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  1. This is a pretty awesome podcast from crime pays botany doesn't about some pretty cool research by Dr. Jason Slot. Hope this link works https://podcasts.google.com/feed/aHR0cHM6Ly9qb2VibG93ZS5wb2RiZWFuLmNvbS9mZWVkLnhtbA/episode/am9lYmxvd2UucG9kYmVhbi5jb20vMjQ0NjhjNjUtM2EwMy0zN2Y5LTkxN2ItMzZmNjUyNTkyNmQ0?ep=14
  2. teamwhy

    Harvest Ethics

    Acacia phlebophylla has such a small geographic range, I think it would have pretty low genetic diversity anyways. maybe someone has done the work and someone knows. Countii is probably in the same boat, might be a bit better off cos there is more then one population.
  3. teamwhy

    Harvest Ethics

    As far as Ps.cube goes I think it could displace natives but it would be really unlikely. for it to move from its niche into a forrest and live on native herbivore poo would be pretty rare but I'm not ruling it out. as far as mushroom consciousness goes, I have no doubt mushroom have intelligence they have a complex relationships with heaps of organisms but I think human are pretty low on the list of importance. maybe I'm wrong. maybe they have been just killing time over the last 25 million years building connections with bacteria, yeasts , other fungi, insects, nematodes and herbivores etc. waiting for the one special human to come along so it can reveal themself to them. we have such a human centric view of mushrooms we tend to anthropomorphise them. my comment about mature fruit and open baskets is just the standard practice of mushroom cultures all around the world.
  4. teamwhy

    Harvest Ethics

    I for sure have seen paddock over harvested to the point that once abundant areas are now scarce. you should only take mature fruit and carry fruit in a open basket to ensure spores are distributed
  5. teamwhy


    This is a seedling I got from communacacia June 2017
  6. teamwhy

    Diploglottis seeds wanted

    I have trees flowering now. if you don't find any remind me in a few months. I also have Diploglottis campbellii that will be flowering soon too
  7. teamwhy

    australias original languages

    there is a good fiction book that has a bit of language in it that's worth a read or listen. The Yield by Tara June Winch. Listening is good cos you get to hear the word for real and not try pronounce them yourself. sign language was a pretty big part of some community's too.
  8. Obtusifolia can grow heaps big. maybe 15 to 20 meters
  9. I have a heap of woodrose seeds. 50 seeds $20 includes postage. Message me if you are after larger amounts. Super fresh pick just last weekend.
  10. teamwhy


    Is it nicotiana excelsior
  11. teamwhy

    Dandelion seeds

    All gone now
  12. teamwhy

    Araucaria bidwillii

    Just an ABC story from last year Bunya Mountains, an unprecedented dieback of the ancient trees has scientists and rangers worried.
  13. laccocephalum hartmannii or a form of is my guess check out the pseudo-sclerotia. This one was growing in burnt brushbox forest. and there is still heaps of material around to get it into culture. Let me know and i can grab some @Darklight here is a close up of the inside
  14. teamwhy

    Shoutout to the firies

    Sorry @Darklight truffle was probably a little bit misleading I should have said pseudo-sclerotia. I will post a picture later today. they are still pretty cool