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  1. :lol:

    1. etherealdrifter


      A rat we keep saving from drowning in our pool by hooking it out when it gets stuck swimming in circles around the perimetre of its circumference.............we call that rat white bum. Thats its its simple sign we know it's whitebum.

      Well he's been eating all my tomatoes

    2. El Presidente Hillbillios

      El Presidente Hillbillios

      it sounds like a good rat life 

    3. etherealdrifter


      hes lucky, normally the kooka gets them


  2. remember that party at my place before you left? you gave away all your plants at the end was a skinny seed grown tricho no one wanted?


    this is it now



  3. Hullooo!

    1. Darklight


      OOh sbeen so long since I logged in


      So lovely to chat the other night, miss you guys

  4. Was kick ass good to see you again mate!

    1. shruman


      Twas good seeing you again mate I'm sure our paths will cross again all the best to you & yours.

  5. Hey Stu. What's happening? 

  6. Was kick ass meeting you, i cant wait for the next one

  7. was good to meet you this weekend, thanks for everything 

    1. DiscoStu


      Hey thanks man it was great to meet you in person finally . And thanks for you r generosity . HOpefullyy we can do it again someday 

  8. PM me and introduce yourself, i dont bite 

  9. Who reads these?

    1. Yeti101
    2. El Presidente Hillbillios
    3. gem


      I want that trippy background!  How you do dat Hillbilly/  Learn me the ways!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Wishing you a happy birthday where ever you may be sir 

  11. I havent forgot about your belt, im just a shit trader 

    1. Amazonian


      It's ok, I'm not due for a belting. Lol. 


  12. ello! *waves*

    1. etherealdrifter


      *draws love hearts in the sand

  13. hellooooo

    1. Amazonian


      Hello. Lol. I'm still here, just observing for a while :) 

    2. El Presidente Hillbillios

      El Presidente Hillbillios

      no worries, just checking youre ok 


  14. dont just visit my profile, pm me and say hello

    1. eYann
    2. El Presidente Hillbillios

      El Presidente Hillbillios

      helloooooo *in mrs doubtfire voice*





      nice to meet you El Presidente this is a great forum i am glade it was recommended to me.


      wishing you Peace Love and UFO's