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  1. lintonius

    Diploglottis seeds wanted

    Ok, I'll contact you later in a few months if I still need them. Thanks for your help.
  2. lintonius

    Diploglottis seeds wanted

    I'm looking for about 15 seeds of native Tamarind, Diploglottis australia. Please let me know if you have them. Thank you.
  3. lintonius

    Wasabi wanted

    Its called Ah Gee Family Farm in Kuranda so I guess its a bit cooler than right in Cairns being at a slightly higher elevation although it would never get really cold. They grow thousands of Wasabi plants and have to mist them several times per day. Could be worth asking if they post plants to Melbourne.
  4. lintonius

    Wasabi wanted

    Its so easy to grow them in Melbourne as long as they are kept moist and in the shade. I have sold dozens on Gumtree over the past few years from the commercial selection that is grown in Tassie. There's a commercial farm growing them in Cairns that sells the plants too. Cheers!
  5. lintonius

    Pseudowintera colorata

    Wanted: Looking for seeds, plants or cuttings of New Zealand Pepper, Horopito plant. Pseudowintera colorata. If anyone can help please let me know. Thank you.