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    A few mid-cut sections of this special scopulicola available, for anyone interested in propagating. I've never seen a scop with such pronounced horizontal strata, which definitely caught my eye (and I've already got quite a few scop varieties, including some real stunners). It's absolutely spineless to the touch, with deeply recessed aureoles. The mother is no longer, unfortunately. These chunks are fat and heavy (CD in last pic. for reference). PM if interested.
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    Commentors above have asked reasonable questions which, if the laws were based on reason/scientific evidence/and or harm, would ostensibly have reasonable answers. But that assumption, that drug law is somewhat based on logic, is naive in the extreme. This recent article examines how religion and racism form a large and foundational part of our drug laws globally, particularly when considering 'alien' drugs, like psychedelics and most 'New World' substances, bar cocaine. https://journals.sagepub.com/doi/full/10.1177/20503245231198526 Don't expect reason to be accepted when laws fly in the face of it
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    https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/abs/pii/S0378874120331986 in rodents, at least.
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    Hi All, been a while since my last lurk around the forums I've got some Courtii seed available for purchase. $25 per 30+ seed pack. Or $1 each. Harvested January 2022 from seed grown trees in southern Tasmania. Message for inquiry ✌
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    Maybe someone else has already posted this in another section. But yeah, as of October 28, possession of small quantities of illicit drugs will only attract max penalty of $160. It sounds like the gist is that if you get caught, you get fined, or go through a program of some sort. I must say I am surprised. Police will still have power to arrest and send to court, but the max penalty remains the same. No jail. Crazy times
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    I am uncertain where this would best be posted but I anticipate some people may enjoy this interview by Joey Santore. https://podcasts.apple.com/gb/podcast/how-ancient-glaciers-affect-peyote-a-conversation/id1458563601?i=1000625578250
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    ^ Maybe this explains why the conservatives -- notorious racist and monotheist ideologues -- are trying to override the proposed ACT reforms at the Commonwealth level. Khat is another classic instance of (ethnoracial) demonisation of a "public health" (if not spiritual) menace. According to Rätsch, even the Bavarian "purity law," regulating the ingredients of beer, had a strong religious motivation -- to suppress paganism, as mentioned here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Reinheitsgebot But let's not forget, the ever-present profit motive. Big Pharma (and its handmaiden, the TGA) always has a say in Oz drug policy, to be sure.
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    i would like to hear more about sass growing in the tropics! once you settled in, i can send you a blue, pm me.
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    i've seen one flower 4 years after transplanting from a cutting. it may be possible for them to flower even sooner than that. I didn't get any seeds though cause they are self-sterile
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    Gone to good homes.
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    It's appalling enough that drug manufacturers would submit not necessarily the safest, or most efficacious, but only the most lucrative products to the TGA for approval. It's doubly concerning that TGA operations are wholly contingent (i.e. financially dependent) on these (largely successful) industrial applications. It's triply concerning that this state of affairs (the full extent of the TGA's financial dependence) was disclosed only by means of a Freedom of Information request. This is industry self-regulation at its worst, with public health -- the ostensible goal of the TGA -- subservient to private economic interests. A sign of the times, to be sure. ARPANSA (self-regulatory lackey for the giant telecommunications sector) would be another case in point: a captive government agency masquerading as trustworthy guardian of public health and environmental safety. In an age of limitless profits, industrial self-regulation is a sick joke. But someone is laughing, all the way to the bank.
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    I'll 2'nd oz cactus garden as a great guy with lots of excellent strains also there's a few guys in Qld on Ebay that are sending out some good stuff , I just got a 10cc PE6 from colisp that's colonizing nicely There is also a user by the name of josau-w2akz9arb from the same town might be the same guy but he has slightly different options with very good reviews. Strongly suggest reading up on some agar and LC TEK's then when you do get some in the mail you can expand it and not worry about how much you use!
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    Either overexpression of 5-HT2Rs with increased binding density or an altered regional expression of 5-HT2s seems to be common. There are polymorphisms of the 5-HT2A gene that can lead to changes in the density of those receptors but it more likely seems to be a complex interplay of genetics, environment and life-experiences that shape such an outcome [1]. There's likely epigenetic effects where adverse trauma could be transmitted transgenerationally, leading to an impact on, in part, the serotonin system. Not easily, it would likely only be if you're part of a special research study such would be possible Depending how potent an antagonist it is of the 5-HT2A receptor. Often as a "washout" a period of greater than 5 half-lives is used to estimate the practically total elimination of a drug and the cessation of it's pharmacological effects "Starting from a steady state, 5 half-lives will remove 97% or a drug; whereas 10 half-lives will remove 99.9% of a drug"
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    Things like ketanserin have been used as 5-HT2AR antagonists to block/attenuate the 'psychotomimetic' effects of psychedelics but interestingly, the combined effects of a 5-HT2AR antagonist and classical hallucinogens seems to retain some of the therapeutically beneficial effects ie antidepressant and some neural effects [1] so it's likely there would be attenuation of the hallucinogenic effects by sandomigran, particularly with a less potent agonist like mescaline (cyproheptadine which is related is OTC and probably would do the same). Similarly, olanzapine with decent affinity to 5-HT2ARs (along with D2Rs) seems to be used by some as an antipsychotic 'trip kill' [2] and is often conventional medicine's go to, to attenuate a bad trip/psychotic reactions. That said other schools of thought suggest the trip should not be aborted with such and instead benzodiazepines used as an anxiolytic to support a less anxiety-provoking reaction and social support be used more. Mescaline is quite a 'shotgun' pharmacologically, with diverse binding profiles aside from 5-HT2 agonism ie adrenergic affinity etc. The stimulant effects from adrenergic etc activity might be somewhat attenuated by the antihistaminergic activity of sandomigran. ie Mescaline has strong affinity [3] to 4.00 Alpha2C, 3.97 5ht2b, 3.61 5ht1a, 3.44 Imidazoline1, 3.16 5ht1e, 2.92 Alpha2A receptors much more so than 5-HT2ARs.' Serotonin antagonists particularly 5-HT2 antagonists seem to be used in depression (think things like mirtazapine, which has that as a partial mechanism of action) as antagonism of the 5-HT2 receptor can have some pro-dopaminergic effects. Similarly, there are some PET studies linking depression and suicidality to overly high densities of 5-HT2 receptors, and it is thought one of the therapeutic effects of 5-HT2A agonists on depression (so too SSRIs) is to downregulate the excessively dense level of 5-HT2Rs, a similar outcome can be achieved through 5-HT2 antagonism. The density (Bmax) of 5-HT2A receptors was significantly higher (by 39%) in depressed patients than in controls. Suicidal patients had significantly higher Bmax values than controls or non-suicidal patients. [4] Not personal experience but I've heard of people using feverfew which has some evidence base for use. You might want to consider such.
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    Still a big step forward. Big difference between $160 and potential jail time. But yes I imagine $160 would hit someone with little income pretty hard
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    $160 is nothing to a federal politician (who gets an allowance of several hundreds of dollars per night they have to stay in Canberra -- even if they already own a second home there). $160 will hit an unemployed person pretty hard.
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    Benefits of being mates with the Bangladeshi guys at work...we were talking about paan yesterday and today I turned up to find a bag of betel nuts on my desk. Need to find some way to return the favour in kind...
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    All good. It's longifolia.
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    Just thought I would share, at my local nursery I scored a psycho0, yowie x PC and a SAB#2 X Fields. There were about 30, trichocereus pachanoi/bridgesii and possibly peruvianus. Just at my local mainstream nursery I had a chat with one of the staff and he said they were grown from seed by a local guy. For 10 bucks each, about 17cm tall. I cant seem to upload a photo but will try again. Probs a bit boring by y'all standards but it was cool to see at a regular public nursery and exciting to start rebuilding my collection. Never had any of these variations before! Also, thanks for having me, hope to be here fairly regularly, very keen to learn and make connections. I love trichocereus, lophs, anything rare and or medicinal etc. Cheerio
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    yo yo yo-yo i had a difficult time hunting down reliable sources... then one day received an email from oz cactus garden - excellent all round - i started by germinating the spoof... but recently, i saw them on etsy for the LC link - maybe worth trying, if youre still looking... otherwise... PhillyGoldenTeacher youtube > discord > 'straya'mayte posse - i made a real bad first impression and was banned fairly quickly... which led me to oz cactus and bountiful fruits :D my first ever flush (Tidalwave)
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    It's true. Oral swab tests only detect presence of THC itself, not metabolites. So bypassing any direct contact with your mouth eliminates testing risk this way. But if you vape or smoke as well, then there's no advantage. In NSW, a positive roadside test will result in a more thorough lab test, but you'll lose your licence roadside straight away. There is no legal defense even if you're on prescription.
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    I agree totally, seeds are faster by a long shot. But I didn't know that yet! This was purely an experiment, I took cuttings of A. obtusifolia (a particularly vigorous specimen) and of A. phlebophylla (no weakling either) for comparison. The goal was to be able to clone A. phlebophylla, an endangered species. I learned a few things along the way. 1. it takes time - from late summer to the beginning of the next 2. aeration of root zone produces speedier results 3. be gentle when hardening off (I lost more than a few to afternoon sun) 4. A. phlebophylla seems quite resistant to this method of propagation, as reported by others Propagating acacias via cutting, rather than seed, is recommended where hybridisation is likely to have occurred (e.g. suburbia) but true-to-type plants are required. (Marion Simmons)
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    How did you go with your query, TheDudeAbides? Given the level of interest in the topic, and the availability of spore prints as well as the wealth of information on the net per techniques, it's not that dramatically a steep learning curve to get from newbie to having the skills to do what you need to do. Quite a few mycology supply shops now in the marketplace as well, catering for those interested in growing their own culinary fungi.