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  1. vonnel


    Beutiful photos
  2. vonnel

    Harvesting caapi?

    thanks pretty pricey I know but i was keen to try it out,and glad I did its so mild to smoke with other things probably be in touch next time im after some cheers
  3. vonnel

    Harvesting caapi?

    hi i brought some caapi leaves dried on ebay recently 50 dollers for 30 grams goes well in certain smoking blends. If you have alot you could prob look up a tec to extract the leaves to x 10 sorry i cant help with your other questions cheers
  4. vonnel

    Gallery Error code: EX1062

    im still getting the same problem after a month
  5. im keen also if not to late cheers
  6. vonnel

    Pachanoi 'El Pedro'

    hi it arrived safe and well yesterday thanks and sorry again for being slow to respond after offer ive been working long hours cheers
  7. thought it was an auction thats why my first offer was low anyway i hope alls well
  8. vonnel

    Pachanoi 'El Pedro'

  9. vonnel

    Pachanoi 'El Pedro'

    hi mate sorry i havent been in touch will send tommorow if still availiable
  10. vonnel

    Pachanoi 'El Pedro'

    hi ile purchase the smaller if still available thanks
  11. vonnel


    great ive sent you a pm thanks
  12. vonnel


    hi I know im abit late just wondering if you still has any available cheers