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  1. waterboy 2.0

    Is herd immunity possible?

    80% of the eligible adult population Ill leave that alone now.... Ive already stated a while back im not convinced of herd immunity in this case... I remain of that opinion.
  2. waterboy 2.0

    Tinnitus & psychedelic therapy

    Once youve done the damage its done.... Mines all my own doing.. Industrial trade as a pup, evil metal music.. Lol... Hours using firearms, not using ear protection for those "quick" jobs. ( use ear protection and no safety squints folks) Mind state defo affects how pervasive it seems, ive watched fellas nearly lose their shit over it once mentally locked on.
  3. waterboy 2.0

    Post your track of the day

  4. waterboy 2.0

    covid 19 vaccination

    Vaxx gang represent. Disapointed im not magnetic or a 5G signal amplifier. Mental health epidemic is concerning me more but....
  5. waterboy 2.0

    Outdoor grow tip for Aussies

    Corrugated carboard and Hessian are great for expanding spawn and ive found leap off better into substrates. This includes in-situ natural and planned/imported substrates. I spread wood blewits everywhere just using stem butts and cardboard. Lol.. Theyve depleted the natural substrate in a coupla locations.
  6. waterboy 2.0

    Coupla TBMs

    Coupla well rooted TBMs, nice fat mother segments needing up potting. Asking $5/segment + post if on the hunt. Will post bare rooted.
  7. waterboy 2.0

    Coupla TBMs

    Hi all. Went AWAL had enough of internet dumbfuckery and the constant noise going on... Focussed on preparing for fire season, family, getting vaccinated, and treading water financially. Strength to all doing it tough *nods head* I'll l work through the messages in order as i got em. Appears over subscribed but ill see what i can do and where folk are at now
  8. Searching around for ideas for a new project I'm planning I came across this site: http://freecabinporn.com/ Lol...its safe for work folks, there are some beautiful structures in beautiful locations. WB
  9. waterboy 2.0

    Ephedra sp. cultivation notes and discussion

    I just got altissima hard Good work Sagi
  10. waterboy 2.0


    I really hope this is not reddit styled shilling
  11. waterboy 2.0

    Alternatives to this place?

    Why is it always folk that say it's dying here usually those that either have contributed little themselves or have a personal beef because they can't get something they are after immediately.... Or stamping their feet after paying out on a few members and leaving, can't forget those ones, they are my favourites
  12. waterboy 2.0


    I remember that:
  13. waterboy 2.0

    What TV series would you recommend as a much watch?

    Had been laid up and watched The Boys through back to back. Took a couple episodes to get into... Now awaiting the third season it cracked me up. Probably awaiting the second season of The Witcher more though Utopia.. There is a UK and US spin on this series. Thought the UK characters were filled out much better.. Stay alive Jessica Hyde As an aside watched the movie Danger Close : The Battle of Long Tan, and enjoyed the way it captured Aussies.
  14. Haven't come across that before, but have crossed just simple old Christmas tree lights under plastic/cloche cover, they were used to keep the temp up enough to stop freeze damage. You may be onto something
  15. waterboy 2.0

    Bracing for the US election...

    LOL EDIT - I think we know which country is the greatest...
  16. waterboy 2.0

    Help with i.d

    Lol.. Know the stains... +1 mulberry
  17. waterboy 2.0

    Kk339 tricho

    Maybe... Not sure where it's at growthwise Kinda hectic, so might take me a bit to check on it. If no one else gets onto you with it, and I haven't got back to you give me a PM nudge
  18. waterboy 2.0

    Mandatory Vacinations, no jab no play

    Do YoUr ReSeArCh If we were to think of the kids, a baby if formula fed is exposed to more aluminium (or salts of to be correct) than fully vaccinated. Because it's ubiquitous and abundant in the earths crust you are getting it from food..... And in drinking water.... Aluminium salts ... Don't use tin foil... It's aluminium foil these days can't be good on exposed skin.
  19. waterboy 2.0

    Electric car

    Dunno much about them, although a few northern charging sites have appeared and found a few around grey nomad haunts. When i was working at the uni there was chatter of installing them, but I dunno if they progressed might be worth a chat with anyone around it. It shouldn't be long that if it's got tourists in transit they'll have them. I walked past a bank of them somewhere around the Hobart cbd but currently can't recall the position wasn't far from the hospital though. I'm intrigued to know how you go mate. I drove a hybrid in a carpool and their silence at traffic lights use to catch me out... Lol
  20. waterboy 2.0

    Fluffy bunny rabbits

    Yeah...yeah Sal.ive got balls mate... Group think... Lol.. Get a grip... The moment its not fitting your perception tunnel you are on the attack. You must have missed my attitude on such crap whilst having a sook, it's not fresh. Surprised you didn't jab my mental capacity and go cuck crazy... Yeah I'm in with the secret organisation that deliberately disseminated a virus, to take control and enslave you under communist rule and poison all with jabs, and can't wait to social score folks, whilst scrubbing legal tender out. The fact you'll even frame I'm with the government or your make believe utopia is just stupid. They have you mate,rent free, you are appearing manic with it IMO and the piss ain't helping. You starting to read like a seppo I'll note... Of course it's a pandemic by definition, fuck deaths don't even equate into it.... The rest of the shit is heresay and to be tested. Let's see how sasha goes.... You'll find my rant about cashless a while back when the liberals first chased it way before this shit. The rest of that is close to the bone patriotic cloned material. Near Facebook ready. I'm doing what I was doing before lockdown down here. I don't even submit to death... Until it's stronger than me,it can try. Submit to government.. Lol... You sure as hell don't know me or poisoned those points out of your grey matter. There's a lot of folk doing it tough, I'm not even gunna go into mine, but I wish you and yours the best getting through it. And to all of you I know have been laid off or on the cusp. Pretty sure I got round your framed shit, done with itat least until the bottle goes down, and that'll need to be extended. What a fucking waste of time....
  21. waterboy 2.0

    Show us ya Mother Plants!

    Bring it