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  1. bicbiro

    Acacia ID, Perth Region

    Thanks Cristop. I went back to the site and could not find any pods at all, but good advice. I did get a sample and took a photo of the second acacia for scale. any suggestions what the second acacia is?
  2. bicbiro

    Acacia ID, Perth Region

    thanks for your responses. I appreciated it. These are taken on the darling scarp/eastern hills, (exact location not announced for obvious reasons) A friend is adamant the first one is an Acacia acuminata, but i can't find any information that shows the flowers having such a short sessile. I did note the two barks have a similar pattern. Is this any indication? Might be a dum question, but do all A. acuminata variants have curved tips on there phyllodes (Because on the macro level, the first species does not)? Thanks again for your input. Greg.
  3. Hello, Just wondering if any knowledgeable person could give an id for these two Acacia's. I am interested purely from a knowledge perspective. Thanks for any help in advance. Greg