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  1. One pack left
  2. I can hook you up
  3. Medicine Gardens I think. MountainGoat I've got Nothink & Greedo if you're still chasing them
  4. Looking great Ethnotramp. Unfortunately mine didn't survive when I moved last year.
  5. Two Trichocereus seedling packs available. $90 per pack of ten seedlings or both packs (20 seedlings) for $160, including postage within Australia. Back Row, left to right: Trichocereus pachanoi 'Oscar' x T. bridgesii 'Helen' (minor healed snail damage), T. pachanoi 'Matucana', T. peruvianus '2' x T. pachanoi 'Juul's Giant'. Middle Row, left to right: T. bridgesii 'Funkoid' x T. bridgesii 'psycho0' - 3 seedlings. Front Row, left to right: Misplants Mystery Mix - 4 unlabelled Trichocereus seedlings.
  6. I'll keen my eye out too , & will have replacements when you're keen to start up again.
  7. That's fucking horrible mate
  8. Dr Greenthumb were selling some recently. Can't recommend them highly enough
  9. I'm rooting a stump you can have a pup from when available if nothing comes up sooner
  10. Awesome HB, love your work. I got my ticket yesterday so it's all happening
  11. I've finally come to my senses & realised that I need to go to EGA this year. Due to time restrictions I'll need to fly in & out. I'm putting out some early feelers to see if: - anyone has room in their tent for a giant yeti man (long shot I know) - anyone can help out with a lift to & from the airport - anyone can transport my camping gear to the site as I can't fly with it. Big asks I know & anyone offering help with be duly compensated. Thanks
  12. Good one Johnny. There are a few keen gardeners in the Hunter/ Central Coast area on the forums. Ayahuasca Vine (Bannisteriopsis cappi), Chacruna particularly the Psychortria 'Nexus' hybrid, Acacia obtusifolia &San Pedro etc (Trichocereus spp.) are all well suited to your climate & should be a stample in any ethno garden, in my opinion.
  13. Pm sent