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    I know there is a lot of doom and gloom around because of the obvious so I would like to let the light back in on this amazing mile stone of a year that is 2020. Details of the comp are: Post a pic of your favorite plant or mushroom doesn't have to be ethno but should be your pride and joy of your plant or mushroom family. The pic with the most likes will get an awesome free seed pack with loph seeds and other goodies, also a small unrooted cut of a tbm crest comp will end April 23rd at midnight and enter as many times as you like. Light and love to all our crew
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    Ok, here's my nang tales... When I was a teenager back in the late 80s/ early 90s, we started on the bulbs. Then in the early 90s at uni, I graduated to the next level. My buddy and I planned our first mission like a military operation. We cut our way into the medical gas bunker and made off with the prize, an 8000 litre blue tank. We struggled to carry it, but we made it back to safe base. Then the madness began. We went to a rave up near peats ridge, dropped acid, and found the cops had shut it down as we arrived. Shit. Plan B. We knew we had no chance of making it back to Sydney in one piece by then, so we settled on a waterfront carpark in woy woy. An entire night of nitrous acid fueled mayhem ensued. At one point I found myself standing waist deep in the water, just came to like that. Anyway, this pattern continued over many months, we hit the bunker several times until they really beefed up security. So we stepped up to hospitals. Raided a few hospitals of their sweet creamy gas, and partied very very hard. My buddy was living in a residential college, and one day had a cylinder on his bed, lying flat. He couldn't be bothered with any balloons or such and decided to suck straight from the valve. Bad idea. Basic physics really, the level of gas was high, so the liquid level was above the level of the valve. Liquid straight to gaseous phase equals extreme cold. He froze his mouth to the valve. Had to rip his lips free from the metal. Then, the pain started. He was too scared to leave his room, being lipless and all, and he needed pain relief. So he sucked about 6000 litres of nitrous down over the course of a few days. I shudder to think of his bone density now. And I continued. I arranged a raid on a veterinary surgery, and made off with the grand prize. A 17500 litre tank. We had a party the next night, and there was a nitrous room. At first we had a scuba regulator with 4 masks, but after a few hours, we just shut the door, turned on the tank and let the acid and nitrous really take hold. Needless to say, this is not recommended behaviour. By the morning, the tank was dry, and there was a mound of snow round the base that had condensed from the heat exchange. I think that was probably the last time I really went on a nitrous bender, I knew I had to stop by this stage or I'd end up dead. There is nothing. And I mean nothing that compares with excellent acid and medical grade nitrous. I used to travel to past lives, future lives, other people's lives... Ahhh, so many more tales in the vault
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    Welcome. I greet you in the love and light. I just wanted to share my first attempts at Dichoric Glass Prism Art. Have a great day. Love & Light ♾
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    Well, shit. Worst season I've seen, ever, and I was here for the '93 fires. There's a few crew affected, either directly or in the path thereof. Prolly more than I know. But I've seen such grace on the firegrounds which has pushed past my normal misanthropy, and some of that grace has come from some of you. Shoutout especially to @niggles and @teamwhy, whose continued and protracted presence onsite is making a huge difference. Niggles mate you lost yer fire cherry well and truly this year, you've been doing some long days, done some hard fucken yards and I'm proud of you. Teamwhy, seeing you on comms and knowing you're there day after day makes me smile like a goose. Also whoever to put those tiny sweet garden mandarins in the snack packs the other day, they were small and hard won in the drought and sweet as fuck and much appreciated Shoutout to the civvies at Tuntable and Siddha Farm feeding everyone and pushing firebreaks through impossible country and the yoof being all splendid rolling round on ATVs, everyone's hearts swell just seeing them rock a fantastic and major contribution. Anyone who thinks Millennials are snowflakes should see this lot, they're pure gold. Shoutout to the firies everywhere. Everywhere I go I see trucks from somewhere else. Shoutout to Mudgee firies who came up to help out at Drake, now they've got their own shit going down locally like a few other brigades who went well out of area up here. And the CFA ppl in VIC, I think we have a couple on here And none of this Hero Firies shit. Firies are you. This hero worship thing just separates the people who do the work from too many people who can, but aren't. Join up, help out, at the very least clean your fucking gutters, talk to your neighbours and get your evac plan in line ( yes, I do understand that not everyone can kick in and the entry requirements are onerous these days, that's for another thread ) You should see who's out there, it's amazing. The fires are fucked and the environmental devastation is heartbreaking. The humanity so far is splendid Pray for rain. Dance harder, fuckit
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    Grow supplies are for gourmet and medicinal use only! Cubensis Spores: Golden Teacher, Hawaiian, Tasmanian, B+, Koh Samui, Golden Mammoth, Thai Pink Buffalo, Mazatapec, Cambodian, PF Classic, Texas Orange Cap, Stropharia. Gourmet/Medicinal cultures: Reishi, Hericium Erinaceus (2 diff clones), Hericium Corraloides, Turkey tail, Cordyceps militaris, Tan and King oyster. Grow Supplies 3x 2.5-3L Oat/Gypsum Grain bags, Pre sterilised with self healing injection ports: $75 $60 with any order of 3 strains or more. Larger quantities and larger bag sizes are of course availabIe, the 3 bag deal is due to ausposts 5kg limit. If you can't be bothered cooking soaking drying jarring sterilising and waiting for everything to cool down then send me a quantity + location and ill send you a competitive price below our competitors :D We can make up liquid cultures - various recipes and volumes pre sterilised with syringe filter and injection port lids, Pre poured PDYA plates with and without chloramphenicol added, Payment is taken via paypal or any crypto, im also open to any trades, in particular rare cacti, Kratom and basically any ethnobotanical plant. I mainly work via other sites but send me a msg and ill get back to you within a day :D
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    A guilty pleasure?? How about we just call it a pleasure, yes that’s much better. It needn’t be a guilty one. Nor should it be an act shrouded in disdain. Nang use goes back as far as the 1700’s where Victorian aristocrats would get together for laughing gas partys. (That’s high society in every sense of the word.) The next time you indulge in huffing on a ballon or wrap your lips around a cream charging chalice and someone decides to cast a judgey look in your direction, worry not for they just don’t understand how cultured and sophisticated you truely are. I urge you to keep your head held high, turn your nose slightly upward and crack another coldy. Without even knowing it, you are the epitome of class.
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    Hey mate, great to see you.I'm out of competition because of import restrictions, but happy to start this off! Love this Trichocereus validus.
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    Report the post/thread is the best way. Mods get notified, they've got lives and shit going on. That way it's put directly to their attention, they don't read everything. Plain and simple hit that button... (the report flag top right corner) The mod of the given forum section gets the notification. As far as I know it links them directly to the post, so it makes their lives a lot easier as well. If you've been around long enough you'll expect a few each round of newbie influx, and you'll understand how much work the mods have done here and the shit they've put up with Nothing stopping anyone reminding folk of the rules. That said from experience some are more "sensitive" than others or think it's a personal attack... Lol.. Their problem. As for a cold canvas messaging asking for contra, it's the Internet and some will always try. The way FB, Insta and Wikr as examples are being utilised by some pups and normalized it shouldn't be a great surprise. I'm less than polite on that front to be sure.. Lol. You just don't know what the actual intent is on a phishing exercise from a random.....
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    Hi Tetrahedal, A big warm welcome to the SAB community. That's a very generous offer and we all appreciate it but unfortunately the Free Trade Thread operates on the rules listed on Page 1. Please have a read and feel free to join back in. I know its always tricky when you're new and only starting out. So if you like, I'd be more than happy to send you a care package with the seeds listed below for your enjoyment. Just send me a PM. Ok, I'll jump on that please. In exchange I offer a mega seed pack containing: 1. Toothache Plant - Acmella oleracea 2. Sensitive Plant - Mimosa pudica 3. Lion's Ear - Leonotis leonurus 4. Lion's Tail - Leonotis nepetifolia 5. Hawaiian Baby Woodrose "Alligator Creek' Strain - Argyreia nervosa 6. Tasmanian Poppy - Papaver S 7. Wormwood - Artemisia absinthium 8. East Indian Lemongrass - Cymbopogon citratus 9. Jimsonweed - Datura stramonium 10. Sun Opener - Heimia salicifolia Plus a ‘sacred item’ from the Forbidden Closet of Mystery. Love & Light ♾
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    Hey Gang. I did an Iboga pod giveaway on fb, I figured it’s only fair I do one for the forum folk right? So whos keen? Comment with a number following in consecutive order and I will randomly select a number in a few days. There’re ripening up fast! So... for example. First person comments 1 Second person comments 2 Third person comments 3 and so on and so forth. Winner will receive 1 fresh Tabernanthe Iboga fruit (Roughly 15 seeds inside) with postage paid. (These seeds take some skill and patience to grow. My last iboga seeds took 6mnths to germinate! Please consider this before entering It would a shame seeing these seeds go to waste) Below is a link to some solid propagation info. http://www.shaman-australis.com.au/knowledge-tabernanthe-iboga-propagation.html *PLEASE NOTE: You need to have a minimum post count of 10 to enter.
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    Garden States - A Forum for Cultivating Ethnobotanical Plants, Knowledge and Community -- See the Facebook Event Page -- -- Get Tickets Now -- Greetings friends Important Update: As most of you will be aware, the global outbreak of coronavirus (COVID-19) and the recent Australian restrictions on mass gatherings have led to the cancellation of many planned events in the coming months. In the interest of public health, EGA has moved the Garden States Botanical Symposium from the original date of Saturday, 9th of May to Sunday, 6th December 2020 This new date allows us to keep the same venue and event format, so it's the most logical move. It is our traditional outdoor symposium weekend, so it should be familiar to many of you in the community. We expect the program will also be much the same, but given the circumstances, some slight changes may be expected. Any current ticket will be valid for the new date, and we encourage you to support us and still attend this exceptional day! However, if you cannot attend the new date, you can contact [email protected] and arrange a full refund (less booking fees). If you require a refund please let us know as soon as possible. We're immensely grateful for your support of our botanical initiative. Entheogenesis Australis is a volunteer-run charitable, educational organisation, and the sudden event move has had a financial impact, so if you like what we do and the projects we're producing, you can support us via the following link: https://hub.benojo.com/cause/5df0d1193bb27900356e621c We have pulled together a richly diverse program from across Australia, New Zealand and beyond, including keynote presentations from internationally acclaimed artist Janet Laurence (AU), Dr Suresh Muthukumarasway (NZ) on microdosing studies, Dr Margaret Ross and Dr Martin Williams (AU) on Melbourne's St Vincent's Hospital psilocybin trial, Kirsty MacLeod (NZ) on ibogaine therapy, Monica Barratt (AU) on trends in ethnobotanical plant data from the Global Drug Survey, and psychedelic critical thinker David Nickles(NZ/USA) discussing the latest underground research. They will be joined by a host of other botanically minded talent for a full day of programming over two spaces. Gather with us to expand your mind, body, community and garden. Local speakers include, Communacacian, Jef Baker, Rachel Gagen, and Nick Sun. There will be two Panels on the day: Psychedelics and ethics, and Botanical art panel. Workshops include: Darklight & Caine Barlow will be running two workshops - a basics and then an advanced workshop, Amanda Morglund will demonstrate the principles of mycroremediation, Rodni Chisar will be doing a cactus workshop, and Beau Meister a horticulture workshop. Beau Meister will also be leading a mushroom foray on the 10th of May, details closer to the date. Other people on the day will include Meredith Drinkell and Nick Wallis. As our last few EGA symposiums and events have sold out well in advance and tickets are strictly limited, we highly recommend booking your Garden States tickets early. Early Bird tickets are available until November 9th if they are not sold out before. We also offer discounted tickets for First Nations people and mothers/sole parents, as well as concession & hardship tickets. You can find the Garden States Facebook event group here. -- See the Facebook Event Page -- -- Get Tickets Now -- Respectfully Entheogenesis Australis (EGA) Planting seeds for earth, body, and mind www.entheogenesis.org
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    Being on the spectrum is definitely not a guarantee or give a high chance of psychedelics not working as far as I know. (I am on the spectrum) Yes some are prescribed neuroleptics such as Seroquel which can block trips. However medication is not really that common for autism. However aside from that anyone can be naturally "immune" to either some psychedelics or all of them. Sensitivity to psychedelics is not associated with body weight like various drugs, but much more with CNS receptor populations like particularly 5-HT2A but also 5-HT1A among others and depending on the psychedelic. 2C-B for example is something of an exception with regard to the receptors it acts on. Anyway, IMO one of the best explanations for being "immune", highly insensitive to psychedelics or so-called hardheaded, is having polymorphism of these brain receptors. It means they are built and shaped slightly different and since the binding of drugs works a little like a lock and key this can mean that the psychedelic either cannot bind to the receptor or can bind but does not activate it at all, or does not activate it with the same effect. Because activating 1 receptor can have multiple different effects. It's not impossible that those with autism have a higher chance of having such polymorphism but I am not aware of evidence to suggest this besides very limited anecdotal. Tolerance is a much different topic but yes, when you take a psychedelic you tend to get a very fast and strong tolerance effect which makes you less sensitive to them for a while and that can mean even to other types of psychedelics than you took. Chronic tolerance can also mean that despite waiting in between trips, the tolerance can become exceedingly high over time and repeated tripping.
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    FB and it’s lack of ability (or desire) to catch people is not helpful. I help mod a group there and if it’s not some naive but desperate person asking for psychedelics it’s some random claiming to sell them. Even independently of that, I don’t think FB brings out the best in people. As for the influx, psychedelics are a big, big thing. Like the ‘next big thing’, bigger than cannabis stocks, complete with breathless articles in Forbes about making money from pharmaceutical psychedelics There was an article in the Motley Fool about making 1000% ROI, I shit you not. It’s not quite at the level of peak crypto hype, but you can see it coming. And that’s just the corporate money side. Lots of folks have heard about shrooms being good for depression etc. That, and I reckon a lot of people are as bored as shit and just want to experience something that feels like it means something. Combine that with a life of pretend instant (or is it Insta) gratification, and people can get pretty impatient. Like @waterboy 2.0 says, be firm, tell people how it is around here and smash that mf’ing report button if you have to.
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    Hey @Casteryou beat me to it! I'll take the seeds and offer: 3 x brigesii 'Psycho' x peru 'John' seedlings 1 x narrow leaf Catha edulis seedling 1 x Sceletium tortuosum 'Kanna' rooted cutting Heimia salicifolia 'Sunopener' seeds Silene capensis 'African dream root ' seeds Nicotiana rustica seeds Pelargonium australae seeds 'Native pelargonium ' Small bag of Syrian rue
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    An icy ghost hand around my heart curl’d a pit of gravity in my stomach that cold sadness I have no true name for My quantified desires lubricate the slick silicon nictating membrane of the eye that watches me and knows all (but understands naught of my inner life) When the whole world’s your grave someone’s always walking over it (chasing Pokémon) Will they sing the new day in for us now? Still, on a few days and even more nights I can feel the old blood humming in me Memories or fantasies? Matters not. Either way, it shines in me ‘til I’m blind: Bear-sarked skin-changer raging against death Predator of night. Sword of the morning! And I recall my actual youth when I took the Orca as my totem and the sea-wolf kept me safe from teeth and deep (Remember; the ghost-dance is rebellion) Against good sense, and even existence I rebel. And in rebelling, I see: I am my pain, my joy. I AM my fear I see the icy hand is mine! And I reach into my chest and tear out my traitorous weak and cowardly heart And I dash it on the ground, stamping hard Life goes on, for a while, until next time Life: a moment. An instant: infinite
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    Thanks @Darklight and same to you. So much gratitude and respect for anyone who helped in any way. Volunteers literally saved our entire community. Coming to the aid of firies when we had collapsed from exhaustion and taking up the fight, keeping the fire from getting away from us. I've never seen community pull together like that. Proud to be part of it. I'd like to share some pictures but please don't post them elsewhere as it may make some official people grumpy. Most of these shots are about 3 or 4km from my house on my road where we managed to make a containment line in the middle of the night. Too close.
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    Hi all. This is a notice i have never imagined or wanted to post on this forum. But it is a notice that MUST be posted for the safety and health for anyone that reads it. I began using Kratom a little over a year ago. I have had an alcohol problem for some years and wanted a way out via a natural help. I stumbled across Kratom some way or another and so my journey began. Kratom was a god send. I began taking it every morning that i woke up, 2 teaspoons and off i went... It gave me energy, happiness and positivity, and most importantly it stopped my urge to drink alcohol. This daily habit was what i thought under total control, but after maybe a month or so i began to take an afternoon dose too. All good i thought, its herbal.., its not like im abusing a chemical of some kind... After a while my morning dose wasnt doing what it used to so i upped the dose.... You can see where this is going...I dont have to go on. To cut a long story short my daily dose climbed higher and higher until it got to ridiculous amounts. Last Tuesday i had a Grand Mal (Tonic-clonic) seizure at around 10:00 in the morning. Around 2 hours after ingesting 20-30 grams of Kratom. I had nothing else in my system except Coffee. I woke up with 2 Paramedics and my stressed partner above me . I had a black eye and a badly injured tongue and lips from biting down ,and was rushed to the local hospital. Im quite shit at writing and reporting but i am happy to answer any questions related to this.....
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    Share your recipes for Rapé here! I'll start us off. Visionary blend 40% fresh mapacho leaf, oven dried (green) 20% sun dried mapacho leaf (browned by the sun) 10% salvia divinorum leaf 10% caapi leaf 15% caapi leaf ash 15% olive leaf ash 4% patchouli ash (from incense) 4% salvia recognita leaf 2% poppy flower Combined in a mortal and pestle, sieved, then left in the sun in a transparent air tight container to satisfy the 'sun activation' elements of traditional recipes. Added two sprigs of fresh mint and half a cinnamon quill to the container to infuse aromatics before sealing it. Really loving this blend so far. The high ash content makes it relatively smooth on the nose, there's enough nicotine content to get a warm feeling from minute amounts and the salvia/caapi admixture is surprisingly active. Getting slight visuals off just two small inhalations, and quite a noticeable change to mindset.
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    Is the facebook group taking up the mods time/distracting from this forum? I recognise it takes alot of work to keep a forum like this going, but it'd be a shame to see it wither away, (or worse) or be pulled offline altogether. There's so much good information here I'd hate to see that happen. Plus, the forum offers a level of pseudoanonymity that just isn't available on facebook.
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    Long time lurker, first time poster! My variegated pach was getting a bit top heavy today so I grafted the top 2/3 to a sturdier stock
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    Let’s get this going again then. I offer a lucky dip of three different types of trichocereus seeds, bridgesii macro scop crosses. Whoever accepts these must give more than that away again because I am handing these out with nothing in return.
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    Where are things at with this thread? Been a while, should we start again for 2020?
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    Check my stepdaughters animations she did last year. She's 16 yo and just gets better everytime I see her work.