days. 5. Using a range of fertilizers, normally Seasol & Powerfeed, and sometimes Maxigrow - every week(ish) during spring/summer. 6. Plant was purchased in mid-Nov (looked healthy when it arrived). Any advice on how to grow this wonderful plant is much appreciated! Thank you
  4. 87_botanist

    Acacia ID needed

    Hey Crew just chasing a ID on these Acacia I'm almost positive they are acuminata but I have been wrong plenty of times before these samples were taken from the out skirts of York, from the bottom of the tree and from what i can tell none of the other trees are in full blossom. If needed i can post more pictures tomorrow
  5. Hello, Just wondering if any knowledgeable person could give an id for these two Acacia's. I am interested purely from a knowledge perspective. Thanks for any help in advance. Greg
  6. mindperformer

    Acacia acuminata

    Acacia acuminata spooks around the ethnobotanical community in recent years. It's natural habitat is very restricted, depending on the variation and form, and there are many of it, which can be distinguished only by experienced botanists. The habitat is the geologically the oldest on earth, there were found the oldest rocks and fossils (stromatolites). Some variations contain potential toxic alkaloids like MTHBC, 2-MTHBC and THBC. Unfortunately because of predicted DMT-contents (only few hardly distinguishable subspecies) there has been a careless depletion of the trees in nature. They can get very old and are standing on the oldest ground on earth, so it is absolutely unethical and disrespectful, not to say an asshole-action to destroy this trees. I think anyone who does this will have a very bad karma and will get badly intoxicated from the extracts. Anyone who wants to breed this plant for conservation of the species should not buy cuttings. There are vendors, selling seeds which are easy to germinate. I got the small seed-variant via ebay (they were sent from Australia to Austria within one week ;-) The seedlings which thrive very well now (after scarification of the seeds with sandpaper and 300ppm GA3):