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  1. sim

    I.d please

    Cheers mate.
  2. sim

    I.d please

    Damn L.B.M's
  3. sim

    I.d please

    Thank you too ZooL. I'm a grom at mycology. I'm thinking gallerina of some kind? Brown spores. Kind of a ring on the stem.
  4. sim

    I.d please

    Thanks for your help/time R.C much appreciated.
  5. sim

    I.d please

    Hi guys just wondering if anyone can i.d these lil fellas. Thanks.
  6. sim

    Cordyceps militaris wanted

    Hi guy's I'm looking for Cordyceps militaris liquid culture or plates please p.m.
  7. sim

    Damiana wanted

    Damiana plant wanted.
  8. sim

    Damiana wanted

    Looking for damiana plant/plants for trade.
  9. sim

    Tabernaemontana divaricata

    Thanks for your help i did not realise its so common.
  10. sim

    Tabernaemontana divaricata

    Looking for pinwheel flower (Tabernaemontana divaricata)
  11. Hi all trying to find Geum triflorum ( Prairie smoke).
  12. Thank you everyone for your time much appreciated!
  13. Hi could someone please id this tree?
  14. Can anyone help i.d this plant the leaves remind me of mitragyna species?
  15. sim

    Help with i.d

    Thank you for your time Evil Genius and Micromegas much appreciated!!