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  1. Wishing you a happy birthday where ever you may be sir 

  2. Happy Birthday Pat

  3. Happy Birthday Pat



  4. Oh - Someone has really really pissed Pat uri off - forget any contact from the Clan. P's Dog
  5. Ain't you lucky window of opportunity exists. No only soluble salts of zinc. Bye. Blessings. P'sDog
  6. Bless you Olive you are exactly right. Property owners have been screwed by Duty-of-Care laws for decades - in my local Brahmans Society chapter the general feel is anyone on your land is up to no good and can successfully sue you if you don't take reasonable action to get them away. Doesn't mean owner's aren't decent people that would happily let you wander around - it is just peace of mind. We rarely see folk on our properties - and we know everything that goes on. If you could advertise on the pub's bulletin board you will pay for bags of dry manure to be taken as pocket money for the local kids you will be well rewarded. Take them home and water them up covered in tarpaulins - let them heat up in fermentation - and you will be rewarded with flushes of mushrooms and then excellent fertilizer. A couple of winter collected bags of turds turns into near half a tonne of the best growing material ever. I hate the way the paranoia has gone - but it is there, for real. Any local rural school would be pleased to accommodate supply of manure, but permission to enter the property is just too full on these days and really out of mind set. Even paid contractors are in/out only. Hope this helps - best way to profit yourself and the kids and the school and the owners. Regards.
  7. Pat Uri

    Someone in Brisbane to pick up then post to me

    Some you win - some you lose - all's well that ends well. This thread has landed me a really top contact though - All right there, W.? That's a positive. Let the confusion end. Peace to you zed240! I assure you my Clan was here to help and my resources will take any risk for a SAB cause. Perhaps we will trade one day...let there be peace, tolerance and understanding in our forum... honni soit qui mal y pense Sozz - we got off on the wrong foot - haters will hate, huh? The righteous track the positives.
  8. P'sD - bloody glad to hear that, big fella Red! Pity you had to go through all that stress - over f.a. impairment - and "buy" yourself your justice. Yeah one of the defences to drink driving is that you were a police officer, SES officer, medical officer responding to an emergency to save a life. Because alcohol is legal and cannabis ain't. Yet have a trace of the herb in you and you're skrewed - high range impairment...If my life was in peril, personally I'd prefer a stoned rescuer than one who was drunk any day. Top stuff BigRed!
  9. Pat Uri

    Someone in Brisbane to pick up then post to me

    The Pat Uri answers:- Just got a text from the P's Dog and have followed developments with some amusement... Gidday zed240 - how cautious you are and very wise to be. I have my band of warriors in Brisbane always ready for action, stationed now with the GubiGubi people. I myself am in Far Central Queensland managing a cattle property and mixed crops - one of the largest in our region - and with administrative interests have little time; particularly with these cheeky lads that form my crew. I would be interested in fresh Lophophora pollen at anytime you could provide and can offer best prices. Regards. I hope we might renew acquaintanceship under more pleasant circumstances - I think this has really got off on the wrong foot. Pat Uri.
  10. Pat Uri

    Someone in Brisbane to pick up then post to me

    Nee How! I am Xiong kei Wang of Clan Pat Uri - Phaemon'sDog request that I attend to a matter involving re -directory. Between Australian state borders there is little concern so long as soil is not there for cross contamination per Border Protection requirements. Certainly I am available in Brisbane, Queensland...Please, what is concern? 号汪驴​ of Clan Pat Uri. I assure Mr pine gaped I can sort out.
  11. Pat Uri

    Someone in Brisbane to pick up then post to me

    Offer is genuine - those who can do, those who can't live in Melbourne - not that I'd expect a Victorian to know the difference between genuine and piss. resource is here - and I've all the time in the world - beautiful day today South Bank, Brisbane...
  12. Pat Uri

    Someone in Brisbane to pick up then post to me

    It just gets better and better! Phaemons-dirty-Dog PS - hope she's a good girl your girlfriend, my housemate's nickname is Donkey Wang
  13. Pat Uri

    Someone in Brisbane to pick up then post to me

    What could go wrong with an offer like that? Hell yeah - zed240 - anonymous stranger I've just met on the internet - pm me with request and I'll see what I can get my housemate to do....PhaemonsDog.