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  1. Uda

    Meet up: Perth

    Bit miffed to have missed the meetup, was having some vehicle problems and it would have taken too long to fix and get there in time. Sounds like it was a good crew that made it there though, and the locations a perfect pick. Also keen on a camping trip, or whatever folks might be keen on for the next meet
  2. Uda

    Meet up: Perth

    Count me in. South Perth foreshore has worked well before so might as well keep a good thing going. I'll come as a trader, buyer with dollarydoos and seller with whatever I can bear to part with
  3. Mostly cacti cuts and seedlings this season, been a bit slack in the keeping-everything-alive department. I need a new place and greenhouse, and a million other things
  4. Uda

    Whiora x (scop &J2) seed giveaway.

    20, by my count
  5. thanks man!!!

  6. Nice one Toast. 6 days late - I'm happy to give a hand if testing is still open. Non smoker, and wouldn't myself consider tobacco to be a "relatively inert herb" myself. Could possibly layer with Mullein..? Keen to hear reports back on this one.
  7. Uda

    Bulk rue at cost - first 10 people

    Very kind, I'm down with this. PM'd.
  8. Keen. Commander Keen.
  9. Uda

    LW Alberto Vojtechii Auction

    Oh my. That's a lot of tacos! Awesome auction THCixx420, and congrats Jox!!
  10. Uda

    Meet up: Perth

    Great turnout; good to see everyone again. Even came home with a few more cacti, cheers noshie!
  11. Uda

    Meet up: Perth

    It's on like Donkey Kong! I'll make an appearance, but nothing too speccy to trade right now. Catch you lot soon.
  12. Uda

    Meet up: Perth

    Sunday it is. BT, I've got those loph seeds for ya. It just flowered another two flowers, so more seeds incoming with any luck
  13. Uda

    drug or pokemon

    19/40 over here, but as far as I'm concerned there was only ever 151 Pokemon anyway. No problem with the first gen names. This is such a gem I had to show my housemate. Mega Pokemon and drug nerd, so he just hit d for anything not recognisable, and finished with a cool 37/40.
  14. Happy to send you some acuminata narrow and wide phyllode, small seed variety, and some burkittii. Ages unknown, but were all still plenty viable a few months ago.