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    I think it's good to expose predatory and coercive behavior where it's occurring.
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    Sure it was a bit dramatised but this seemed more like an attempt to discredit dodgy players rather than psychedelics in general - Steve B, Paul L and the Australian trials got a decent wrap. Shit, even Dave N came out of this looking wholesome. The critiques of MMA, JP and MAPS were there way before the journalists were - 4C just made it shiny and brought it to a broader audience. For me, the main issue with the 4C episode was the lack of prohibition critique and overemphasis of medicalisation - but this is a limitation of most public discourse on psychedelics, cannabis and drugs in general. FYI I know of many people who were interviewed on and off the record - this might have been a hit piece but it did seem to be quite thoroughly researched. MMA's online meeting about the 4C episode last night was hilarious, and EGA is having Steve B and others on their webcast tonight (https://youtu.be/1JL_8Dd9a38) from 8pm to discuss the episode. Pure gold. This is like living an episode of the psychedelic Kardashians and while I admit I may be a trashbag I AM LOVING IT!
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    I did feel a bit sorry for Vic being character assassinated like that. Julian has always been out and proud about his activities, and seems to thrive on controversy. I have no information about the claims made about him. Love him or not, he's been a staunch supporter of the DIY approach and it would be a shame if his legacy is one of bad behaviour. Even once is too many times if true, which it might not be, although he seemed to admit there might be some truth in it.
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    The thread seems to have been deleted. I heard numerous people including Torsten received related legal threats from Tania/MMA. Wile E. was scared off the forum. RIP.
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    Sorry cant find the Tania unappreciation thread?? Four corners report 8:30 tonight. The hope and hype of psychedelic therapy https://www.abc.net.au/news/2022-07-25/psychadelic-therapy-mind-medicine-australia-four-corners/101210326
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    This piece of journalism was an attempt to discredit psychedelics - the rise in the public consciousness of these medicines threatens the established order and the vested interests of conservative groups in society. Now the accusation raised by the piece is concerning and as a community, we should never tolerate sexually predatory behaviour, bullying or intimation. Trial by media and public opinion is not justice but is driven by the worst instincts in human nature. Those interviewed should have known better, do not talk to journalists, never ever, they are like anyone with power they are not there to help you or anyone else but themselves and their paymasters.
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    I just watched it and came looking to the TDJ unappreciative thread. Honestly I think the whole thing was a bit of a beat up, exposed the worst of the industry and promoted Gina's Little Green Pharma medicinal setup. The shroom song was wack
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    r/shroomers r/druggardening r/activecacti r/AcaciaTrees r/peyote r/salvia r/ausents r/ausgrow r/AustralianPlantSwap r/doommetal () r/CannabisScholar r/CannabisExtracts r/composting r/earthporn r/homesteading r/microgroweryAustralia r/greenhouses r/permaculture r/HotPeppers r/hammockcamping r/spacebuckets Lol.. Might give you a few places to link off from mate. Won't put up my prepper, porno and bizarre reddits.
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    Not yet sure where I’ll be staying, but I’m planning on attending. Be there or be a four-sided shape!
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    David Nickles' sole purpose lately seems to be "how can I find something in this to be outraged by"...
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    Wile-e's still around if you know where to look. If I knew JP was taking people on cactus walks in the bush literally 5 minutes from my house I could have shown them much better spots!
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    Hi folks As many of you know, at EGA we been making some nice Ethnobotanical videos. This content is for our community via our webcast and YouTube channel - EntheoTV Examples Well for a project I am working on with EGA we need access to a good cactus collection with lots of good specimens. Old, new and intreating. if you can help it would probably mean Myself, Maybe Liam and a Camera person coming to your collection. We will keep your garden a secret and not film anything you do not wish us to, close ups are what we are looking capture for the most part. If you can help me PM please, as we are keen to get the footage and any support from the community to do this would be fantastic. Kind regards Ronny EGA www.gardenstates.org www.entheogenesis.org
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    It’s the blind leading the blind half the time but all good lol.
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    Some photos wot I took. Only 2, 3, and 4 were edited.
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    Hope you're keeping well Ferdie, keen to see how this is coming along!
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    Hi, For way too long I have been telling people I was going to explain how I grow most of my fungi. I used to have all kinds of contraptions like glove boxes. This really gave me the shits so don’t bother any more – nowadays I just use good sterile technique and don’t get many contaminations. I accept the occasional contaminations in favour of the ease of production. I also H2O2 in my agar too. http://www.umsl.edu/~microbes/pdf/steriletechnique.pdf Making spawn. Using COLES budgie seed bring to the boil the desired amount of grain with an excess of water. Once boiling check the grain every few minutes until the largest grains are good through - you can check this by breaking open some of the largest grains. They should be fully hydrated with no starchy centre. Once cooked rinse the grains until the water runs clear. Any broken grains that can make the mass too sticky will be washed away during this process. Drain the grain overnight. The grain should separate individually and not be sticky. Fill normal jam jars ¾ full with grain and cover the opening with Tyvek. Foil can be used to hold the tyvek on the jars. Load the filled jars into the pressure cooker. Cook at pressure for approximately one hour. Once the pressure cooker is finished and returned to normal pressure take out the hot jars and carefully shake to break up the grains. Place them somewhere clean to cool. At the jars cool they will suck air into the jar - placing them in a clean box will minimise the chance of contamination. Once cool (or at least below 40C) you can add mycelium from agar plates. One, one litre jar I find needs about 4 or 5 little chunks of agar. It doesn’t really matter how big the chunks of agar are. Once you have added the agar the jars should be shaken to mix the agar. With a sort of rolling action you can mix the grain until the agar is mixed throughout the jars. This takes some practice. Once the jars are mixed remove the foil from the lids and tape the edges of the tyvek onto the jar. I use standard sticky tape. And wrap it around the jar mouth a few times. Excess tyvek is trimmed off. The tyvek lid is then sprayed and wiped with 70% metho. A fresh foil lid is placed on the jar. The jars are then placed somewhere clean and warm to colonize. Once the jars are 30% colonized (approximately) they can be shaken again to mix up the grain then placed back into incubation. This speeds up the final time it takes to complete the spawn. Once the grain is fully colonized it is ready to use. Preparing the substrate There are a number of substrates available for growing oysters (wood, straw, paper. Coffee waste) basically any course plant material that can withstand a soak and a pressure cook can be used. The ideal choice of substrate depends on the species grown but to keep this guide generic I provide two examples. Paper - Recycled newspaper finely chopped or paper cat litter : 10 units dry Wheat bran: 1 unit Full fat milk powder 0.1 unit The paper is soaked then squeezed to expel excess water - the substrate should be saturated but not have any excess water pooling. Pour boiling water over the bran, carefully squeeze out the bran and mix with the paper. Add the milk powder and mix well. Stuff the mix into oven bags. Bake at 140 for an hour, turn off the oven and leave to cool over night. When cool in the morning add a good amount of spawn (half large jar, maybe 300mls) while maintaining good sterile technique. Seal up the bags with sticky tape and massage the bags to mix the spawn if you are using oven bags its worth taping down the seams of the bag before you massage, I find they often split at the worst times. Move to a dark warm area to colonize. Wait a week and check how it’s going. If you have areas that don’t want to colonize you can try making some holes in the bag to provide gas exchange. There is some gas exchange through the bag wall but not really enough for healthy growth. (Sterile filter patch bags are a perfect for this) once colonised move to a fruiting area - depending on the species this could be outside under a bush, in a terrarium or hanging in the shed. I have used this paper recipe for a number of different fungi including oysters, shiitake, Ganoderma, Hericium & Agrocybe. It’s a good one. ;) Straw. My favourite because it is easy. This is good for oysters and can be done on a huge scale. Straw :lots Bran : some ? Get a bale of straw, a couple of mates with eskies (or large drums) and a chainsaw. If you are careful you can slice 1 inch sections off the bale until you get to the strings holding them together. It’s a messy job but it is fast. Hedge trimmer also work pretty well. Once you have a huge pile of straw, stuff it into the eskies and pour over hot water aiming to get a final stable temperature of 65 - 75 degrees. Leave it for an hour. After an hour carefully empty out the water and throw the straw onto a table, throwing it in the air helps cool the straw - you need to spread it around to cool. You can do the same on the floor on a tarp depending on how much you have. The soaking also hydrates the straw so it can be heavy. Once its cool to the touch ( I would guess at about <40 degrees you start stuffing it into a fruiting container, I like to use plastic bags but washing baskets & bins are also good. The plastic ones with big holes are good. I find having a bucket to hold the bag helps with the stuffing and stops the bag from tearing. Stuff a layer on the bottom of the container- pack it down, add some bran (soaking in boiling water first) and then some spawn, more straw, bran, spawn etc until the container if full. Once full either tie up the bag or put the rigid container in a bag. You are trying to keep the moisture in the bag but don’t worry if there are some gaps. Leave somewhere to colonize. It should be obvious when it’s colonised by having a look. Once it has colonized remove the bag from the washing basket or poke some holes in the plastic bag to increase gas exchange and stimulate fruiting. Again they should be moved somewhere where the conditions suit the species. With straw, the mass of the block maintains moisture to the fruit so you can keep them almost out in the open. I hang mine in a shed. As long as the temperature is about right for the species they should fruit in under a week. Once the blocks slow production I bury them in the garden where they continue to fruit. If you have a mulcher, make some piles of mulch and add the spent blocks. I have piles of mulch that fruit now and then around the garden and plants. It’s a great way of introducing fungi into the garden for soil improvement and a larger harvest. There are lots of ways of growing fungi - this is just the way I do it. It’s probably not the easiest or cheapest way of doing it butI have found it reliable and it works well for me. if anyone has any comments or suggestions please add them to this thread. cheers
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    Hey mate, are these different types of seedlings or species or the same? Different species have different growth rates, both in regards to the body and the roots. Then, the soil definitely looks different in structure, which could make a big difference too. Even if it's the same ingredients, their structure might be different or there might be additional add-ons in one soil that aren't visible, e.g. clay dust is often added to improve the root formation. Also, soil pH might be different, which could make rooting easier or more difficult. Position in the greenhouse/garden/environment might play a part too. A spot that's in full sun means less soil humidity and one that's more in the shade would provide more humidity in the soil. Both have effect on the roots. And yeah, nutrient availability or fertilizer composition might be different. For example, I use extracts and fertilizers containing silica because it improves the root formation dramatically. Lots of ways to look into this and hard to tell what the culprit was. Bye Eg
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    ok finally I got some time to upload most of the bank for the latest Acacialities