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  1. Visceral420

    Cordyceps Militaris liquid culture and slant

    Would love to get some cordyceps going. Any idea when you'll be able to do more Lindsay?
  2. Visceral420

    Edible Mushroom Book Recommendations

    Howdy I would really appreciate some recommendations on a good book for edible mushrooms in Australia. Keen to improve my foraging. TIA V420
  3. Visceral420

    End of Summer Clearout

    I will be adding more things to this thread as I can manage it. SOLD. Gonna start it off with some seedling packs. $90 plus postage. N/A WA/TAS Each pack will contain at least: 1 x Macrogonus x Br. Anna 1 x Psycho0 x TPM 1 x Oscar x Psycho0 1 x Macrogonus x Scop 1 x Tom Juuls Giant x Psycho0 1 x Psycho0 x Sharxx 3 x Helen x Psycho0 1 x (SS02 x SS01) X Peru Clyde 1 x Pach x B. Helen 1 x Oscar x Huarazensis 2 x Br. Helen x (SS02 x SS01) Seedlings average 10cm in height, are about 3 years old and fully hardened off. Growing in full sun. Seedlings will come individually packaged and labelled. (Whilst Oscar hybrids have high mutant %, these are currently not showing any monstrose growth, same for the Psycho x TPM)
  4. Visceral420

    Acacia acuminata seed giveaway 2018/2019

    Yes please! Would absolutely love to grow some Merry Xmas
  5. This would be a big trip for me, i personally didnt know Christian but i've seen him about here and always appreciated his posts. If I can make it up I will.
  6. Visceral420

    Seedling packs

    One pack remaining
  7. Was kick ass meeting you, i cant wait for the next one

  8. Visceral420

    Seedling packs

    Trichocereus seedling packs for sale. 2 available. Seedlings are hardened off and growing in full morning sun. All seedlings will come labelled in their own packages. Each pack will consist of at least the following: 2 x Peru Len Op (Secret Garden 2015) 2 x Rosei 1 x Br. Ben 2 x (Ss02 xSs01) x Huarazensis 4 x Validus (misplant) x Huarazensis 1 x Lumberjack x TPM 2 x Rosei 1 x Psycho0 1 x Tacaquirensis 2 x (Tom Juuls Giant x Ss01) x TPM 3 x Peru 2 x Br. Helen 4 x Bridgesii OP (MUB 2015) 1 x Small Olivia freak. Packs are $100 postage included. Pm about Tas, NT or WA.
  9. Visceral420

    Seedling packs

    All sold
  10. Visceral420

    Seedling packs

    2 Trichocereus Seedling packs for sale. Seedlings are hardened off, growing in full morning sun, outside all winter. All seedlings will come in their own labelled package. Each pack will contain at least the following: 1 x Tpm x Ss02 1 x Rosei 1 x Super Pedro 2 x Macrogonus Fields x Rosei 2 1 x Ss02 x Ss01 1 x Fields Pach x Br. Tig 1 x Pach x (Scopulicola x Bridgesii) 1 x Psycho0 x Fields Pach 1 x Pach x Ss02 4 x Chalaensis x Pach 2 x Len Op Secret Garden 2015 1 x Pach Fields x Peru John 1 x Peru Rio Lurin 1 x Bridgesii x Pach 1 x Rosei 2 x Fields pach 1 x Psycho0 x Sausage 1 x Yowie x (Scopulicola x Bridgesii) 1 x Peru John x Super Pedro 1 x Lumberjack x Juuls Giant 1 x Big Bertha x (Ss02 x Ss01) 2 x Ss02 x Peru Serra Blue 1 x Pach x Tpm Each pack is $100 plus postage. Weeds are an optional extra ;) Will add more pics once I have unpotted everythiing.
  11. Visceral420

    Seedling packs

    All packs sold. I can save the weeds and add them to the package SayN? Thanks for the info WB, i assumed mail to tas would be more closely scrutinised due to it being an island. I have no problems packing things, have successfully sent to many places, even overseas.
  12. Visceral420

    Seedling packs

    If there is a way to post to tas i'm all ears. Far as i have heard it is too risky though
  13. Visceral420

    Seedling packs

    Trichocereus Seedlings Packs. 2 available. Each pack will contain at least the following: 2 x Br. Anna x Rosei 1 2 x (Scop x Bridgesii) x Pach 1 x Tpm x Pallarensis 1 x Validus x Huarazensis (misplant) 1 x Peru John x Yowie 1 x Scop x Br. Anna 1 x Super Pedro x Br. Ben 2 x Macro x Psycho0 1 x (Ss02 x Ss01) x Peru2 2 x Peru John x Rosei1 2 x Pach x ss02 2 x Pach x T. Luther Burbank 2 x Br. Tig x Fields pach 2 x Rosei1 x Psycho0 2 x Len OP SG 15 2 x (Scop x Bridgesii) x Knuthianus 1 x Rosei1 x Super Pedro 1 x tp x tpm freak. Packs are $100 plus postage. Not inc Tas. PM me about postage to WA All seedlings are fully hardened off and growing outside in full morning sun. Will add more pics when I have unpotted them. Weeds have reclaimed my garden whilst I've been recovering from a broken shoulder.
  14. Visceral420

    Seedling packs

    All sold. Sending to WA carries risks of fines and loss of plants. If you have successfully recieved plants before, and are willing to assume all risk. Then pm me.