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  1. here is what i found posted on the internet claiming tepezcohuite found in mexico here is the one i found in a nearby area here is another specie let me know your opinions
  2. spinyGator

    Trichocereus - Altman Nursery Strains

    i'm not here to prove whether i am right or wrong, but to prove that things the way they are. I noticed that you had been drooling over my clones, wanting it for free. Get real bro. I have noticing so many haters in this forum so it's is very useless to continue on to stir up more hatred and angers from low-lives who is doing nothing but give bad judgements to others.
  3. spinyGator

    Trichocereus - Altman Nursery Strains

    sure, if you got my age right, i will give you that huanucoensis for FREE
  4. spinyGator

    Trichocereus - Altman Nursery Strains

    chill bro, why u keep repeating the centipede that i named. I can smell jealousy. I haven't seen you post anything new except those old hybrids
  5. spinyGator

    Trichocereus - Altman Nursery Strains

    True, labeling is based characteristics toward certain clones, but there is variations among the altmans
  6. spinyGator

    Trichocereus - Altman Nursery Strains

    nice plant indeed. I wonder how one plant can give you a monstrose, a cristate, and a regular, very unique stuff
  7. spinyGator

    Trichocereus - Altman Nursery Strains

    as someone said, we needs to genetically identify this since visual IDs is impossible since there are too many hybrids
  8. Here are the strains from Altman Nursery in Vista, California This is sold as T. Pachanoi, but it looks a lot more like a T. Huanucoensis 9 ribs Pups T. Pachanoi Monstrose cristate pups popping out from a semi-monstrose plant T. Pachanoi "Altman's Colossus" This cultivar looks similar to the Altman Monstrose but with more ridges and grow straight up without all the weird ridges Common T. Pachanoi suspect it's a Huanucoensis Berkeley's Front Yard but more information is need to confirm whether it's a PC or Huanucoensis BBG's Front yard ( Peru 56.1153) by noticing its flowering habits e.g. "time, hair color, petals color, etc." Here is Berkeley Botanical Garden's Front Yard T. Huanucoensis ( Peru 56.1153) Commonly seen T. Pachanoi, could be a PC form but has characteristics of a PC
  9. spinyGator

    Peruvianus experts needed.

    i got an exact plant like your #3, however, it from zircon on ebay. After growing for 3 years, i chopped it down and feed it to my turtles (if you know what i mean)