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  1. Thanks so much for checking it out man - glad you dig it!
  2. totemgoat

    Rocky cacti mix ins

    I love perlite, just bought a 100L bag of the stuff. If I could get more pumice, however, that'd be my go to and I'd mix it into everything I could. Only reasonably priced pumice I've found in Perth is ~70mm though (bunnings landscaping lava rock), which I'm forced to break up and sieve into different sizes myself. Going to buy some zeolite off the web soon I think, seems decently priced and I hear good things. EDIT: Unless my trichos are in absolute full sun I always make the mix significantly grittier. It doesn't seem to improve growth but in my experience it certainly helps prevent oedema and fungal issues.
  3. keen on the catha - for seed i have a bunch of acacia acuminata, tricho crosses, plus some frailea, parodia, etc., for cuts i have s. tortuosum, dragonfruit, maybe a potted scop.
  4. totemgoat

    Kanna/Scelly Wanted

    I've got cuttings/rooted cuts/small plants too if xperiment wasn't able to help out!
  5. totemgoat

    What to do with full variegated cutting?

    congrats on 4/5! assuming the vascular bundles were aligned my guess would be lack of pressure or humidity on the failed one.
  6. i'd love to get a cutting or two going in my garden! have lots of cactus seeds and a couple cuts in the arsenal, let me know if you're interested
  7. Hey guys, one of my bands just put out our debut album - thought it might appeal to some of our members so i'm commencing shameless self-promotion hahaha! It's a psychedelic/alternative/heavy/art rock record called 'In The Allure' with some stoner-rock elements thrown in for good measure. You can check it out here: https://moanamoana.bandcamp.com/album/in-the-allure & on spotify. Be sure to let me know what you think! Cheers, TG PS: Our vocalist is named Moana, and she's been around a good while longer than that Disney movie hahaha.
  8. totemgoat

    Loph seeds?

    i see you're in the US - uncle willy's emporium is supposed to be fantastic, they're a canadian loph nursery
  9. totemgoat

    Meet up: Perth

    everybody loves some grafting stock @XavierDass!
  10. totemgoat

    Cacti in Western Australia.

    yo man, pereskiopsis can be a little scarce and i'd love some for this season's seedlings - send me a message and let me know what you're thinking cost-wise!
  11. totemgoat

    Meet up: Perth

    sounds wicked gimli, can't see an attached image though? i'm a musician so hopefully i don't have anything big on the night before, otherwise - looking forward to it! my seeds for the season should've arrived by then and my early sow should've germinated too so i'll have plenty to bring along myself edit: just saw the photo further up the thread woops
  12. totemgoat

    Wanted: very chilli seeds

    Hey man, PM me your address and I'll send some dry purple tom pods - they're small fruits, medium-high spice, good flavour.
  13. totemgoat

    advice needed please

    it sounds like you have a problem with a number of things attacking your babies - remember first that weak/unhappy plants find it hard to defend themselves against pests, so make sure you've got them as comfortable as you can get them before you resort to using a chemical that will just as easily kill bees & other friendly creatures in your garden you can also use bait plants to distract caterpillars, use companion planting to steer away predators, and caps of beer to kill slugs & snails if you must use the baythroid: start low and increase as necessary, follow the bottle's instructions leaning towards using less than they recommend, and maybe be aware that trichocereus stomata are open at night and not during the day (not sure if that'd make any difference to the plant/critters but worth noting) fungus gnats can be controlled with diatomaceous earth from what i've heard, but if you have them in your mature trichos' soil i would recommend transplanting them into a more free draining mix with a a good layer of inorganic material around the base of the stem - if you're growing things indoors, fly paper has also worked wonders for me in fungus gnat control good luck!
  14. totemgoat

    advice needed please

    what pests are you trying to control? what are you concerned about?