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  1. LikeAshesWeFade

    WTB/Trade: Penis Envy Print(s).

    Howdy! I'm currently on the hunt for any PE cube prints (edit: I actually just realised that PE prints cannot be made due to the caps not opening enough to expose spores), petri/liquid cultures, slants etc. that someone may be keen to sell or trade? Shoot me a message if you're able to help and we'll chat further about making a purchase or a trade for a few things I've got in my collection. Obviously these are for strict mycology research! Cheers, LikeAshes.
  2. LikeAshesWeFade

    Want ephedra seeds or plants

    Shoot me a message man. I have some E. nebrodensis and E. fragilis seeds that I can send you.
  3. LikeAshesWeFade

    St Johns Wort

    Shoot me a message dude. I am happy send you a bunch of seeds!
  4. LikeAshesWeFade

    WTB Acacia courtii seeds (approx 10 - 100)

    Howdy, I am just looking to possibly buy or trade for some A. courtii seeds if anyone has some spare or may know anyone with some they'd be willing to sell/trade? Thanks in advance! LikeAshes.
  5. LikeAshesWeFade

    WTB: Camellia Sinensis

    9 years later and I'm still bloody hunting this plant hahaha.. I've found them over east in Melbourne while I'm on holiday atm although the price is just a bit steep to purchase the plant and spend a heap of cash just to post it back home to WA so I'll continue looking for viable seeds instead. :)
  6. Hey dude, nah I've not done much more digging into S. apiana as of yet but will definitely check out that extraction method and possibly do a little bioassay of the crude extract to see what effects are noticed, if any. Given the results of that study in comparison to the control opioid and cannabinoid agonist drugs they used, it definitely sounds very promising and may very well have some level of psychoactivity!
  7. A fantastic and highly intriguing lecture by Julian Palmer.
  8. Good question. I'm sure there would be a number of online Ethnobotanical/pharmacology journals, so I'll see what I can find and post some links in here if I source any decent ones!
  9. Some extremely intriguing and promising results on the pharmacological evaluation of Salvia apiana. I am very eager to conduct an ethanolic extract on some white sage leaves as soon as I can acquire enough material in order to bioassay the extract and take note of any potential psychoactivity. As from what this data postulates, it may very well be an effective analgesic and anxiolytic compound. Abstract: "Salvia apiana (white sage, Lamiaceae family) plant is native to southern California and parts of Mexico. Some Native American tribes local to this region consider S. apiana to be sacred and burn the leaves as incense for purification ceremonies. The plant has been used to treat sore throats, coughs, chest colds, upper respiratory infections and poison oak rashes. The aqueous ethanolic extract of S. apiana showed moderate CB1 activity (58.3% displacement). Chromatographic purification of the ethanolic extract on silica gel column led to isolation of nine compounds: rosmadial (I), carnosol (II), 16-hydroxycarnosol (III), sageone (IV), cirsimaritin (V), salvigenin (VI), oleanolic acid (VII), 3β,28-dihydroxy-urs-12-ene (VIII), and ursolic acid (IX). The structures of the isolated compounds were determined by their 1D, 2D NMR and MS spectral data. All the fractions and isolated compounds were tested for cannabinoid and opioid receptor binding." https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5505801/
  10. LikeAshesWeFade

    Looking to buy ephedra

    Yep, they certainly aren't the easiest to germinate. Although with the right tek and conditions, I'm sure it would be possible!
  11. Hey guys and girls! I am currently hunting around for some A. simplicifolia seeds, as well as a L. williamsii graft, preferably on a trich of some sort but I am open to whatever is available really. Cheers!
  12. LikeAshesWeFade

    After some Phalaris Aquatica seeds

    Hey dude, checkout eBay as I have recently purchased some through there! I'll grab the link for ya, while they may come from France and risk not making it through customs/biosecurity, the price is fairly cheap! https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/80-graines-ALPISTE-AQUATIQUE-Phalaris-Aquatica-G998-BULBOUS-CANARY-GRASS-SEEDS/182462991187?hash=item2a7ba44b53:g:IAkAAOxyDgRQ9efS:rk:1:pf:0
  13. LikeAshesWeFade

    Edible Cultures for Sale Australia

    Definitely keen for some shiitake and a couple of those oysters mate. Once I've got some cash put aside I'll get in touch to make a purchase!
  14. LikeAshesWeFade

    All prints are for Microscopy ONLY!

    I would love to take that Fiji print off your hands if possible @87_botanist I can offer a Cambodian print (microscopy purposes only) for trade if you'd like!
  15. LikeAshesWeFade

    Meet up: Perth

    Likewise with not making it to the meet. My 6wk old baby was up screaming all night and my partner was absolutely buggered so I had to stay back to help out around the house and with looking after me daughter... I feel horrible saying that I'll be somewhere then not making it! Anyhow.. to make up for not attending the meet I would love to do an online giveaway to those interested in some seed packs that I prepared for the meet last weekend! I will be giving away and posting out: - 3x packs of Mitragyna hirsuta seeds - 3x packs of Desmodium gangeticum seeds - A pack of SAB Acacia acuminata 'broad leaf' seeds - A pack of SAB Heimia salicifolia seeds - 3x packs of Sida cordifolia seeds I have also created a lovely legal pain relief and potent anxiolytic herbal formula using a 3:1 ratio of Mitragyna hirsuta and Mitragyna javanica powder. I will make up about 4x 20 cap sample packs to giveaway to those who may be interested! Flick me a PM and we can discuss it further if anyone is interested in any of these listings. I will edit this post as things are taken, so people will know what is left. I am also DEFINITELY keen on this camping trip you're planning @Gimli