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    trich seed Giveaway- kinda

    what beach is that? wanna go there now
  2. nah mate the only thing criminal going on there is the fact the govt of aus isn't funding this. Seriously though, you will not be getting any shit from helping that lady out. Breaking the law to help someone else is gotta be one of the most humane things possible. Hiding jews from the slaughter of the nazis. laws are meant to be broken.
  3. should probs put photos up for the id aye, some are starting to go to seedpod
  4. the only thing is a can't confirm nor deny if its actual silene capensis. The flowers look different but it is most definitely a silene
  5. my silene's are in flower at the moment so could probably supply you heaps in a month or 2 (Idk how long it takes to go to seed pod)
  6. Nailthesnail

    $250au giveaway..................DECIDED

    Hey, Just posting to let you know have recieved $200 from Pimento and Anonymous member. Thank you so much, I am thinking I might use it to get a better juicer for her as she doesn't have a juicing one and my one is old and budget. Thanks Anon and Pimento it means a whole lot to me and my friend. And thanks for the prints pimento I'm so excited!
  7. Nailthesnail

    Passiflora ID

    looks like incarnarta to me?
  8. Nailthesnail

    Most dangerous plant - Ongaonga

    so why is it the most dangerous plant lol?
  9. I work for a horticulture company in my area, I love plants and love gardening but I don't really think there is to much money in it, for example I am doing a course for my horticulture 3 and 4 but I am not getting paid very well for it. I love my job to a point but it's not as glamorous as you would think. The problem I have with it is you lose the bond between you and the plant when you are dealing with them on a commercial scale. It's quite tough work and very long hours but there are some benefits! Like free plants and seedlings. I do love my job but there probably isn't to much money in it
  10. Nailthesnail

    Chamomile lawn project

    Sick project! one problem I have had with lawn chamomile is that you gotta keep it more on the wet side of life or it will dry out, but that could easily be human error on my part lol. That sounds awesome!
  11. Nailthesnail

    My cacti stopped spiking me , I think they must really like me to go that far

    i had a cuzcoensis rooting and I chucked it outside it fell onto my hand and my hand is still having problems. I missed a day of work and couldnt move my thumb for weeks. Just because it didn't hurt this time doesn't mean it won't again
  12. Nailthesnail

    IMG 20141024 183427

    may god be with you
  13. Nailthesnail


    I reckon you would probs get better results if you weren't calling it phleb
  14. why did you invest in this lol? Just curious
  15. Nailthesnail

    graft? scion grows roots..cut?or not?

    I saw a think by hostilis( I think) where he used the roots to his advantage and attached a little bag of dry mix to the area where the roots where developing so it was prerooted before degrafting, gotta be honest that saves a lot of time and energy
  16. Nailthesnail

    Attached to the cactus

    show us a recent photo?
  17. Nailthesnail

    $250au giveaway..................DECIDED

    So basically, this is all I can think of that is cool in my life that i really do think will make a difference. When I used to be at school I became quite good friends with one of my teachers, we keep in contact quite a lot and just 4 or so months ago she found out she had sever cervical cancer for the 3rd time I believe. She is not aloud to have chemo therapy and was told she didn't have to long, She started researching the hole alkaline juice fast diet to beat the big C, I found out she was juicing and eating raw organic to boost her immunity and I had to help out. After finding out from a friend who works at the school that she was juicing I went in that week before she left for her home country and told her that it would mean a lot to me if she would let me grow her some plants for her juicing diet. So she is still away and will be away in her country for another month but, I have the plants to prove what I am doing and the emails. So far I am growing for her 60 spinach plants(seedlings atm), 10 trays of wheat grass, 6kale(will be getting another 20 I think) and a few different varieties of lettuce(24 lettuces all up) and will probably research what else is great for it. I'll put some photos up as soon as I get the chance #######EDIT##### http://postimg.org/image/ra4il7mbb/ Will get garden photos as soon as I have camera available(this week) Wheat grass in last pic, the spinach is double sown ( more then 50 but in bunches of 2) that is how they sow them at work. And there is a bunch of lettuce and silverbeet seeds that have not germinated yet in the blank areas Priorotise is also sending me seeds ####EDIT###### I am not sure if the photos are veiwable? I am not at home tonight but can reupload photos if need be. Lovely to see all the good deeds its awesome!
  18. Nailthesnail

    Smells and tastes like weed, but what is it?

    PH, Kings seeds has motherwort seeds I believe.
  19. Nailthesnail

    ID this clump?

    cuzcoensis? EDIT Nah I doubt its a cuz
  20. Nailthesnail

    Help with ID thanks

    also I was under the impression grandifloras flowered red. Not the best id'r though
  21. Nailthesnail

    Help with ID thanks

    spachianus? thats what I reckon
  22. Nailthesnail

    I Have Fallen Ill

    that is terrible man, I hope you get better. is it serious or will you be alright? Sending love from my way. Peace bro
  23. Nailthesnail

    Spores in NZ

    wut type spore of?