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  1. doxneed2c-me

    How to Save this Fellow

    How do you reckon I could save this fellow. I think getting it onto it's own roots would be best. Do you think I should just gut the pereskiopsis and bury it under ground as it is already dry and wait or the columnar to grow roots or cut the columnar and wait for it to callous? http://imgur.com/a/EWC3z
  2. See photos in link: http://imgur.com/gLZr7To,MaKcMiW,9ADva9d,0Qe910e,enZBtHr
  3. doxneed2c-me

    Mandrake cultivation discussion

    i have noticed they grow quite well in pots sealed in plastic bags.
  4. doxneed2c-me

    Looking to Broaden Collection

    Will be updating list shortly just reorganizing seeds now.
  5. doxneed2c-me

    Molecular Shirts

    I don't know why but I have always had a fascination with molecular structures and I found this shirt today and I really love it! https://teespring.com/MolecularMadness#pid=76&cid=5845&sid=front It says "Be my heroin" for those who might not know. Also long time no see everyone. I am back this time!
  6. doxneed2c-me

    Getting Grafts on Own Roots

    How do you get a pereskiopsis graft on it's own roots? How long can you have a graft grow before it fails on a pereskiopsis? I have had 2 pereskiopsis with grafts on them just die out of no where the grafted part was fine. Is the only option to graft or can I get it on it's own roots at this point?
  7. doxneed2c-me

    Looking to Broaden Collection

    I have some carnivorous plant seeds now too to trade for other carnivores.
  8. doxneed2c-me

    Sida cordifolia

    That is what I am trying to study but it does not grow here. I am studying the supplement industries so-called extracts.
  9. doxneed2c-me

    Anyone Trade Carnivores?

    I have some seeds from a friend who is a carnivorous plant freak. I am wanting to trade them for other carnivorous plant seeds on his behalf.
  10. doxneed2c-me

    Sida cordifolia

    Still looking finally back to trading.
  11. doxneed2c-me

    Jan has Released New Seed List

    /Anyone able to find Jan's new list?
  12. doxneed2c-me

    Mandrake cultivation discussion

    Seems to be happiest outside for me.
  13. doxneed2c-me

    My Grafting

    Monstrose is definitely my favorite. I just grafted it as a seedling and there was no signs of any abnormalities.
  14. doxneed2c-me

    My Grafting

    It is sulphur actually but I didn't really expect the saguaro to shoot out a branch.
  15. doxneed2c-me

    My Grafting

    So before I disappeared for a bit I had said I mastered grafting but never posted proof. Time to put some evidence up. http://imgur.com/a/d8GkL This is definitely one of my prouder accomplishments: Triple williamsii graft. Would you believe me if I told you this was a williamsii? Saguaro growing a branch?