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Found 15 results

  1. TheMooseZeus

    Busted for bark

    hmmmm https://www.abc.net.au/news/2020-04-29/lawyer-claims-client-found-with-drugs-was-breaking-bad-fan/12197196?fbclid=IwAR0_j_6ZiFWUqwkMk0-AgLlNAK2Y5Vah7VJL2jl7XVWN8ZLOO7w3m4FofyE
  2. This is big. https://www.iflscience.com/health-and-medicine/spirit-molecule-dmt-keeps-cells-alive-when-oxygen-levels-low/?fbclid=IwAR1CPIVBio8waARjiVPQd5pFVx_HSjtH2EmgH5T3OHXYkjGcCWWYzNJA-aU
  3. This shows that the best times to harvest P. viridis are 6 am and 6 pm. (Sunrise and sunset) I was wondering if we could correlate/compare data such as the activity of insects in a 24 hours period or humidity percentages etc. (bearing in mind that this plant was in the jungle) Original source - https://pdfs.semanticscholar.org/221d/facd7adfa3947e46cd101764a3d25e9da678.pdf?_ga=2.40171938.1492583384.1526295629-1998647047.1526295629 Pic was taken from the Herbalistic instagram
  4. TheMooseZeus

    Phalaris Grass

    Heyo, does anyone know how to ID phalaris grasses? There's nothing too clear online. If anyone can ID this i would love to hear it:) Found in coastal NSW near a creek
  5. TheMooseZeus


    Acacia longissima seems to be in flower at the moment and i have heard rumours of alkaloid content but no first hand experience as of yet. Has anyone had any luck or even tried to do anything with this acacia? Its a pretty groovy looking acacia too -Cheers!
  6. TheMooseZeus

    Stubborn\ Acacias

    Hey, this is my first post so please excuse me if its a mess I planted acacia seeds about a month ago, 8 obtusifolia and 4 floribunda, 2 of each of these popped up in days, not problem. Since then in the last 3 weeks i have planted an additional 15 or so floribunda. So far I've only had 2 obtusifolia germinate and are doing great. And 2 floribunda which also popped up fast after planting. The remainder seem to be laying dormant. Is it common to have this much gap between germinating acacias? Could it be the difference between planting at the beginning of summer and towards the end?
  7. https://www.tga.gov.au/consultation-invitation/consultation-proposed-amendments-poisons-standard-july-2016-medicines Pay close attention to the proposed change to scheduling of nn-dmt, if you are interested in that type of thing. This could be a huge step in a positive direction paving the way for usage in a religious context.
  8. Yeti101

    DMT story in MSM

    When's that TGA decision happening again? Amazing timing. Probably a coincidence. Not great press though.
  9. A team of Hungarian researchers are studying DMT’s unique ability to protect brain cells under high stress situations, such as during clinical death. Dimethyltryptamine, or DMT, is one of man’s biggest conundrums. Once smoked, DMT elicits an out-of-body experience so extraordinary that afterwards many are never the same. Unimaginable visions of complex geometrical patterns, contact with extra-dimensional beings, and ego-death are among the most commonly described facets of the DMT experience. But beyond these fantastical visions there exist many more pressing questions about DMT, or the “spirit molecule,” as it is often referred to. For one, DMT is ever abundant in nature. It is potentially found in all living things, a theory which recently gained credence after it was discovered in the pineal gland of rats. This naturally occurring, endogenous abundance of DMT is indeed mind-boggling to many. I mean, think about it – the most powerful psychedelic known to man is produced within the bodies of all living things. What purpose does it serve? But perhaps even more fascinating is exactly how and when our body releases and uses DMT. Dr. Rick Strassman, the scientist known for his pioneering research into the physiological and mystical properties of the DMT experience, proposed that DMT is released during high-stress situations, such as during a near-death experience or during birth. Why would our body release a potent psychedelic during these types of events? How would understanding these endogenous processes aid us in our quest for knowledge? The answer to theses questions are still largely unknown, but many scientists and researchers remain hungry to find them. DMT & Its Protective Properties Currently, a team of researchers based out of Hungary are looking at the unique, protective properties of DMT, particularly during the perplexing period known as clinical death. During these imperative 5 minutes, our awareness is somewhat “stuck” in a place between life and death. However, clinical death is never final. In fact, it is often reversible thanks to CPR, which offers patients a chance to “come back.” Nevertheless, when the critical 5 minutes have passed and a person has not yet been resuscitated, second by second the patient exponentially loses the chance to recover, or at least recover to a life worth living. This is because oxidative stress, the enemy of resuscitation, causes the rapid death of important cells in the body, such as brain cells. For this reason, even a few more seconds bought by a doctor could be the difference between life and death for a patient. Remarkably enough, DMT may be the answer. Dr. Ede Frecska, author of the book Inner Paths To Outer Space, along with colleague Dr. Attila Szabo, are the two lead researchers in charge of the study looking at DMT and its ability to protect cells under high-stress situations. “Our promising findings give us compelling reason to believe that the time frame of clinical death can be extended with the help of DMT,” the team stated in a video posted on their IndieGogo page. “Just imagine how many lives could be saved by an extra few minutes?“ Dr. Frecska and Dr. Szabo propose that DMT in fact serves a somato-physiological function within the body, rather than just the psychotomimetic (psychedelic) effect most are aware of. In their review paper published in the journal Translational Neuroscience, Dr. Frecska and Dr. Szabo detail evidence that points to how, why, and when DMT can be a life saver. DMT’s Free Pass DMT protects brain cells from dying during high-stress situations such as clinical death. Once DMT is in the blood, it is relatively safe from enzymes that normally would break it down immediately. Oddly enough, DMT enters the brain in a highly facilitated manner, passing through the 3 barriers with the help of active transport mechanisms, suggesting vital “urgency.” Only vital chemicals have this privilege, such as glucose and amino acids. Then, DMT is stored in synaptic vessels for up to 1 week, where it waits to be released under appropriate circumstances. Why would our brain selectively allow what is classified as a “toxic drug” into its VIP club? Another interesting factor to consider is DMT’s effect on Sig-1R receptors. The sigma-1 receptor (Sig-1R) is located intracellularly between the mitochondria and the endoplasmic reticulum as part of a safety mechanism against oxidative stress. Surprisingly, DMT is one of the few endogenous stimulants of Sig-1R’s, which, after considering all the latter points, signifies an important physiological role. How Would This Be Applied? Dr. Frecska and Dr. Szabo suggest two critical applications of DMT in modern medicine. One would be to administer DMT during the clinical death period, which would mitigate the effects of hypoxia and the damage of brain cells. Another application would see DMT being used in the polar opposite situation. A similar protective mechanism might come useful in the perinatal period, especially during delivery. Passing through the birth canal represents high risk of hypoxia brain damage to the newborn, and therefore DMT sourced from the placenta would reduce the chance of brain damage occurring. Help From Crowdfunding Is Needed At this point, Frecska and Szabo are still in the primary stages of research. In order to continue their work, they need to raise funds to pay for the laboratory costs associated with their studies. As a start, they’ve just launched an IndieGogo campaign detailing their mission, in hope of gaining the support of people interested in DMT’s incredible medicinal potential. Be sure to check out their campaign page HERE for more information! Original news page http://www.collective-evolution.com/2015/06/07/dmt-being-used-to-prolong-life-after-clinical-death/ Crowdsourcing campagin https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/dmt-for-extending-life-when-you-need-it-the-most#/story Original research paper https://www.cottonwoodresearch.org/wp-content/uploads/2013/11/Pineal-DMT.pdf Very interesting, or is it? The more research being done the better right?
  10. Gardner, D., F. Riet-Correa, D. Lemos, K. Welch, J. Pfister, and K. Panter. 2014. Teratogenic effects of Mimosa tenuiflora in a rat model and possible role of N-methyl- and N,N-dimethyltryptamine. Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, Article ASAP. doi:10.1021/jf5005176. http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/24689494 The researchers fed pregnant rats with food pellets containing some M. tenuiflora leaf, seed, alkaloid extract of the leaf or seed, or purified DMT or NMT, then examined them for abnormalities at 21 days gestation. The dosage was not extreme: the greatest concentrations were in the leaf enhanced feed, which contained around 150 μg/g apiece of DMT and NMT, while the feeds enhanced with either pure DMT or NMT contained around 60 μg/g. Cleft palates were observed to varying degrees in all groups except for the control. Skeletal abnormalities were observed in all groups, including the control, but occurred with significantly greater frequency in the experimental feed groups. For the DMT-fed rats, skeletal deformities were observed in approximately 48% of pups, while cleft palate issues were observed in approximately 6%. For the NMT-fed rats, skeletal deformities were observed in approximately 36% of pups, while cleft palate issues were observed in approximately 19%. The group fed a mixture of DMT and NMT (at 116 and 93 μg/g feed, respectively) showed the smallest incidence of skeletal malformations of the experimental feed groups, with approximately 13%; for comparison, the incidence in the control group was approximately 9%. The combined DMT and NMT also resulted in the highest incidence of cleft palate issues, approximately 57%, and was the only feed type where any pups exhibited hard palate damage. There is one very curious feature about this study: the rats were not fed any monoamine oxidase inhibitors (MAOIs) during the course of the study. Under ordinary circumstances, orally-administered DMT is rapidly metabolized by monoamine oxidase (MAO) enzymes before it can enter the bloodstream. Since no MAOIs were administered and the doses do not appear sufficient to saturate the MAO enzyme, it is most likely that any effects occurred not as a direct result of DMT or NMT, but as a result of their metabolites. The primary metabolite of both DMT and NMT is indole-3-acetic acid, and has been noted as `` mutagenic for mammalian somatic cells''. It is also unclear why teratogenic effects would only have been noticed in rats and Brazilian cattle. They are far from the only animals that eat tryptamine-rich forage. Both sheep and cattle sometimes graze on Phalaris grass, and while they occasionally suffer phalaris staggers, no correlation between Phalaris and birth defects has been noted. And giraffes eat large quantities of tryptamine-rich Acacia foliage, apparently without issue. What this means for humans is unclear. While the study didn't use outlandish quantities of DMT, the dosage schedule was still very different than in a DMT-using human. For the rats, DMT was consumed throughout the day as part of every meal. In humans, DMT is not typically used on a daily basis, much less on a perpetual basis. It is difficult to draw any equivalencies between sporadic use in humans and chronic low-level use in rats. Still, it raises some concerns for any women who consume DMT while pregnant.
  11. here is what i found posted on the internet claiming tepezcohuite found in mexico here is the one i found in a nearby area here is another specie let me know your opinions
  12. Now, as Spring is coming upon us, I can't stress it enough that people don't go out there, rape a tree of it's bark and it's essential right to live its life as a tree autonomously (:D), to get some DMT. Please go for the unhealthy ones, if you are going to be a tree rapist. I know that this message was short, but the point is, I'm sick and tired of seeing dead A. Maidenii's around my neighbourhood. Show a little respect...and that respect might treat you to some good times...catch the cold August wind drifts? Peace, Psych...
  13. http://www.disinfo.com/2012/04/planthuman-symbiosis-and-the-fall-of-humanity-interview-with-tony-wright/ Has anyone read the theory of neural evolution proposed by Tony Wright in Left In The Dark? What did you think of it? This idea is extremely fascinating to me and there seems to be a TON of evidence to support the general idea.
  14. can anyone confirm if this is Phalaris arundinacea picta? can anyone also confirm that this does contain DMT and how much? i have researched but as there is a a vriety of Phalaris arundinacea but i culdnt find the (picta) type, i only noticed this as i saw a picture of it on the shamans australia website so im assuming it does. is it worth while source?
  15. Distracted

    Police warn of drug's dangers

    Intense drug arrives in Perth Human bodies naturally contain a small amount of it, as do cane toads, but a new drug that has been found in Western Australia in the past week is of great concern to Police and drug experts. Professor Steve Allsop from Curtin University's National Drug Research Institute said he was surprised last week to hear that police had found two drug labs allegedly manufacturing dimethyltryptamine (DMT) in Perth. "I haven't heard of it being used widely in WA," he said. Professor Allsop said the drug which occurs naturally in the human body, in cane toads and some plants, was far more potent in the synthetic version. He said no one knew what the purpose of naturally occurring dimethyltryptamine in the human body was. "Some people speculate that it plays a role in the creation of dreams, but we just don't know," Professor Allsop said. "It is a psychedelic or a hallucinogen; it can cause hallucinations and a sense of separation from reality." He said the drug had been referred to by some as a 'lunchtime drug' because it was short acting. It kicks in quickly, can be extremely intense and wears off quickly. Professor Allsop said the separation from reality meant it could be a very dangerous drug. "There's a risk of injury if people aren't aware of whom or where they are, or could fall over, walk in front of traffic, just stray onto the road," he said. Professor Allsop said the short lasting effects could attract some to the drug; it was also very unpredictable and could be a frightening experience for those who took it. "A lot of people don't like it because it can make you feel different each time, it can depend on different factors, such as your mood." He said the effects could be even more detrimental on people vulnerable to mental health issues. Professor Allsop said the dimethyltryptamine allegedly being manufactured in Perth may have been being made for use in its own right or it could have been to add it to other drugs. Read more: http://www.watoday.c...l#ixzz1tT7io1ZE